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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 8





(Confused …. He is married but he loves me )

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Written by Mha Rhy


Velveeta!! Ronnie shouted shaking her body but she wasn’t moving

Fear gripped him, it’s like a part of him has left him”

He picked her up imediately running outside” but came back inside to pick his car keys”

Picking it ,he ran back outside…

He dropped her at the back seat and rushed to the driver seat before boarding the car,he drives out of the compound immediately..

Ronnie drove roughly into the hospital, within few minutes he got there

Getting out of the car, he ran to the back seat and open the door,

He carried the unconscious Velveeta out, and rushed into the hospital,

Any doctor here! He shouted as four nurses rushes to him with a stretcher in their hands,

Velveeta was placed on the stretcher before she wheeled into the ward”

Ronnie wanted to follow them inside but he was stopped..

“I just hope she is okay, she is one of the reason I decided to live his life again” he thought as a tear drop from his eye


Ronnie pace around the door worriedly, the doctor hasn’t came out since he has went in..

I just hope everything is fi_

His thoughts was disrupted as the door opened revealing the doctor”

Ronnie rushed to him

” Doctor, how is she? Is she okay? He rushed his words

“Calm down Mr Ronnie, she is okay” the doctor answered and Ronnie breathe out in relief

(Don’t be Suprised that the doctor knew his name, Ronnie is a very popular business tycoon,he is a man with a high status in the country so everyone knows him”)

” If she is okay like you said, then why did she passed out? Ronnie ask with confusion and the doctor smile

“Actually it’s a good news” the doctor replied

” A good news?

“Yes a good news but if I may ask, who is she to you?”

“She is… She is my..

Ronnie bit his lips not knowing what to say” ” he can’t probably say she is a maid in his house so he decided to say what came to his mind”

” Mr Ronnie, she is what? ”

” She is … She is my fiancee” Ronnie lied and the doctor smile

” If so Mr Ronnie, then congratulations” Your fiancee is two weeks gone” The doctor dropped the bomb and Ronnie eyes almost popped out of his socket

“She.. is .. pregnant? He asked stuttering

” Yes she is and you can see her now since she is awake, I’ll take my leave then, the doctor turn to leave but Ronnie stopped him

*Is she aware of the news? ” He asked slowly and the doctor nodded

” Ok thanks, the doctor left…

Ronnie stood still not moving from where he is”

To be sincere, he is very happy about the news but he is scared about Velveeta reaction to the news”

” Being Raped is another heartbreaking thing and now this pregnancy..

He decided to act like a man and support whatever Velveeta decision may be…

He opened the ward door and enter…

Velveeta was sitting on the bed staring at the ceiling but she knew that Ronnie

Velveeta?” Ronnie called n

Velveeta ignored his presence and continue staring at the ceiling..

He walked closer to her and sat down beside her …

Vel,he called again but she ignored him again

“I know that my presence here disgust you especially now that you are pregnant but I want you to know that whatever your decision might be about this baby,I will always support you”

” But please I want you to think about it very well,I won’t want you to regret your actions later, to be sincere am very happy about your pregnancy though it’s my fault but am still very happy that it’s from a woman like you” Yunno I have always thought that I can’t father a child cos my four years of marriage with Naomi was fruitless ,

“, But knowing that this pregnancy is for me,fill the empty space but I guess am not fortunate to know the feeling of being a father,” I know am selfish with what am about to ask but please don’t abort this baby,I want to know what it’s felt to be called a father and I promise to take the full responsibilities as the baby’s father,

“Velveeta please, think about your decision very well”

He stands up and turn his back to leave,

Velveeta stared at his back view and thought about his words”

Should I keep the baby?” Or abort it? She thought

” No I can’t remove my baby” this baby is also my flesh and blood, although it’s a product of rape but the baby is mine as well” she thought and made up her mind to do what was right’

” Ronnie” she called as Ronnie was about to open the door

Ronnie stopped hearing his name,

What? He asked slowly as tears threatened to come out of his eyes

“Ronnie I will keep the baby” She said and he turns back with smile

” What did you say? He asked in disbelief

” I will keep the baby Ronnie” she repeated smiling out tears

Ronnie heart leaps for joy and the happiness he felt was out of the world hearing those words from her”

The happiness was so much that he ran to Velveeta and pulled her into hug”

Velveeta smile wrapping her hands around his waist

“Thank you Velveeta, Thank you,” he said slowly with tears of joy

He disengage from the hug slowly and stared into her deep blue ocean eyes which glitter with tears” as he caress her flawless smooth face, his gaze fell on her red plump lips and he smiled,

Velveeta stared at him watching his every gaze, seeing that his gaze was on her lips, she gulped down nothing expecting the worse”

Ronnie could not take it anymore and he did as expected

“He kissed her”…

T. B. C

Hey are you still alive ?

Vettannie (Velveeta+Ronnie=Vettannie)

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