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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 12

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 12



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Who is he?”

Ariel took a deep breath, she knew that if she told Miguel that it was Xander, there would be serious issues. She had to come up with a lie, even if it puts her in more danger.

“One of the guards” she bit her lip. Laura couldn't help but grin on satisfaction. She knew that Ariel wouldn't implicate Xander and she also knew that Xander couldn't bare to see Ariel hurt.. it would be interesting to watch.

“Which one of them?” Miguel growled.

“I.. I can't tell you master. He made me swear not to” Ariel replied. She didn't want to pin the blame on anyone so she had to say that.

“Alright then” Miguel smirked. He called Farouk and ordered him to take Ariel to a cold room and lock her up.

“Master please, I'm sorry!!” She cried as she was dragged away by Farouk. Xander stared on in fear as she was taken away.

Ariel was taken to the cold room, with very low temperature that could freeze someone to death. She was supposed to stay there for an hour before she can be released. Farouk threw her in and locked the door before leaving.

“Please!! Please let me out! It's so cold in here!!” Ariel cried, banging on the door. Goosebumps had already taken over her skin and she was near to shivering.

“I'm sorry! Please master!” She sniffed, her eyes were red and filled with tears. She realized that knocking and shouting was pointless so she fell on the cold floor and pressed her knees against her chest, crying profusely.

Back in Miguel's room, he was still angry about Ariel and the guard and decides to make a drastic decision. Miguel was known to take rash decisions whenever he was angry and he never cared who it affected. That's why people call him a devil..

“Xander, I want you to go into the city and recruit a hundred men to work as guards” he said.

“A hundred men? Guards? I don't understand” Xander said.

“I'm going to gather all the guards here and set them ablaze. Since Ariel has refused to tell me who the culprit is” Miguel answered and walked away in anger.

Xander turned to Laura, who now had a confused expression on her face. She wasn't expecting Miguel to burn all the guards.

“Look what you've done!!” He yelled.

“Don't yell at me! Sally is the one who revealed that you've been sneaking around with Ariel” Laura flung her hair back.

“Sally?” Xander was surprised and immediately stormed out to go and see her.

“Sally!” He yelled, entering the kitchen. Everyone turned to look at him and they bowed in respect.

“Privacy” he uttered and the maids scampered away. He glared at Sally who was avoiding eye contact.

“What is the matter with you? Why would you tell Laura about me helping Ariel!?” He yelled.

“What should I have done?” Sally was already shedding tears.

“I've been in love with you for so long but you never noticed me. And then Ariel just waltzed into your life from nowhere and she's already getting all your attention. If I can't have you then she can't either” Sally folded her arms and Xander stared at her in fury.

“I don't even know what to do with you” he seethed.

“If you're brave enough, go and tell your boss the truth and save all those guards who are about to lose their lives! Obviously you can't, because you're scared, you're a coward” she continued. Xander was very shocked by her bravery to speak to him like that, but he knew it was the truth.

He can't tell Miguel the truth even if he wanted to. He feared for his life and his family's lives.

Xander left the kitchen and went to look for Miguel. He met him in the courtyard, with a gun in his hand and all the guards lined up before him. He had taken away all their weapons.

“Miguel you can't do this. You're going to kill fifty men for no reason” Xander said.

The guards were actually different from Miguel's men. His men were larger in number, stronger and more disciplined. Miguel had his men surround all the guards with guns each. The guards pleaded for their lives but Miguel wasn't ready to listen.

“Shoot them, shoot them all” he said to his men and they immediately opened fire on all the guards.

“Miguel!!” Xander called.

“I do not like to share Xander! I won't have any other man eating what belongs to me. Ariel is mine, to do with as I please” he said and walked away. Xander watched the guards dropping like flies and was immediately filled with grief.

Ariel was finally let out of the cold room, she was pale and barely alive. Farouk had her carried to her room and abandoned to die.

Xander came in immediately to see her. He wrapped her with all the blankets he could find and turned on the heater in her room to keep her warm. Ariel opened her eyes to look at him.

“I..I.. heard gun shots. Wha.. what happened?” She asked, shivering. Xander bit his lip.

“Miguel killed all the guards”

“What!?” Ariel's eyes widened.

“I didn't know he would go that far..” she started crying again.

“I killed all those guards.. it's my fault.. I hate myself for this” she wept and wailed.

“You could have stopped it from happening Xander. Why didn't you? You're such a coward! You're afraid of Miguel” she pointed out.

“You too? What did you expect me to do? Tell him the truth and have my family slaughtered?” Xander asked, confused.

“Don't talk to me Xander. It's because of you talking to me, it's what led us here. Please Xander, stay away from me, from my room. Leave me to my misery. Don't help me anymore” she lamented.

“But Ari..”

“Just go” she cried and turned to the wall, wrapping herself up and shivering from the cold.

Xander left, feeling disappointed.

“She's right. I'm a coward” he muttered.

★★ Later That Day ★★

Ariel was summoned by Miguel again and she wondered if the man was mentally ill. After everything he did to her, he still had the guts to call her to satisfy him again. Coupled with the fact that she's carrying his child. It was frustrating.

“Get on the bed” he ordered.

“I can't do that master” she answered, a strange confidence overwhelming her.

Miguel turned to her and arched his brow at her, he was confused. It was the first time anyone ever used that word to reply him.

“What did I just hear you say?” He asked.

Ariel thought she already had enough. She was ready to die, so she decided to stand up to him before that happens.

“I said I won't get on the bed. I'm tired and I'm not feeling well. Don't you have any conscience at all? Why do you insist on torturing me everyday when you can just kill me?” She sniffed. Miguel watched in shock.

“Kill me right now if you must. I'm sure I'll be better off in the land of the dead than being here facing this torture” she added, staring right into his eyes.

Miguel took slow steps over to her, he held her chin, breathing on her face. Ariel was shaking from fear but tried to maintain her cool.

“You're the first to ever talk to me in that manner…” He paused and kissed her neck softly.

“I like your confidence” he chuckled and pressed her cheek harshly.

“But of course, you'll be punished for this” he added.

Ariel shuddered. She knew that a lot of pain was on the way. She was scared, for herself and for the child she was carrying. She wondered if she should tell him about the pregnancy or just die with it. It wouldn't make a difference, would it?

“What are you going to do? Kill me? There's nothing left in me anyways. So just go ahead and do it. Kill me like you killed all those guards.. you heartless being!” She spat at him and he was taken aback.

For some reason, Miguel felt a rush of emotions, just from watching her face. He didn't understand the way he was feeling. Was it her sudden confidence? Or her beautiful soul? He couldn't tell but he felt something different, staring into her eyes.

“I will make sure you regret saying all that to me.. you filthy sl*t” he said and raised his hand to hit her when the incessant knocking on his door distracted him.

“Who the f*ck is that!?”

“Miguel!” Laura called, panting. She sounded troubled.

“Miguel! We're under attack!”


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