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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 14

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 14



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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Ariel's eyes widened in shock when she realized that she was kissing the very man she hated more than anything. Miguel on the other hand, was disgusted! Even with his girlfriend Laura, he barely kisses.. and now a mere mistress?

“Get off!” He pushed her harshly and she fell on her waist. Ariel winced in pain and bit her lip to avoid crying.

“Why do you always try to push your luck? Are you planning to get yourself killed?” He got off the floor and glared at her.

“It was an accident” Ariel sniffed, she managed to get up, still feeling dizzy. She bowed and excused herself. She vowed to get back at him no matter what. She decided to hurt him, more than he hurt her.

Ariel was on her way to her room when she ran into Sally. Sally wanted to walk away but Ariel stopped her and they stared hard at each other.

“What do you want?” Sally spoke first.

“What's the matter Sally? Why are you suddenly being mean to me? You even ratted me out to Laura. Because of you, hundreds of guards were killed” Ariel explained.

“It's because of you and not me. You knew very well that I am in love with Xander, but you still went after him, he tried to steal him from me, you kissed him Ariel!” Sally scoffed.

“I had no idea that you were in love with him. Besides, the kiss was not planned. It kind of just happened. But it's still not enough reason for you to report me to Laura” Ariel folded her arms.

“Whatever Ariel, but understand that you have no place here and as long as you live, I'll make your life a living hell. For taking Xander's attention from me, you'll suffer” Sally glared at her and Ariel was shocked. The sweet girl she once knew, has turned into a wicked girl with evil intentions.

“Sally, how could you say that?” She asked with teary eyes but Sally just walked away.

Ariel sat on her bed, thinking of the best possible way to get revenge on Miguel when her door opened and Xander walked in, wearing a long face. Ariel wasn't in the mood to see him or speak to him, she was still cross with him but since he was her master, she couldn't stop him from entering her room.

“Master” she bowed.

“Ariel. How are you? And the baby?” Xander asked, giving her a weak smile.

“We're fine. Although my waist is hurting a lot and I feel kind of weak” she answered. Xander was happy, he didn't expect her to talk to him at all.

“Have you had anything to eat? I can get you some medicine for your waist” he said and she glared at him.

“I'm fine okay? Let me be. Just because I'm talking to you doesn't mean everything is fine. You watched a hundred men get shot because of you and you did nothing about it. Also, your girlfriend just threatened me” she rolled her eyes.

“Sally? She's not my girlfriend!” Xander seemed pissed off. He would have thrown Sally into the cell for joining forces with Laura and ratting him out but that would make Miguel suspicious.

“But she's in love with you!” Ariel argued.

“Yes, she is but I don't love her.. I love.. I love..” he paused and groaned.

“You love who?” Ariel asked, watching him closely.

“Nothing. Look, I know you're mad at me for letting the guards die like that but I couldn't say anything. Miguel would destroy me completely and everything I've ever loved” Xander said.

“Oh yeah?” Ariel glared at him.

“Well now you have to live the rest of your life, knowing that you're responsible for the death of hundred men” she said and entered the bathroom. She stayed there until he left.

Ariel was still feeling bad about the guards that had to die. She wouldn't have said that she was in a relationship with a guard if she knew this would happen. If only she wasn't dragged to the cold room, she could have probably said the truth.

An hour later, Ariel was sleeping when a sting in her waist woke her up. She groaned loudly, opening her eyes. She turned towards the table and grabbed the glass of water. She took a sip and kept it back, then gently massaged her aching back.

“What's with this back pain huh? Baby?” She playfully called the child in her womb. She was already loving her child, even though it's father was a total jerk.

“Why are you causing mommy so much pain now?” She asked and groaned. She was pleased to be growing another human inside her. She had no resentment towards the baby, only the father.

“It's hurting so much” the pain was increasing and she was getting really uncomfortable. Her waist, to her lower belly were aching and she had a terrible headache as well.



“Farouk! Farouk!!!” She screamed, trying to get someone's attention. It felt as if she was about to miscarry her child and it scared her. What if Miguel's push made her lose her baby?

“Farouk!!!” She screamed again and the door burst open. Xander was the one who entered, Sally also came in, but she stayed just by the door.

“What's the matter? I heard you screaming from outside!” Xander was already scared as he rushed over to her. Ariel was already breathing heavily and bands of sweat covered her forehead.

“My waist! My stomach! I think something is wrong.. arggghh!” She groaned, shutting her eyes.

“Oh my! Sally!” Xander turned.

“Please get a doctor!”

“No I won't. Do you know how hard it is to sneak a doctor up here to attend to a mere mistress? I almost got into trouble last time and I won't do it again” Sally rolled her eyes and left them, really hoping that Ariel dies from the pain.

“Master Xander! Please do something!! I don't want to lose my child” she took short breaths.

“I'll.. I'll get the doctor, just hold on” he stroked her hair before rushing off. Xander wondered why Ariel wanted to keep the child all of a sudden. Meanwhile, Ariel had started grooming the idea of becoming a mother.

“So.. who sent you?” Miguel asked, glaring at the two guys who were captured during the shoot out. They were tied to poles, badly battered and bleeding profusely. Miguel grabbed one by the hair and slapped him hard.

“I asked you a question and I don't like to be kept waiting!!” He slapped him again and the man groaned painfully.

“I ain't telling you sh*t” he spoke and the other one smirked.

“I can see you motherf*ckers are ready to die” Miguel said, pulling out a dagger.

“Kill us! We won't talk!” They said.

“And who said I'm going to kill you? What I'm going to do is torture you to death” Miguel grinned and ordered one of his men present to take off their shoes which he did.

He stabbed their feet many times and their screams filled the underground prison. Lots of people have died in there, especially traitors.

Miguel continued to rip out two toes from each of them. They cried like babies and begged him to stop.

“Stop!!! You're a maniac!! Please stop!!” One of them yelled. But Miguel didn't stop, he proceeded to rip open their skin and blood oozed out. Then he took some salt and just poured it on their open flesh. They screamed and begged and groaned, much to Miguel's happiness.

“Are you going to tell me? Or should I continue?” He asked.

“I'll.. I'll tell” he answered.

“Jerry. Jerry sent us. Your father's old rival” he said and Miguel scoffed, dropping the dagger.

“Jerry” he muttered. Jerry was always at loggerhead with his late father, always wanting to take the clan. He was a powerful don, a stubborn one. Jerry was a greedy b@stard and he just won't give up.

“Get more information about Jerry, then kill them” he whispered to his man and left the prison.

Miguel ran into Laura on his way to his room and she had an evil smirk on her face.

“Why do you look excited?” He asked.

“Xander brought in a doctor to attend to your mistress” she answered with a wide grin. Miguel was visibly angry, and immediately stormed off in the direction of the women's quarters.

“Xander!!” He burst into the room and met Ariel and Xander with the doctor. They were all shocked to see him, especially Xander. Ariel seemed to be sedated, a painkiller was given to her and she was almost asleep.

“Miguel?” Xander called.

“What the f*ck is wrong with you? Why did you disobey my orders and bring a doctor here?! Since when did you start caring for my slaves!?” Miguel yelled.


“She would have died if I didn't call the doctor Miguel!” Xander argued.

“Let her die!! Do you know I can kill you for this?” He asked.

“I can't let her die” Xander mumbled.

“Why? Why not!?” Miguel was furious. Xander turned to look at Ariel who shook her head, signalling him not to say the truth but Xander had to.

“Because she's carrying your child”


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