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2nd December 2023





(Confused …… He is married but he loves me )

Posted by #NaijaLanded

Written by Mha Rhy

Chapter 13B♥️


Naomi groaned as she felt throbbing headache,she opened her eyes slowly trying to adjust to the sunlight before opening it fully…

She stands up from the bed and winced in pain as she felt pains all over especially her middle,

Tears came out willingly from her eyes as she remembered what had happened last night, she couldn’t believe that she had been loving a beast like Jason,if she had known she wouldn’t have left Ronnie, and now she is full of regret,

She limped to the bathroom and took her bath..
Naomi was now fully dressed up, she pick her designer bag and carry her luggage..

Checking the room one last time, she walked out..

Getting outside,her driver was already waiting for her,

“Ma’am you are leaving”? Her driver said in suprise seeing her with luggage

“Yes, and you can leave for now” Naomi said simply dropping her luggage at the backseat,

” But_

“No but,am giving you a break for now,I will call you when I need you” Naomi snapped and snatched the car key from him,

She boarded the car and drive out imediately..

“What had just happened?” The driver muttered in confusion as he watched the car leaving….

*I will get you back Ronnie,I can’t lose on both sides, and for Jason I will make you pay for



Ronnie stop!” Velveeta laughed hard as he tickled her

They are both at the living room having fun,

Their relationship has grown more stronger than before for the past two weeks

“You want me to stop?” He asked as he tickled her more

“Yes please, she said laughing hard

” Ok I will stop, but on one condition” Ronnie said smiling mischievously

“What condition?” She ask smiling

“Kiss me” he said pouting his lips

“No I won’t” Velveeta replied smiling

“Really?” Ronnie ask

“Yes,I will not kiss you”… Velveeta replied

“Hey! Who are you?” Ronnie exclaimed facing the door

“Who? Velveeta asked and look at the direction he was looking only for Ronnie to kiss her unexpectedly

Ronnie savoured her lips and she struggled to free herself

After satisfying himself,he withdraw from the kiss with a victory smile on his face

“Sweet! He said licking his lips earning a smack on chest by Velveeta

“Ouch! He whined

” Meanie!” Velveeta said pouting her lips and Ronnie pecked her

“Stop Ronnie!” She whined like a child

“You lips is just too cute to ignored” Ronnie said caressing her lips and she blushed


She was about to say something when they heard the doorbell,

“Hmmm! Are you expecting someone?” Velveeta asked

“No am not, Ronnie replied

” Who could it be?,I will get the door” Velveeta said

“No I will, you are pregnant so don’t stress yourself” Ronnie replied

” Then let’s get it together” Velveeta said and walk without waiting for his reply

” So stubborn” he mumbled before following her

The doorbell rang again,

“Coming;” Velveeta said and got to the door

She opened the door and was surprised to see who it was

“Naomi! She called in shock

” Hey Velveeta!” Naomi said with a smile

“What are you doing here Naomi?” Ronnie asked in anger coming into view

” Hi Ronnie!”

” I just ask a question woman, what are you doing here?” He thunder and Naomi burst into tears

” Ronnie please, just hear me out for once” Naomi said in tears

” Why should I listen to you?” Is it for the fact you left me for a rival or for choosing your career over our marriage?” Ronnie shouted and Velveeta flinched

” Ronnie I had a reason for what I did and just give me a chance to explain to you” Naomi said holding his hand

” I don’t need your explanation Naomi,so keep it to yourself,He snapped and jerk off his hand from her and turn to leave

“I only have two weeks left to live on Earth,am dying soon Ronnie, she shouted

” What did you say?” Ronnie asked with his heart thumping loudly in fear

” Yes I have only two weeks left,I was diagnosed with cancer, heart Cancer” Naomi replied and break down completely

” What!

T. B. C

Naomi ooo

Do you think she has cancer like she said?

Lot of heartbreaks on the way so grab your tissues along

#naijalanded ♥️


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