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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 5





[Confused …. He is married but he loves me ]
Written by:#mharhy


Naomi drives into an unknown compound and park her car at the parking lot…

A guy was already waiting for her with smile on his lips”

She came out of her car

Jason!! She called and ran to him happily before jumping on his body

“I miss you so much baby” Naomi said wrapping her legs around his torso as the guy chuckled

” But you just left some hours ago, how could you miss me that much” he said kissing her neck and she moaned

“I know but I just missed you so much” Naomi pouted

” You are just too cute” He smile before capturing her lips into a deep kiss”

Naomi accept the kiss immediately as she gave him the entrance to dip his tongue into her warm mouth”

He pressed her firm bum as a moan escape her mouth

After some minutes they broke the kiss as they kept panting heavily

“I can’t wait to be inside you” he said bitting ear and she gave a muffled sound

“I can’t wait to have you inside me” she said bitting her lower lips which turned Mark on

“You are driving me Crazy” he groaned and recapture her lips before walking inside the mansion…


Velveeta limped out of Ronnie’s room after ensuring that he was asleep

She decided to cook dinner before he wakes up

Getting to the kitchen, she opened the refrigerator and was about to take water,when her eyes caught an alcohol

Her fist balled angrily as she stared at it”

It was because of this alcohol that she got raped”

Because of it she lost her virginity in a sinful way”

Seeing it brought last night memories which she was trying to bury”

Memories of how Ronnie forced himself on her rushed back*and she closed her eyes trying hard not to remember it but it was impossible

How he torn her clothes and pressed her boobs

Remembering all this made her more disgust of her body”

No! No! No! She screamed out in tears throwing all the alcohols down

“How he removed her pant and dipped a finger into her p***y

“Please don’t do this” she screamed in tears fighting herself,as she wounds herself in the process”

And finally how he penetrated into her,

No!!! She shouted as her eyes snapped open

No I don’t want to live anymore” she said in tears as her eyes found a knife

She ran to where it was and pick it, she brought the knife closer to her wrist and was about to slit it when someone caught her hand,

It was Ronnie

Seeing Ronnie worsened her pain,he was the man that ruined her

“Let go of my hand Ronnie” she shouted trying to free her hand from him as Ronnie successfully collected from her and tossed it aside

“Are you Crazy?” Why did you want to kill yourself?” He asked angrily

” You have already ruined my life, what’s the point of living anymore?” She shouted furiously in tears while Ronnie look at her in confusion

“What the hell do you mean by that?! Ronnie ask and she scoffed

“Are you asking me that or you are pretending not to remember what you did last night?” She shouted wiping the tears coming out

” Stop beating around the bushes and tell me what the hell happened last night?” Cos I can’t remember anything”

“You bastard*! She cursed landing a slap on his cheek” as her tears started afresh

Ronnie looked at her in shock with his hand on his cheek

“Because of you bastard I lost my dignity as a woman” and you said you can’t remember”

“How dare you pretend not to remember after taking my virginity last night? She shouted in tears

“Ra….Ra… Raped? Ronnie stuttered in shock

” Yes raped, you forcefully took my virginity!!” She dropped the bomb…

T. B. C

Things are getting tougher

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