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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 25

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 25



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Let me go!! Leave me alone!!” Ariel screamed as the men forced her out of the car. One of them slapped her harshly across the face, giving her a cut on the lip. She shrieked and whimpered. They dragged her along into a cottage. She managed to look around to check the environment, but it turned out she wasn't anywhere near civilization anymore. The place was surrounded by forest, fear gripped her immediately.

She was thrown into the cottage like a piece of rag. She landed on her waist and screamed out in pain. She felt a sharp, distinctive pain shoot through her waist to her lower stomach. She cried bitterly, hoping that her child was okay. She cried for hours, calling out for help until she eventually wore herself out and dozed off.

She woke up when she heard the door opening. She moved to the edge of the room, curling herself up in fear.

“Please.. please don't kill me please” she pleaded, crying again. A one eyed man entered, his presence alone made Ariel pee her pants. He was the scariest looking man she had ever seen. She couldn't even maintain eye contact with him.

“Aren't you a sweet piece of candy” Jerry grinned, squatting in front of her. He grabbed her chin and squeezed it, Ariel breathed heavily, ears rolling down her eyes.

“Miguel definitely has an eye for good things, I'll give him that” he chuckled.

“I can't wait to do things to you” he licked his lips lustfully.

“Please don't.. please. I'm.. I'm pregnant” Ariel muttered. Jerry threw his head back in laughter but quickly switched back to a serious face.

“I know that. And that is the reason why I brought you here. Or you think I want anything to do with you? It's the baby, the baby in your womb is my bait” he grinned and let go of her chin. Ariel panted, rubbing her chin.

“Mo!” He called out and a stern looking maid entered. She was tall, fierce looking and she gave Ariel a deathly glare.


“Clean her up and bring her to my office” Jerry smiled and walked away. Mo moved closer to Ariel who was still whimpering on the floor.

“Get up!” Mo dragged her up forcefully and pushed her into an inner room. She tore off Ariel's clothes and made her stand under a shower head.

The cold water made Ariel shiver, she stood there crying for minutes before Mo pulled her out. She would have struggled with Mo but Ariel knew better. Mo towered above her, and was even muscular, whereas she couldn't even stand straight.

“Put this on! Don't waste my time!” Mo barked at her. Ariel stared at the flimsy nightgown that was handed to her. She hesitated. The thought of standing in front of Jerry in that made her cringe. She can't imagine another man staring at her body.

“What are you waiting for?!” Mo yelled and pulled out a whip. Ariel gasped at the sight of it.

“No.. pl..” before she could finished her statement, the whip landed on her back and she screamed out in pain. She had no strength left in her, she fell and whimpered.

“Wear it!” Mo whipped her again.

And again.

And again!

Ariel screamed and managed to wear the dress. Mo dragged her up and started pulling her out of the cottage. She took her behind, where a smaller shed was located and pushed her inside harshly.


“Where is she?” Miguel asked immediately Xander entered his room.

“My boys lost them. We don't know where they've taken her but they're still searching” Xander answered, filled with so much anguish. Miguel sprang up from the bed, but he only walked a short distance when he winced painfully and fell back into the bed. The doctor held him.

“Please don't stress yourself, your leg is badly wounded” the doctor stated but Miguel groaned and withdrew his hand.

“How can I not stress? That maniac has my Ariel and my baby!!” Miguel was losing his mind already.

“Yes but the bullet hit you very deep. If you don't get urgent treatment, your blood vessels will damage further and you could end up being paralyzed” the doctor informed.

“Miguel, relax. You need to get to a hospital to attend to your injury. I will make sure I find Ariel, I promise” Xander cut in.

“Make sure she is safe Xander, she means a lot to me” Miguel growled, trying to suppress the pain in his leg.

Xander turned to leave when Miguel's phone rang. Everyone turned their focus to the phone immediately. Miguel picked up the phone and it was an incoming video call from an unknown number.

He connected his phone screen to the television before answering the call. He gasped when he saw the tied up Ariel. She was bound to the bed, her legs spread apart and her mouth stuffed. She was struggling and making muffled noises.

“Ariel!!” Miguel and Xander called out at the same time.

Jerry appeared in front of the camera, laughing. He went to where Ariel was lying and started to touch her, from her lap to her inner thighs and then her b0obs.

“Get your hands off her you maniac!!!” Miguel growled.

“Now now Miguel, I won't hurt her.. if you cooperate” Jerry grinned and continued touching Ariel.

“The f*ck do you want?!” Miguel asked.

“Everything!! Miguel you had the guts to come into my clan and set it ablaze, so now I want everything you own, I want it to me mine. I want to see you crawl before me and suffer” Jerry replied wickedly and tore off Ariel's dress, her b0obs were now visible. The poor girl screamed despite her stuffed mouth. Tears rolled down the sides of her eyes.

“Noo!! Stop!!” Miguel cried. Xander was already in shock, watching Ariel suffer. He couldn't say a word.

“Meet me at the club so we can talk business, or else, you'll never set eyes on your baby mama and her child. Oh, and don't even think of acting smart.. if you do..” he paused and moved to Ariel, he grabbed her breasts and kissed them. Then he started to bite and suck on one her n!pples while she cried.

“Stop!! Stoop!! Stop it!!” Miguel screamed, attempting to attack the screen but the pain in his leg wouldn't let him move.

“I promise not to hurt her, if you cooperate” Jerry laughed again and exposed Ariel's p*ssy. He finger f*cked her roughly. Miguel couldn't watch anymore, Xander walked out, having seen enough.

“Just make sure you're at the club” he ended the call and Miguel wept bitterly. Just when he had fallen helplessly in love with Ariel, she was taken from him.

“Find her! Find her!! Nobody must rest until she is brought back to me!!” He yelled aggressively, his face turning red with anger and sorrow.

“Sir, the number he called with is not traceable, it looks like he put up a protective code” the technician who has been trying to track the number revealed, getting Miguel even more worked up.

He was confused and at the same time, terrified. He can't lose his baby and Ariel, he would have to do something. But how could he? When he's now bedridden. His leg is about to be paralyzed and he has to be admitted in the hospital. It looked like luck was not on his side anymore.

“Please.. please don't!” Ariel was finally able to speak after Jerry got rid of the cloth used to stuff her mouth. She panicked as beads of sweat and tears ran down her cheeks.

“Be quiet” Jerry ordered, taking off his pants. He didn't waste anytime before thrusting into her roughly. Ariel yelped out in pain. The disgust of having another man inside her! She was used to Miguel, she felt like her insides have been stained. She struggled and cried and screamed but Jerry didn't mind. He had his way with her.

“Oh.. ooh! Ahhh!” He moaned as he went in and out of her. Ariel just lay there like a log of wood, tears just dropping from her eyes. Her entire body was hurting, her heart was bleeding and she doubted that her innocent child would make it out alive.

When Jerry was done, he pulled out and wore his clothes. He ordered Mo to take Ariel back to the cottage and lock her up.

“How can you even watch this happen to your fellow girl?” Ariel suddenly asked Mo when they got to the cottage. Her eyes were red from all the crying, and she slumped to the floor weakly.

“Don't you have a conscience? I'm a lady like you, pregnant for that matter. Yet you join that devil to treat me like this!” She continued. Mo kicked her by her side and she fell groaning painfully.

“You had better watch your mouth you little thing, or I'll kill you before Jerry gets the chance” Mo spat and kicked her again. Ariel felt a sharp pain shoot across her entire body. It felt like she was about to die, she actually had no hope of seeing the next day.

“Miguel, please.. please save me” was the last thing she said before her eyes closed.. possibly forever.


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