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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 13

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 13


DEVIL πŸ’”πŸ€°

Written By; Amara Chy πŸ’‹

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Miguel we’re under attack!” Laura yelled from outside. Miguel immediately released Ariel and rushed to the door. Ariel took a deep breath and thanked her God that Miguel didn’t hurt her.

“What attack?” Miguel asked, bursting open the door.

“Some f*cker had the guts to lay ambush around the clan and then attacked! A group of our men at the gate have already been taken out, they’re prying the gates open and will be in soon” Laura said all in one breath, looking scared.

“Gather your men and take the back gate, Xander and I will attack from the front. Go!!” Miguel dashed out of the room with Laura running in the opposite direction. He met Xander and Farouk approaching him and stopped them.

“Xander, come with me, you’ll defend. Bring your men along. Farouk, make sure the maids quarters is safe and non of the women or children is taken away. Protect them” he gave out orders and left in a hurry, pulling out his gun, ready to shoot.

Ariel managed to pull herself together and went to peek from the window. She was hearing gunshots and decided to see what was going on. A lot of men clothed in all black, with guns, were attacking Miguel’s men. Suddenly, Miguel and Xander appeared in the middle and a fierce shoot out began. She was very scared, she hid in a corner, watching.

One of the bullets suddenly hit Miguel on his arm and he fell, groaning in pain. The attackers saw this as an opportunity to invade the clan immediately. Xander helped Miguel up and tried getting him to safety because if he dies, the whole clan will collapse.

Miguel looked up and saw Ariel staring down at him. He frowned.

“Get down!!!” He yelled at her. Xander looked up as well and they both yelled at her to get down due to the gunshots. The attackers raided the place and ran into the main building.

“Ariel” Xander bit his lip, she wasn’t safe, they may take her or kill her. She didn’t go with the other maids to the safe house.

“Leave me Xander, go and defend the clan. I will take care of myself” Miguel said, getting out of Xander’s grip. Xander was worried about Ariel but it was his duty to protect the clan. He rushed off and resumed shooting, trying his best to keep the attackers from going further into the main building.

Miguel groaned and limped into the main building, his arm was bleeding a lot but he had a job to do. He called one of the men and ordered them to bring the cannon. Just a single blow from it would turn anyone to ashes.

“Go!! Make sure non of them survives!!” He yelled and the men ran off. He continued to limp, towards his room. A few of the attackers had already entered and were searching all the rooms for treasure and women to take with them.

Ariel was in Miguel’s room, on the floor, shivering and crying. She saw Miguel getting shot and it kind of hurt her. All of a sudden, the door threw open and two men stormed in, she gasped, breathing heavily.

“Please don’t hurt me” she whispered, moving closer to the wall.

“She’s a fine one. Grab her” one of them said and the other one lifted Ariel, placing her on his shoulder.

“Let me go!! Let meee goo!!” She yelled, hitting the man and kicking her legs. But he was huge and strong, she didn’t stand a chance. She was carried out of the room and down the stairs. Just as they were about to leave the building, Miguel showed up in front of them with two guns pointed at each of the men.

“Drop her” he ordered through gritted teeth.

“And what makes you think you can challenge the both of us?” One of them asked, pointing their guns to him as well. They fired at him but he dodged all their shots expertly, surprising them.

“My turn” he smirked and shot at them more than ten times, without hitting Ariel. They dropped dead but he caught Ariel before she could fall.

“You okay?” He asked. She was crying and scared to death that she didn’t know when she hugged him tightly.

“Thank you, thank you so much. You saved me” she cried on his shoulder and Miguel felt weird feelings again. He overlooked it and pulled her off his body.

“You would have gotten yourself killed! Not like I give a f*ck, but I want to be the one who does that” he grinned and she gulped.

So he still wants to punish her?

The cannon sounded three times, making Ariel jerk. It was so loud and caused huge explosions.

“Get upstairs and don’t come out until I come and get you” he ordered. She stared at his bleeding arm before she ran off while he went out to see the progress of things.

“Miguel!!” Xander called out, running towards him.

“We fought them off” he broke the news.

“You didn’t kill then all?”

“Only a few managed to escape. We’ve kept two of them alive, for questioning. Laura has them locked up” Xander replied.

“Good. I’ll be there. I have to go and dress my arm” he said and groaned.

“I’ll clean up here and make sure that the police isn’t tipped off” Xander said and walked away.

On his way to his room, Miguel was wondering who sent the attackers and why they attacked him. When he finds out, he won’t spare them. He would definitely attack them in revenge.

Miguel entered his room and met Ariel whimpering in the corner, he scoffed, ignoring her and walking to his closet. He pulled out a first aid box and sat on his bed. He was unable to pull out the bullet, it was deep and hurt a lot. He struggled for a long time before he felt someone standing behind him. He turned around and saw Ariel, staring down at him.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“Let.. let me help you” she offered.

“Why? I thought you hate me” he scoffed.

“I do. Believe me. But there’s a single reason why I won’t want you to die so easily” she smirked. She suddenly wasn’t afraid of him, she was willing to die a few days ago but not anymore. Seeing him in pain made her happy and she wanted to see more of it.

“I don’t know what is giving you this sudden confidence but believe me, I hate you as much as you do me and I’m going to clip those wings of yours” he returned. She ignored him and sat on his bed.

She took his arm and he just watched. She used the forceps to drag the bullet out and he winced. Then she cleaned the blood with a spirit and applied ointment on it. Although the sight of blood repulsed her, she was now getting used to it thanks to Miguel hurting her all the time.

“There you go” she said, bandaging the arm. Miguel was impressed.

“You may leave” he said.

“Not even a thank you?” She rolled her eyes.

Miguel pulled out his gun and pointed it to her head, she gasped.

“You better stay within your limits mistress!” He said, putting a lot of emphasis on the ‘mistress’.

“Don’t overstep your boundaries or I’ll have your brains out of your body in no time” he fumed and she nodded.

“I’ll leave” she said and turned to leave but he stopped her.

“Run me a bath. You’re one of the maids afterall and it’s your duty” he said and she reluctantly entered the bathroom. Ariel thought hard of what she could do to get revenge on Miguel, she would die peacefully after that. He had tortured her so badly, and it wouldn’t be fair if he died an easy death. And she promised to try and stay alive to take her revenge.

“What are you thinking about?” He walked in on her.

“Nothing master. Your bath is ready” she answered, bowing.

“Good, now get out” he smirked and she frowned.

“Oh and, get your a$$ back here at midnight, don’t keep me waiting, unless you want to experience the cold room again” he said and she bowed. She walked towards the door but suddenly felt dizzy. She wasn’t able to maintain composure and fell on top of Miguel.

They both landed on the floor with their lips touching..


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