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Pregnant For My Boss Episode 9





(Confused ….. He is married but he loves me )

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Written by Mha Rhy



Velveeta could be seen waiting outside the mansion waiting for Ronnie

He wasn’t back from work and it’s unusual of him to come this late”

” Ma’am come inside, it’s cold outside” the maid Ronnie hired for Velveeta said with concern

Velveeta shook her head

“I won’t go in until he comes back” so don’t worry

” But Ma’am, think about your condition”

” I’ll be fine Shantel, just_

Her words were cut off as Ronnie’s car came into view.

Velveeta smile happily as he came came down from the car,

Ronnie, she called running to him

“Hey, easy there” Ronnie said with smile as she ran to him, she ignored his words and pulled him into hug catching him by suprise

“Velveeta” he called in suprise

“I thought something bad had happen to you” she said slowly trying not to break down

” Why did you think so?”

“It was unusual of you coming home this late and to coupled it, your number wasn’t going through” she replied dipping her face on his shoulder”

“Sorry for getting you worried” something came up at the office,am sorry” he replied

” It’s okay now that you are back” but please don’t get me worried like this again, she pouted

” I won’t” he chuckled pulling her cheek softly and she laughed

“Have you had your dinner? Ronnie asked and she shake her head as no

Ronnie frowned

“Why didn’t you eat? Do you remember you are pregnant? Ronnie said with concern

“Ronnie I couldn’t eat because I was worried about you” she replied slowly

Ronnie sighed before holding her face as they both stared at each other

“Please Velveeta always ensure to eat on time, I don’t want anything to happen to you” nor the baby” He said caressing her face and she nodded

“So how is my baby girl doing? Ronnie asked touching her flat tummy which sent shivers to her spine.

“I told you it’s not a girl but a boy” Velveeta rolled her eyes

“Since am the one that released the sperm into you so I know the gender of the baby” Ronnie replied and Velveeta blushed in embarrassment

Must you be a pervert! She slapped his hard

“Ouch! It’s hurt” he whined only for him to pinched on cheek by Velveeta

” Velveeta! He stomped his feet on ground like a baby which made her laugh and he later joined..

“Let’s go inside” Velveeta said dragging his hand

“Velveeta I have something to ask from you” Ronnie said which made her stop walking

” What’s that? Velveeta asked facing him

” I don’t know how to say this” he said rubbing his ear slightly

“Ronnie you can tell me anything”

“Actually there’s a dinner party for all business men in the country tommorow and I have to be there”

” You can go” it’s not like you need my permission before going anywhere” Velveeta replied

” No it’s not about permission, the truth is that every business man must be there with their partner,be it wife or fiancee and I have none” So I was thinking if you could follow me and act like my fiancee” Ronnie said slowly

” You want me to act like your fiance? Velveeta asked and he nodded

“But it’s not proper,am just a maid who happened to be pregnant for you” Velveeta replied

” Don’t think like that Velveeta, you are not a maid but the mother of my unborn baby” you are a very special person to me and also to my heart” Ronnie replied and Velveeta

” Thanks Ronnie, she said smiling out tears

“I should be the one to say thanks, thanks for making my life more colorful” Ronnie said pulling her into hug

” So what’s your answer? Will you be fiance for tommorow? He asked disengaging from the hug

” Of course I will” Velveeta replied with a smile

“Thank you Velveeta” He said smiling widely as he pulled her into an heartwarming hug again..

“Thank you” Ronnie said again..

“Naomi get ready for a shocker tommorow,” he thought smiling..

He knew Naomi will be there with Jason tommorow which was why he wanted Velveeta to follow him,he would have hired a woman to act like his fiance but it seems Velveeta is the perfect woman for it.

T. B. C

Next chapter ♥️

Naomi should get ready for a shocker

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