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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 17

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 17



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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Ariel opened her eyes and discovered that she was on her bed. She was confused because the last thing she remembered was falling asleep on Miguel's chest. She saw him still sleeping peacefully on his own bed and grinned.

She yawned and stretched out herself before getting up and entering the bathroom. She had to think about the next step to take in gaining Miguel's affection. She couldn't wait for the day that she would turn him down so hard! In a way that will leave him broken for many years to come.

After she freshened up, she went back into the room and he was still sleeping, she decided to do something sweet, bring him breakfast in bed. She immediately left for the kitchen to prepare something. She ran into Xander on the way and tried walking away but he stopped her.

“What do you want?” She asked, keeping her face stern.

“Ariel, you've been ignoring me, I can't take it” he confessed. She scoffed.

“Until you learn to man up and be responsible for your actions, I don't want anything to do with you” she answered.

“What do you want me to do?”

“A hundred innocent men died because of you Xander! Stay the hell away from me, since you're too cowardly to admit the truth to your so called best friend” she rolled her eyes and continued her short journey to the kitchen.

Xander was heartbroken but he couldn't summon the courage to tell Miguel anything and risk the lives of his entire family including himself. He knew that Miguel's anger was a force to reckon with.

Ariel entered the kitchen and met Sally washing dishes. She ignored her presence and went straight to the pots. She pulled out a small pot and placed it on the cooker. Then she got some oil and two eggs. First she poured the oil before breaking the eggs into them. Sally watched her in confusion.

“What are you doing? It's not your duty to cook” Sally asked.

“I decided to cook for the father of my unborn child” Ariel grinned at her before turning back to the pot.

“Did he send you to that? You better not get on his nerves” Sally said.

“Don't worry about that, it's my problem” Ariel replied and continued cooking. Sally was outraged, she quickly dropped the dishes she was doing and went to find Laura.

“My lady” Sally bowed.

“Yes Sally, what's the matter?” Laura asked.

“You won't believe what is happening. Ariel is in the kitchen, cooking for master” Sally broke the news and the shock on Laura's face was visible.

“Cooking? Since when? When did that start?!” She raged.

“I'm afraid that she's getting master's affection” Sally said, folding her arms. Laura was even more angry. She banged her fist on her table and groaned loudly.

“No! That's not possible, I can't let that happen!” She groaned again.

“You know what? We have to get rid of that girl now, immediately. Get ready, you and I are going into the city” she said.

“What for?”

“To get abortion pills of course. You know that Ariel is naive and barely knows anything about stuff like this. We get the pills and sneak it into her routine drugs, and the baby will be gone!” She smirked.

“What of Ariel? I thought we wanted to get rid of her” Sally asked.

“Once Miguel thinks that Ariel is the one who aborted his child, I'm sure he'll be more than happy to end her life by himself”

“Good morning master” Ariel greeted, walking over to Miguel's bed with the tray of breakfast she made. Miguel watched her, wondering what she was up to. She dropped the tray on his bed and sat down, beaming.

“I made you breakfast” she said.

“I can see that but why?” Miguel raised a brow at her, sitting up on the bed. He stared at the tray of breakfast repulsively.

“Nothing. You've been stressed lately and I just wanted to help” Ariel smiled widely.

“You think I don't know that you're planning to poison me? Eat it, eat the food” Miguel ordered and Ariel laughed. She picked up the fork and ate one piece from the egg, the bacon, bread and the tea. Miguel was surprised as he watched her eat.

“See? It's safe” she winked. Miguel scoffed and immediately started eating. He was famished, he didn't eat at all yesterday due to the work he had at hand. Jerry's clan had just been set on fire and surely he's going retaliate so he has to be prepared. He doesn't have time for food.

“Why do people call you the hot devil?” Ariel asked, watching him eat with her hand under her chin. He glanced at her for a moment and continued eating.

“I'm hot.. obviously” he grinned and she giggled. Even though she hates him, it's not a lie that he's hot. His muscular build, awesome complexion and beautiful godlike face is hard to resist.

“The devil part?” She asked.

“Do you know that with a click of my fingers, I can send a hundred people to their early graves?” He asked and she lowered her head.

“You're indeed a devil” she said and he scoffed.

“At least I'm better than your parents who sold you out for their more important child” Miguel mocked.

Ariel's cheeked turned red with embarrassment. She had refused to think about her parents and how they treated her, but Miguel had opened up her old wounds and made her feel bad again. She was ready to go to the ends of the world for her parents, but they pushed her into her early grave.

“I'm going to go” she said sadly and stood up to leave but he pulled her back into the bed and they locked eyes.

“I am done eating, and I want to eat again” he smirked, lowering his head to her neck. It was one of his favorite parts of her body. Her neck had a peculiar scent that he enjoyed, it reminded him of running through the sunflower fields in spring, and hugging his mother who always had rosemary scented perfume on. He planted short but soft kisses on her neck and moved to her collarbone, caressing it gently with his lips.

Ariel closed her eyes and tried to resist, trying hard not to enjoy what he was doing but he was sending waves of pleasure down her spine. Her pregnancy hormones weren't helping matters either, it made her yearn for his touch, much to her dismay.

Miguel continued down to the top of her breasts and kissed it softly, he allowed his hands to tear off her blouse, leaving her beautiful, full and appealing breasts exposed. He stared at them for a moment, thoughts of what he could do to the pink pointed n!pples ran through his head. Miguel had never really done this for any other woman, but he couldn't help it with Ariel.

Ariel watched him as his lips took in her right n!pple, the pleasure shot up to the brain and she held her breath, throwing her head back. He flicked his tongue on her n!pple several times, before teething on it. Ariel could barely hold herself at this moment. Miguel on the other hand, loved seeing her reactions and wanted to know what it'd feel like to hear her moan.

He withdrew his mouth and placed it on the second breast, sucking and licking, while his fingers pinched the other n!pple. Ariel was breathing heavily by now, no matter how hard she tried to resist, she was overpowered by the crazy pleasure.

“Mmmmh” he body betrayed her and Miguel smirked. He moved his hands up her thigh and into her panties, using two of her fingers to dig in and out of her private part while her toes curled up in pleasure.

“Ma..masterrr..” she moaned, her eyes tightly shut. He increased his pace, watching her moan made him very hard in his pants and he just couldn't wait to get into her dripping wet honey pot.

“F*ck.. Ariel” he said her name. For some reason, that turned Ariel on.

He loosened his belt and took off his pants. As soon he got rid of his briefs, his huge manhood popped out, fully erect and already dripping. Ariel's body drove him crazy and that's why he has grown addicted to it.

“Wide open” he ordered and she obeyed, sort of wanting him too.

Miguel dove in, and a groan escaped his lips as her warmness engulfed him. He started out gently, before he became rough and fast. Ariel her arms around him, using his body as a support as he drilled her, shaking the entire bed.



“Oooh!!” She moaned, it was music to Miguel's ears. He used to love hearing ladies scream when he f*cked them, but this seemed to be more satisfactory. He continued until he released into her and came down, breathing heavily.

“You're something” he smirked and put on his robe.

“Clean up, I'm going to see Xander” he said and left.

“Wait, did he just tell me where he's going?” She smiled to herself. “Progress” she giggled. She was already getting to him.

Ariel sighed and thought about the hot s*x, it made her shiver.

“It's actually better when he doesn't whip me” she said to herself and suddenly groaned, hitting herself on her forehead.

“What's wrong with you Ariel! You have a revenge plan to complete” she scoffed.

“Ariel? Your routine drugs are here!” One of the maids knocked and yelled from outside.


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