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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 6





(Confused ….He is married but he loves me )

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Written by Mha Rhy


CHAPTER 06[Short Chapter Ahead]

I raped… You?” Ronnie stuttered almost in tears

He could not believe that he ruined another woman life’s all because of his carelessness

“You raped me, you ruined my life” Velveeta replied in tears

Velveeta am really sorry,I just don’t_ He said in tears not knowing what to say anymore

” Don’t tell me sorry Ronnie” will sorry bring back my lost dignity? Or will it change the fact that I was raped”

” You ruined my life, you are nothing but a monster” she cried holding her chest

Am sorry Velveeta, please forgive me” Ronnie cried out along with her

” Forgive? She asked in tears

” I can never forgive you Ronnie,to me you are nothing but a monster” she shouted and ran to her room ignoring the pains she was feeling in her middle..

Damn you Ronnie! He cursed punching the sink as tears kept coming out of his eyes and he slumped down…


“You mean you told him the truth about our relationship?!” Jason asked loudly

” Yes I did,I can’t go on with the marriage again, Naomi replied

Jason stared at the woman in front of him with hatred

I did good right?” Naomi asked smiling

” Wow! Bravo! You did great,” he said with sarcastically which Naomi noticed

” Jason what’s the problem?”

” The problem is that you are the biggest fool I have ever seen”

“Jason what did I do? Are you not happy with my decision?”

“Shut up woman! He snapped and she flinched in fear

“You are just so dumb, how did you expect me to be happy when you ended everything with him”

” But I did it for you and for our relationship”

” No you did not do it for me, you did that for your selfishness” and please stay away from me tonight” he said and stand up from the bed, walking out of the room..

Naomi stared at his back in confusion

“What is wrong with him?. She thought as a tear drop from her eye..


Jason paced around his living room angrily

He can’t believe that Naomi stupidity almost ruined his plan

The truth is that he is using Naomi as a bait to get Ronnie,

He is also a business man like Ronnie but his own was never considered like Ronnie’s company

All profitable contract were always given to Ronnie’s company,

It’s not like he doesn’t get contract as well but it’s not up to Ronnie’s”

So he decided to take him out of the way using his weakness which is why he thought Naomi will be the perfect bait” and

Now the stupid woman has ended things with him” he balled his fist furiously

” I’ll surely Find a way out, Ronnie your downfall is near” he thought smirking…


T. B. C

I am laughing in French for Naomi

My Velveeta

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