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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 3





[Confused … He is married but he loves me ]
Written by Mha Rhy

CHAPTER 03[short Chapter ahead]

Ronnie punch the glass angrily and it shattered,

His fist was bleeding but he care less about it”

Knowing that Naomi choose her career over her marriage makes him sad and furious

The bathroom door open revealing Naomi who was dressed up fully ”

” Naomi we need to talk” Ronnie said holding her arm with the bleeding hand

Naomi saw his bleeding hand and hissed

“Ronnie please, I have a shoot so let’s talk when I get back” she said jerking off her hand

” Naomi why are you behaving like this?” You are making me feel like a stranger? Ronnie snapped angrily

” Enough Ronnie!! Have had enough!!” I just said we will talk at night, is it that hard for you to understand” Naomi shouted

” You know what, am tired of this”, am tired of your constant bickering, if this is how it will continue, I think we should just put an end to this relationship” Naomi said and walked out of the room

Naomi! Naomi!! Ronnie called running after her

Naomi kept walking fastly ,

Velveeta who was just coming from the kitchen with soup in her hand mistakenly bumped into her spilling the soup on her body”

The hell”! Naomi cursed and landed a hot slap on Velveeta’s face

Tears sputter out of Velveeta’s eyes as she bowed her head in shame

“Are you blind? How dare you spilled this disgusting soup on my clothes” do you know that this clothes can buy your entire generation?! Are you tired of your job? Naomi shouted

” Am really sorry ma’am, please pardon my carelessness, she begged in tears kneeling down

The last thing she wants now is her job, it is the only way she is surviving

“Naomi don’t vent your anger on the poor girl” Ronnie said holding Naomi

” You don’t tell me what to do Ronnie, she is a wretched homeless girl that needs to be taught a lesson” Naomi said as Velveeta kept crying

” Am sorry ma’am, please don’t fire me” she begged continually in tears

*Naomi it was a mistake so let it go, the poor girl is already sorry for her mistake, Ronnie said looking at Velveeta with pity

“Whatever! Naomi rolled her eyes and left..

” Ronnie sighed before following her..

Velveeta sat down as tears kept rolling out,

“She was raped and now she’s being humiliated for being poor”

” Is it a crime to be homeless?”

T. B. C


Next chapter tommorow morning

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