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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 14





(Confused ….. He is married but he loves me )

Written by Mha Rhy


What! Ronnie said in shock

“Am dying soon Ronnie, am dying” Naomi cried loudly

“You liar! Ronnie shouted

“It’s not a lie Ronnie, here is the report if you don’t believe me, she said and brought out a result from her bag and gave it to Ronnie who snatched it from her,

He went through the file and his eyes grew wide seeing the results,

It was really confirmed that she has a cancer’

“No, no that can’t be!” He said almost in tears trying not to believe it,

Velveeta watch Naomi with pity, though she never really like Naomi but she doesn’t wish her death’

Ronnie walked to Naomi and grabbed her hand angrily

I won’t believe you until I confirm this myself” he said and drag her outside to where he parked his car

” Ronnie where are we going? ‘ Naomi asked trying to free her hand from his tight hold

” To the hospital!” He answered and pushed her into the car

“Ok” she replied slowly and he closed the door

“Ronnie I’ll follow you” Velveeta said coming outside fully

“No you can’t, stay at home, I’ll be back soon, he said boarding the car not waiting for her reply and drive out immediately…

Velveeta bit her lips watching his car leaving

“Why do I feel things won’t be the same again” she muttered feeling hurt before walking back inside…


Am sorry to say this Mr Ronnie, she is really diagnosed with cancer” the doctor said handing the result to him

Right now they are in the hospital and Naomi is in the ward after she was scanned

What! He said in disbelief collecting the result from him

He checked the result and staggered back as tears came out of his eyes

“There’s something you can do about it? ‘ she can’t die doctor”

“Am really sorry Mr Ronnie, there’s nothing we can do, it is already at the last stage” The doctor replied sadly

” So there’s nothing we can do?” Ronnie asked in tears and the doctor nodded

“Am sorry Mr Ronnie, the doctor said and left…


Why didn’t you tell me about your illness? Ronnie asked as he drives

The two are inside the car going back to Ronnie’s mansion

“I just don’t want you to be sad” Naomi replied slowly facing the window

“Then am I happy now?! He snapped angrily

” I know, but am happy that I was able to make you hate me and now you won’t be much sad when I die” Naomi said as a tear drop from her eyes

“So you left me for Jason so I could hate you?”

“Am sorry Ronnie, I just don’t want to hurt you”

” You are really heartless Naomi, how could you hide something as deadly as this from me? ” He thunder as he tightened his hold on the steering wheel

” Am sorry Ronnie, am really sorry”

“Why have you come back again? Why didn’t you stay with your Jason again after all you left me_

” He raped me” she cut off his words

” What! What.. did… you say?” Ronnie stuttered boiling in anger already

“He forced himself on me Ronnie”

“I was too ashamed of myself Ronnie, that beast raped me till I pass out, Naomi cried loudly

“That b*stard ! Ronnie cursed furiously seething his teeth in anger

The drive to the mansion was silent as none was ready to say anything after Naomi’s confession

Ronnie got out of the car first and walked away angrily

Naomi came out of the car and sighed softly before following him

Getting inside the house, Ronnie met Velveeta pacing around

“Velveeta why aren’t you sleeping?” He asked

“Ronnie you are back?” So how was it?” Velveeta asked walking to him

“I said why aren’t you sleeping?

” I was just worried about_

She couldn’t complete her words when Ronnie chirped in

“Is that why you decided not to sleep?” Have you forgotten about your condition?” Do you want something to happen to my baby and who asked you to get worried about me?” He snapped angrily

But _

” Don’t say anything Velveeta, if anything should happen to my baby,_

“I understand,am sorry for getting worried about you, you can die for all I care” Velveeta snapped angrily before running to her room in tears

Ronnie watch her leaving and felt guilty

“D**n You Ronnie, you have just ruined your chance of being with her now all because of your anger” he thought and punched the air angrily before leaving for his room.

” So she is pregnant” Naomi muttered sadly…

T. B. C

Are we still on track? Or is it getting boring?

Someone asked me that which one is more interesting between Malcolm’s revenge and pregnant for my boss?

To be sincere the two stories are interesting but I’ll go with Malcolm’s revenge,if you are reading the story you will know why I choose it”…

And my beloved Mha Rhians ♥️, thanks for your continuous support and encouragement through your comment,


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