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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 16

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 16



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Sally” Laura entered the kitchen, wearing a smug grin. She walked towards Sally who was busy stir frying something. Sally turned off the gas and turned to her.

“My lady” Sally responded.
“How are you? I'm guessing you've heard the latest news circulating in the mansion” Laura asked, going closer to her.

“About Ariel being pregnant? Yes, I've heard that. I'm sort of happy about it, at least she'll leave Xander alone” Sally smiled.

“You're so naive, is that what you think? I hope you know that all Miguel cares about is that child and once it's delivered, Ariel will be free and continue to run after Xander” Laura explained, trying to manipulate Sally again. Gullible Sally! She started to pay attention to the deceptive Laura.

“So what do you want me to do?” Sally asked.

“As you can see, Ariel is here with a motive, to get all the men here wrapped around her fingers and she's already on it. We can stop her if we work together” Laura said in a low tone, circling Sally with that grin not leaving her face.

“I see where you're heading with this. So what's the plan?” Sally questioned.

“We get rid of her and her baby. Like, finish them off completely so that we never have to worry about her again” Laura smirked and Sally nodded.

An hour later, when it was almost time for dinner, Laura went and spilled a little oil on the staircase where Ariel would be coming down from. The purpose wasn't to kill Ariel, but to give her a taste of what was ahead.

Ariel was climbing down the stairs when she suddenly slipped and almost fell, but she was quick enough to hold the handrails and stop herself from tumbling down the stairs. As soon as she recovered from the shock, she let go of the rails and gently climbed down the remaining stairs.

“What the f*ck was that? Who spilled oil on the staircase?” She asked no one in particular and wiped her sweaty forehead, breathing heavily.

“You should be more careful Ariel” Laura showed up from nowhere and startled Ariel.

“You're pregnant, we don't want you to lose the child” she added and Ariel scoffed, folding her arms immediately.

“I should have known you'd be behind this. You're so petty to stoop this low because you're intimidated by me” Ariel talked back and Laura glared at her.

“You better watch your tongue Ariel. You're a slave and that hasn't changed. I can never be intimidated by you. What do you think? That because you're carrying Miguel's child, that makes you special?” Laura scoffed, walking closer to Ariel, trying to scare her. But Ariel stood her ground, unshaken.

“You're not special Ariel. You'll always be a worthless slave and nothing more. All he cares about is that baby and not you” Laura pointed out.

“Are you done? It's my turn to talk” Ariel grinned, staring straight into her eyes.

“Maybe, this baby is the only thing he cares about but guess what? I'm the one carrying the child, it's in my womb and Miguel would do anything to protect it, even if it means getting rid of you to please me” Ariel said and Laura fumed.

“I don't know what you think of yourself but the truth is, Miguel does not care about you one bit so stop elevating yourself. I have more power than you right now, because Miguel will do anything to keep me happy for his baby” she continued and was loving how angry Laura was becoming.

“If you pull this stunt that you just pulled again, I'll report you to Miguel and he'll definitely have you executed” she snapped.

“Shut up!! Shut your filthy mouth!!” Laura yelled, Ariel was getting under her skin.

“The truth.. it's bitter” Ariel walked away, swaying her hips as she walked into the dining room to have her dinner. Laura was angry and knew that she had to something fast before Ariel completely takes over.

Ariel met Sally serving her food in the dining. They exchanged glances and Ariel sighed. Sally's jealousy had become a stumbling block in their friendship.

“You must be very happy, being the master's baby mama” Sally spoke up.

“Too bad that it won't last” she added and Ariel scoffed.

“You're allowing Laura to take advantage of your jealousy Sally. Just so you know, when I take my revenge, you'll be on my list. I'm not sparing anyone” Ariel hissed and Sally was confused. What revenge could Ariel be talking about?

“Now serve my food.. make sure you taste it first” Ariel instructed and Sally shot daggers at her with her eyes.

Ariel entered Miguel's room while he was with Xander. She greeted them both and went straight to her bed which had been set up for her. Xander's eyes followed her until she got on the bed. He was really going crazy because of her. Just one day of not speaking to her and he was already feeling like he was missing a part of his body.

“Xander, focus” Miguel called him back to reality.

“Yes, sorry”

“I want you to carry out the job before tomorrow night. I want to get the good news” Miguel said and Xander bowed.

“I'll get on it” he said and took one final glance before leaving the room. Miguel took a deep breath and went to his bed to sleep. Ariel immediately came up with an idea. She wasn't going to let him sleep peacefully tonight.

“Master” she called, with a very soft tone.

“What?” Miguel answered.

“I'm.. I'm thirsty please”

“Are you f*cking lame? Get water for yourself!” Miguel yelled.

“But I'm having severe back pain. The doctor said not to do anything stressful or I might lose the child” she whined. Miguel groaned heavily before getting out of bed to get a glass of water for her. She smirked and took it from him. He was about going back to bed when she called him again.


“What now!?”

“Fruits, I want fruits”

“Now? Are you f*cking crazy? It's late!”

“But the baby wants fruits! Don't you know it's necessary for the development of the baby? Do you want it to be born without arms or a nose?” She questioned, pouting. Miguel was already boiling in anger.

“I'll get the maids to bring you fruits” he said and ordered his guards outside to talk to the maids.

Within minutes, a fruit salad was brought to the room and given to Ariel. But she rejected the fruits, saying it's going to make her throw up.

“I don't want this anymore. I want unripe mangoes” she demanded and Miguel shot daggers at her with his eyes, wanting to devour her.

“Listen to me you b*tch! You better respect yourself and don't cross your boundaries. Or I'll..”

“You'll do what? Whip me? Go ahead, at least you'll kill your own child and die with the guilt” Ariel snapped and the veins in Miguel's neck were visible due to anger. He dug his fingers into the table and actually made a dent.

“Shut up or I'll f*ck you recklessly” he said.

“I'm sorry but I want mangoes” she pouted like a child.

“I'll get the maids to bring them” he said but she shook her head.

“No, I want you to get them. I saw a mango tree while working in the garden out back. We can go there together and get the mangoes” she smiled widely and he groaned again.

Miguel had to do what she wanted, for these next eight months, he would have to carry her like an egg until the baby is born, the only thing he won't give up is f*cking her. He couldn't give that up, because Ariel's tight p*ssy is one he wouldn't get tired of.

They both left the house and headed towards the garden, but didn't say a word to each other on the way until Ariel decided to break the silence.

“So why do you think not whipping me is any different when you constantly f*ck me? Don't you know I could also lose the baby if you continue to f*ck me as recklessly as you do?” Ariel asked.

“I'm not that dumb, I know that f*cking is good for a pregnant woman, besides I'm being more gentle than I should be” he smirked and Ariel kept mute.

They arrived at the garden and started plucking mangoes. Ariel ate to her satisfaction and sat on the grass, breathing heavily.

“Thanks” she whispered as Miguel sat next to her.

“Just for this, I'm f*cking you once we get to the room” he replied and she shuddered.

Miguel turned and saw her staring at the stars, he admired her for a moment, and just took in her breathtaking beauty. Her blue eyes were glittering under the moon, and he couldn't help but admire them.

“I'm sleepy” she muttered and placed her head on his shoulder. Miguel was surprised but didn't move.

“Let's go back” he said.

“In a little bit” she whispered, getting closer to him, putting her arm around him. He remained still and actually enjoyed the cuddle.

“The baby wants to cuddle” Ariel said, moaning softly.

Miguel put his arms around her and she smiled. This was exactly what she wanted, to get as close to him and to his heart as possible.


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