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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 15





(Confused …. He is married but he loves me )

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Written by Mha Rhy


Ronnie enter his room and close the door,

“I just hope Velveeta will forgive after what I did Tonight” he mumbled sadly

He was about to walk to the bathroom when his eyes caught the back of a woman on his bed,

He needs no soothsayer to tell him that it was Velveeta, a smile crept up on his face”

Velveeta pretend to be asleep cos she was still angry with him

Seeing that Velveeta ignored him, Ronnie walked to the bed and laid down as well hugging Velveeta from behind..

Velveeta stiffened as he hugged her, but composed herself since she was pretending to sleep,

“I know you are not sleeping Velveeta” Ronnie said kissing her cheek

” Oh! He found out” Velveeta thought rolling her eyes

“Baby, say something”

“Don’t talk to me” Velveeta snapped not looking at him

“Velveeta please, I know what I did was wrong but you know I can never shout at you without reasons” Ronnie said sadly

“Oh Really?? So what’s the reason?” Velveeta asked facing him

” Actually, he said and begins to explain what had happened earlier at the hospital including the part where Jason raped Naomi

“Oh My God! So you mean she was really diagnosed with a cancer?” Velveeta asked in shock

” Yes” Ronnie nodded and she gasped

“I feel sorry for her and to coupled it that monster raped her” he is such a beast for doing such” Velveeta said angrily

“I know so now you know the reason why I shouted at you, will you forgive me now? Ronnie pouted and she smiled

“I’ll only forgive you cos you are too cute” Velveeta said pulling his cheek and he laughed

” So how is my baby girl doing? ” Ronnie asked touching her tummy and she frowned

“I told you it’s a boy not a girl” Velveeta disagree

“No it’s a girl,

“It’s a boy”

“It’s a girl

And this was how they continue arguing till they fell asleep in each other arms..

T. B. C

Veronnie couples

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