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2nd December 2023





(Confused …. He is married but he loves me )

Posted by NaijaLanded

Written by Mha Rhy



Jason balled his fist furiously as he watch Ronnie laughing with some business men,

“I just hate his guts, he uttered

Am just a fool for thinking that Naomi is his weakness” he thought glaring hard at Naomi who was lost in thought”

” Mr Ronnie,I must say you fiancee is very eye catching, she is very beautiful” one of the business associated said and Velveeta blushed heavily

“Thank you, it’s one of the reason am never letting her go” Ronnie replied and pecked her lips, and Velveeta almost gasped out

” Awwwn, Everyone watch them with admiration

Velveeta felt the urge to use the restroom, she tapped Ronnie lightly

“Yes Velveeta”

“Ronnie I need to use the restroom, she whispered

“Ok let’s go, Ronnie said and she shook her head

“Just tell me where the restroom is,I will be okay by myself

“I don’t know where the restroom is but let me ask one of the waitress” he said and signalled to one of the waitress

” Sir,the waitress said

” My wife needs to use the restroom, can you take her there? He asked

“Of course sir, follow me Ma’am” the waitress replied and Velveeta stands up

” I’ll be back Ronnie” she said and he nodded before following the waitress…

Naomi smirked as she saw Velveeta leaving for the restroom

“I guess it’s my lucky day to deal with this wretched home wrecker” she thought and stand up from her seat following Velveeta

Velveeta walked into the restroom after being directed there by the waitress

She released her bladder and she felt relieve,

She washed her hand and adjusted her hair,her mind drawn back to Ronnie

Remembering how Ronnie pecked her lips in front of many people made her heart thumped

“Wake up Velveeta,he is your boss” she uttered before walking out…

Unknown to her Naomi was already waiting beside the door,

” Long time Velveeta” Naomi said which made her stopped walking

She turn back and was surprised to see Naomi but she wasn’t scared of her presence,

“Shocked to see me?” Naomi smirked and Velveeta almost hissed out

Miss Naomi, it’s been a while like you said” Velveeta replied and Naomi scoffed

” Miss Naomi?” Naomi repeated

“Yes Miss Naomi,or is that not your name again, it’s not like you have gotten married to Mr Jason” Velveeta replied rolling her eyes

” You poor brat? How dare you talk to me like that? Do you remember that am your boss wife and can fire you? Naomi shouted angrily and Velveeta snorted eyeing Naomi

“That was before Miss Naomi, if you need a reminder that you have announced your divorce with Mr Ronnie to the public, and to Mr Ronnie you are now a past tense while I am his present so don’t think you can boss me around anymore, got that? “! Velveeta snapped before walking away leaving Naomi dumbfounded….

Naomi stared at Velveeta with so much hatred that she felt like killing her”

“You will regret this Velveeta, she mumbled gripping her cloth with anger burning inside her…

“It time for the award” the MC announced as everyone attention were now fully on the MC” including the Veronnie couples..

As our normal routine at the end of every chart there will be award for the best business man

The best business man award

This year award goes to….

Everyone watched in anticipation waiting for the winner

“Our one and only country pride” Ronnie Dior”

Jason punch the table angrily and Naomi flinched in fear

” Jason calm down” Naomi whispered

“Shut up woman! He snapped angrily and Naomi gulped down in fear

“This is not over Ronnie Dior” Jason muttered and walked out of the hall angrily without waiting for Naomi….

T. B. C
Shame on Naomi🤩

Jason Pele ti e 😂


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