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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 18

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 18



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“We've successfully set their clan on fire Miguel. Everything is burnt ashes” Xander informed as they both walked towards the garage. They got into Miguel's car and drove off. Miguel decided to visit his company to see how things were going, he hasn't been there in two weeks or so.

“And Jerry?” Miguel asked.

“He got away through his back door. I went after him but couldn't find him. He's still out there” Xander answered.

“That's okay. I want him to die by my hands” Miguel smirked. They drove a few miles away from the mansion when they noticed a red rover following them. At first they ignored it, but when the men in the car started shooting at them, it became a problem.

“Sh*t! Any idea who that is?” Miguel asked, his eyes focused on the road and driving as fast as possible to escape the bullets.

“Jerry, he's in the passenger seat” Xander answered, he was facing backwards, staring at the car, keeping his head bent of course.

“Grab a gun” Miguel ordered and Xander opened the dashboard, pulling out a pistol. He corked the gun and immediately put his arm out the window. He aimed at the car, specifically the driver, shooting severally. He managed to gun down the two men who were shooting from the sunroof but he ran out of bullets and went back into the car to reload.

“What's happening!?” Miguel had to yell because the sound of raining bullets and screeching tyres of cars were becoming deafening.

“I ran out of bullets!” Xander yelled back and Miguel groaned.

“Take the wheel!!” Miguel ordered and let go of the steering wheel. Xander immediately held it, trying his best not to crash the car while Miguel brought out his own gun.

“Turn left on my signal” he instructed. Xander already knew what he wanted to do.

Miguel took a deep breath before corking his gun.

“Now!” He screamed and stepped on the brake pad, holding it there. Xander immediately turned the wheel to the left, making a sharp drift. Miguel immediately fired at the car, he shot the driver successful and the car tumbled over, rolling three times and fell into a nearby ditch.

“Don't let that motherf*cker escape!!” Miguel yelled as they both dashed out of the car, running towards the ditch. They got to the car that was already leaking fuel. The only saw the dead driver but no sign of Jerry.

“F*ck! That slippery fool! He got away again” Miguel groaned, red with anger. He wanted Jerry dead, because the man was dangerous and could return with a very deadly revenge.

“What do we do now?” Xander asked.

“Let's go before the cops arrive. Also, I want him tracked. Get our best technician to do that” Miguel instructed as they walked speedily over to their car. They went to the office but didn't stay long before going back home because it was very late already.

Ariel lifted her head when the door threw open. Miguel walked in and went straight to the bathroom, ignoring her presence totally. Ariel noticed that he looked flustered and she decided to win his heart again. She went out and got some massage oils mixed and got a hot towel as well. She brought it back into the room and waited for him to come out from the bathroom.

Miguel came out and met Ariel mixing the oils, he still ignored her and went to get dressed.

“No, don't get dressed yet. I want to give you a massage” Ariel smiled warmly at him. He arched a brow at her, taking slow steps over to her bed.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because you look tired. Today must have been rough” she answered in the most adorable way. Miguel caught himself admiring her, he almost smiled.. almost.

“Really?” He sat in front of her.

“Tell me the truth. Why are you doing all this? Serving me breakfast in bed, and now a massage. I know you hate me, so why the nice treatment?” He asked, staring into her eyes.

“You're going to be the father of my child aren't you? I don't want to give my child a wrong impression, I don't want him to end up as heartless as you” Ariel replied courageously and he smirked.

“Oh… But what if I decide to get rid of you after you have the baby?” He asked and her heart sank into her stomach.
Ariel knew that was his plan but she also had plans of her own. By the time she manages to creep into his heart, she would come up with a way to leave with her child.

“Well, I don't know what to do then, but for now, just let me give you a massage. You'll like it, I have magical hands” she grinned. Miguel shrugged and lay on his stomach. Ariel climbed onto his back and applied some of the oil on his shoulders and back slowly, before massaging them in.

“Mmm” Miguel moaned with his eyes shut. He was enjoying it, Ariel's touch on his bare skin gave him unnecessary goosebumps and weird feelings. He felt turned on by what she was doing.

“I told you I have magical hands” Ariel giggled, bragging.

She continued to massage him until he actually fell asleep. She got down from his back and stared at him with anger and hate.

“Just you wait and see what I do to you Miguel. I'll make sure you fall so deeply, so much that you can't live without me, I'll take my revenge, for what you did to me and what your father did to my brother” she whispered and sighed.

“I wish I could just stab you right now, but you don't deserve such easy death”.

She carried the tray of oils out of the room to dispose it.

Later at night, Ariel started to feel uneasy and sluggish. She drank some water and even washed her face but the feeling didn't go away. She remembered that she had routine drugs to take, the drugs were supposed to help reduce feelings like this.

She went to her drawer and pulled out the small box where she kept the drugs. She brought out the drugs which were a total of six. She had never liked taking medicine, but this was compulsory for her baby's health. She was barely a month pregnant but the drugs were necessary because of the immense pain she's been put through lately.

Ariel was about to pour the drugs into her mouth when a hand held her hand, stopping her. She turned her neck and saw Miguel glaring at her.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“What's that in your hand? What drugs are you taking?” He continued to ask.

“Routine drugs, for the baby's health” she answered and he scoffed.

“Listen Ariel, you won't eat anything or drink anything without me confirming if it's safe first” he stated.

“Are you serious? They are harmless” she pouted.

Miguel ignored her.

“Who's there!!?” He yelled and one of his men opened the door, entering the room.

“I'm here master” he bowed.

“Get me the clan doctor right now” Miguel ordered and the guy bowed before leaving. A few minutes later, the doctor entered carrying his kit. He bowed to Miguel and went to stand next to him.

“You called me sir”

“Yes I called you. Take those drugs and check them. Make sure it's all safe for her to take” Miguel instructed and the doctor nodded, taking the box from Ariel. She rolled her eyes and fixed her eyes on the blank television.

The doctor checked the drugs carefully, one after the other and was shocked when he raised one of them.

“Oh my!” He exclaimed. Both Miguel and Ariel turned to him at once with shocked expressions on their faces.

“What happened?” Miguel asked.

“These are abortion pills” the doctor revealed. Miguel turned to Ariel in anger and grabbed her by her neck, choking her. Ariel struggled for breath and hit his arm severally, in attempt to get him to release her.

“Please let her go!” The doctor pleaded but Miguel slapped him with his free hand and barked at him to keep silent.

“You want to kill my child huh!? You want to abort my child!!!” He thundered. Ariel struggled with hot tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I.. I didn't.. a maid.. a maid brought them” she said, her words were barely audible.

Miguel let go of her and huffed angrily. Ariel coughed and struggled for breath, falling into the bed.

“You at the door!!!” He called and the guy ran in again.

“Were you there when a maid brought these drugs?” He asked.

“Yes sir”

“Good. Go and get her” he ordered. Miguel was really angry, his once cool face had turned red.

Within minutes, the maid arrived, trembling and sweating. It's hard to survive Miguel's wrath and she knew it. Miguel immediately grabbed a gun, corked it and placed it on her forehead. The maid gasped and peed herself out of fear.

“Tell me how and why you brought abortion pills or I'll send you to hell” he commanded coldly.

“Mas..m..m.. master, I don't know any.. anything about it. It was..was..lady Laura who gave it to me” she stuttered.

Miguel was shocked, he stepped back and folded his fingers into fists.

“Get me Laura now”


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