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Pregnant For The Devil 23

Pregnant For The Devil 23



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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Miguel has found himself in a dilemma ever since the doctor told him that he could be in love with Ariel. All he does is think about her, and she is not even helping matters. She's always acting cute and irresistible. Miguel has often found himself drinking to get away from his thoughts, but the more intoxicated he gets, the more he longs for her presence.

Ariel on the other hand, was busy building her relationship with Xander. They were in love with each other and spent most of their free time together. Miguel has no idea about this and Ariel didn't have any plans of letting him know.

“I want more ice cream” Ariel pouted, sinking into the bed. Xander stared at her in shock and shook his head.

“Tell me you're kidding. Ariel you just finished a whole tub of ice cream!”

“So? I want more!” She screamed.

“You're not getting anymore ice cream. But I'll give you more of something else” he smirked and jumped into the bed next to her. He tickled her sides and she laughed loudly, trying to get away from his grip. He pulled her closer and cuddled her. Ariel shut her eyes and enjoyed his warmth. She was still trying to understand her feelings. Yes, she liked Xander a lot, it could even possibly be love, but at the same time, Miguel is always on her mind.

“Tell me Xander. If I ever get to have this child to myself, would you raise it as your own?” She suddenly asked, looking for assurance.

“I love you and anything that comes from you. I don't mind raising the child, and I'll love him” Xander answered without even thinking. Ariel smiled and turned to face him. She kissed his lips shortly and placed her head on his chest.

“I love you too” she answered.

After an hour or so, Miguel came home and Xander had to go and meet him. Ariel had no choice but to go back to their room and wait for him.

“Miguel are you okay? Where have you been? I called the office to check but your secretary said you weren't there” Xander stated, walking up to him.

“I am fine. I just went to a strip club to get my mind cleared. But guess what? It didn't work” he chuckled and ruffled his hair.

“I think you should get some sleep. Meanwhile, I have a lead on Jerry. I heard he's in Italy at the moment so I don't think he poses any threat” Xander said, leading him to his room.

Miguel stopped at his door and stared at Xander.

“Have you ever been in love? How does it feel?” He suddenly asked, Xander was shocked.

“Why? Are you in love?”

“I don't even know” Miguel scoffed and entered his room.

Xander shrugged and left, he was really hoping that it wasn't what he was thinking. He was praying that Miguel would leave Ariel for him.

Miguel met Ariel lying on the bed, with her butt facing him. He corked his head to the side and stared lustfully at her. Her nightie was transparent and she had no underwear on. It's almost like she was doing it on purpose. He walked over to her slowly and touched her hip. Ariel didn't move, she was pretending to be asleep.

He slowly caressed her hip, up to her stomach and then down to her butt again. He turned her to face him as he climbed into the bed. Ariel opened her eyes and watched him. His perfect godlike face as irresistible as ever. They didn't break eye contact, as he moved his hand up her thighs, squeezing it and caressing it. Ariel sighed, already getting wet.

Ariel found it weird, how she always got turned on by Miguel's presence alone but never with Xander. Maybe it's just lust?

He lowered his head and kissed her neck, his favorite part of her body. Then trailed the kisses from her neck, up to her cheek. His lips captured hers instantly and she allowed his tongue in, rolling around in her mouth. He moved his hand to her b0obs and squeezed then lightly. Ariel gasped into his mouth and didn't know when she grabbed him, wrapping her arms around him.

They deepened the kiss, and in no time, their clothes were flying across the room. They were so engrossed in the moment, Miguel was going crazy, she was driving him crazy.

He took in one of her n*pples and sucked on them like his life depended on it. Ariel snapped her head back in pleasure and her body moved in rhythm to what he was doing. He inserted a finger into her and f*cked her aggressively.

“Oooh!! Ahhh!!” She moaned, pulling him closer.

“More!!” She groaned. He brought out his finger and moved down, kissing her stomach, belly button and finally, her v@gina. She squeaked when his lips touched her entrance. She held his head and pushed him in more, Miguel worked with his tongue, driving her to the moon.

Ariel lay there, squirming and twisting herself, almost reaching an org*sm. Miguel continued his work, with one of his hands twisting her n*pple. She came in his mouth and he licked it all up. He lay next to her and hugged her tight.

“I really don't know what has gotten into me” he whispered. Ariel who was still trying to recover from the pleasure simply moaned. She still wanted more of him, and she would get it. She reached for his pants and unbuckled it. Miguel chuckled and took off his pants, leaving him in his briefs.

“Can I touch it?” Ariel mumbled, smiling naughtily at him.

“I'm waiting” was his response before she grabbed his manhood through his briefs. It was already standing and bulging, and Ariel holding it seemed to excite it even more.

Ariel started working her hand up and down the shaft, through the briefs, Miguel groaned, his lips slightly parted. Ariel went faster, determined to make this one unforgettable. She pulled down the briefs and took the veiny d*ck in her hand. She stared at the dripping pre c*m for a moment before taking it in her mouth. She made wet slurpy noises as she licked and sucked on it. Miguel groaned and grabbed her hair.

“Ah.. f*ck” he muttered.

“Ariel..” he sighed out and it excited her. She continued to give him the best blowj*b of his life. After a long time, he finally released into her mouth. Ariel almost choked but managed to swallow the whole thing. She grinned at him and he smiled. He unexpectedly placed a peck on her cheek and got down from the bed.

“I think I should let you sleep” he said, putting on his robe.

“Aren't we going to have s3x?” She asked, still h0rny.

“Oh my.. you're worse than me now” he laughed.

“Maybe another time. Just go to bed and let my child rest” he added.

“Oh.. okay” she covered her nude body with the duvet.

“Oh and before I forget, we're going to the hospital tomorrow. The doctor said we need to get a scan done and also run a few tests” he informed and she nodded.

Ariel couldn't wait, it's been long since she saw the outside world. Confined within the clan, she has almost forgotten what outside looked like. A change of scenery would be nice.

“Okay. I'll be ready” she said and shut her eyes to sleep.

After taking his bath, Miguel came back into her room and found that Ariel was already asleep, for real this time. He stood above her and watched her.

“She looks so beautiful” he muttered and continued staring at her.

“What is happening? What exactly is happening to me?” He asked no one in particular.

“I can't.. I can't be in love with her.. can I?”

“I thought love is supposed to make you feel good. Why do I feel so bad then? Why do I feel so much guilt and remorse?” He continued to ask. He caressed her silky hair and sighed..

“But.. I know she will never love me back. So what's the point? I've been cruel to her” he admitted and lowered his head to kiss her but restrained himself.

He went outside the room and walked to the balcony to have some fresh air. He thought he could get Ariel off his mind, but nothing was working. He was getting fed up.

“I love..” he paused. A smile crept up on his lips.

“I love her” he laughed out loud.

“I love her!!” He yelled out, almost tearing up.

“Who?” He turned around to see Xander by the door.

“Ariel” he answered. Xander's jaw dropped.


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