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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 4





{Confused …. He is married but he loves me }

Written by: Mha Rhy


Velveeta stands on her feet as she limped to her room in tears”

Her middle was still hurting alot but as a maid , she has to take care of the house..

Getting to her room,she slumped down on the bed and start her tears afresh

Seeing Ronnie this morning made her more disgusting to herself”

Is it the virginity she lost to her boss or the humiliation” ?

Her whole life had never been better before and till now it kept on worsening,

She kept crying as she heard noise coming from the couple’s room”

She needs nobody to tell her that they had started fighting like they do Everytime”


” Naomi why did you have to insult the poor girl that much?” Ronnie snapped angrily as Naomi finished dressing up

” She deserves it and remember it’s your fault as well,so stop annoying me and get lost!” Naomi said furiously

” Why are you making me feel like getting married to you was a mistake?”

” Same here, getting married to you Ronnie is the biggest mistake I have ever made in my entire life, I hate you and I hate this marriage” Naomi shouted and Ronnie chuckled sadly

“Then you should have never accepted when I proposed to you” why did you make me think you love me?” Ronnie shouted almost in tears

” I was a fool then,a big time fool” Ronnie look,I think it’s time I tell you the truth” Naomi said

” What truth? Tell me is there anything more than this” Ronnie hold her shoulder tightly

” Am in love with someone else” ‘ she dropped the bomb and Ronnie staggered back in shock

” What…. what… What did you say!” He stuttered as a tear drop from his eye

” Am sorry Ronnie,am in love with another man” and am telling you this so you could put an end to this bondage we call marriage”

” Am really sorry” Naomi said and walked out…

Ronnie slumped down on the ground trying to take in what he had just heard

“She loves another man?” He said as he finally burst into tears

” She loves another man” he kept saying as he laugh like a manic with tears of sadness coming out of his eyes…

Velveeta came out of her hiding place and stared at his back with pity”

” Although he hurt her but she could see how much he is hurting”

” You can never repay evil with evil,so she decided to console him

She walked to where he was and sat down beside him

“She left”

“She loves another man”

“She left me for another man” he finally broke down in tears and hugged Velveeta, catching her in suprise,

Though his touch disgust her but he is in pain and he needs a comforter, so she did the needful by patting his back in soothing manner..

“It will be okay, everything will be okay” she said trying not to cry with him…



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