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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 2





{Confused ….. He is married but he loves me}

WRITTEN BY: Naijalanded


[Short Chapter ahead]
Velveeta tears knew no end as she lay sat down on the ground”

” Knowing that her virginity has just been forcefully taken by her boss makes her more sad”

” Why was I born into this miserable world” mum you should have just taken me along” I can’t bear this pains anymore” she thought as she kept scrubbing her body roughly

“I hate my life,I hate the fact I was born poor, I hate you Ronnie” she cried in agony

She kept crying till she slept off in the bathroom nakedly…



Ronnie groaned out as headache hit him, feeling hangover he stand up from the bed and ran to the bathroom, he emptied everything inside the basin,

He breathe out as he rinsed his mouth with water,

He stared at his reflection in the mirror and shook his head,

“Am never getting drunk again” he muttered

“How did I get inside the room” ?

He could only remember entering the mansion but everything that happened after that was blank”

” Maybe it was Velveeta that brought me inside” he concluded

He heard the door open and he walked out to check who it was”

He wasn’t shocked seeing Naomi,cos it’s not her first time sleeping out”

” Good morning hubby” Naomi said nonchantly removing her dress

” If I may ask where are you coming from? Ronnie folded his arms.

“I don’t think I should be telling you everything about my whereabouts”Naomi scoffed

” Of course you should,am your husband”

“You are my husband not my owner” so please” Naomi said getting angry

” This is not about being your owner, but it’s about your safety and of course your duty as my wife”

” Don’t start this morning Ronnie” am almost late for my shoot”

“With the way you are doing, you are giving me the impression that you are cheating on me”

” Then think anyhow you like,I don’t care” Naomi snapped

” Naomi this is not you, you are not the Naomi I know”,the Naomi I knew before will do anything to make our relationship work but now it’s like you are choosing your carrier over our marriage Ronnie said sadly and Naomi chuckled

” Of course this is me but you can’t expect me to always be the same, Naomi walked closer to him leaning on his shoulder

“To me my carrier is more important than any take it like that dear husband” she whispered walking to the bathroom…

T. B. C

E shock u, now decide diz or Malcolm’s revenge?

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