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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 10





(Confused …. He is married but he loves me )

Written by: Mha Rhy



Ronnie groaned loudly as he await for Velveeta who is still dressing up,

It’s been an hour since he has been waiting for her downstairs,

He would have ordered for make up artist and some fashionista to dress her up but Velveeta insisted on doing it by herself, but he was the one that ordered everything she will be wearing to the party.

Velveeta are you not done” he shouted

” Am here” Velveeta replied from the stairs

Ronnie mouth went wide open staring at the beauty in front of him

He couldn’t believe his eyes that this was the Velveeta he knows

The red dinner gown she wore fitted her perfectly bringing out all her curvy shapes,her hips we’re something to die as it was wider because of her pregnancy,

The make up on her face was a lit and the jewelries she wore compliment her dress and same goes to the heels she was wearing…

“You are beautiful” he blurted out as she got to him

” Thanks”you look more handsome too” Velveeta replied shyly and he laughed

” Really?

” Thanks, though it’s not my first time of hearing it but it means a lot since it is from a special person” he said and she blushed more

” Let’s go” he said and she nodded



The hall entrance were filled with the business men with their partners,

Every dress wore speaks money”,the cars brought worth millions” the cheapest car is 30 million…

The reporters present kept asking different question from them,

A limousine drove in and everyone gasped,

The limousine worth billions”

Everyone await to see the owner

The car door open revealing Jason with Naomi beside him,

Jason was wearing a black tuxedo which worth 10 millions while Naomi wore a short black gown which stopped at her knee, the back was opened and a slight slit at the front.

The reporters ran to them, with their cameras

They started asking a lot of questions including their wedding preparations, and also about Naomi’s divorce, they were also complemented greatly

Naomi smile proudly as she entwined their hands together,

The two couples walked majestically to the red carpet,

“I told you Ronnie will not come,so be rest assured the award is yours” Naomi whispered to Jason

” You are right baby,I can’t wait to become the most popular business_

His words were caught short as a Lamborghini drive in” my bad the latest and the most expensive version..


” Who does it belongs to?”

“, The owner must be rich”

The people commented as they stared at the Lamborghini…

The car door open and Ronnie came out first with a dashing smile on his face

“It Ronnie Dior’ everyone shouted running to him

Naomi mouth went agape as she stared at him,he was looking more handsome and dashing than Jason that she wished she had come with Ronnie instead.

Jason balled his fist as he saw everyone attention on Jason,

“You look more handsome today”

“The richest in the country”

” Country pride”

” Mr Ronnie are you not here with your partner?” A reporter asked as they kept flashing their cameras

“Is it true that Mrs Naomi is divorcing you?”

” But it’s a must to bring a partner to the dinner, but you are not here with a partner?” Another asked and everyone nodded in agreement

Should I just go and be his partner,after all am still his wife” Naomi thought and was about to take a step when Ronnie said something that made her stopped

“Who said am not with a partner?” Of course am here with the love of my life”

Baby you can come out” Ronnie said and stretch his hand inside the back seat as Velveeta accepted his hand coming out of the car

Everyone gasped at the goddess in their front, some men stared at her lustfully including Jason

“Wow! She is a goddess”

“She is more beautiful than Naomi”

” Is she a model?

“Her dress is expensive”

A lot of comments kept going and cameras never stop flashing as the reporters attention were now fully on Veronnie couples (Velveeta+Ronnie)

Velveeta was nervous as she noticed all eyes were on her”

Naomi eyes almost popped out of it’s socket seeing Velveeta

She rubbed her eyes repeatedly thinking it might be dream

She staggered back in shock seeing that it wasn’t an imagination

“Velveeta” she whispered staring at them

Ronnie caught her staring with a shock expression on her face

Ronnie smirked and mouthed to her

“This is just the beginning Naomi” he winked mockingly…

T. B. C

Hey! Naomi are you still alive?

Let’s comments oooo

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