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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 27


DEVIL πŸ’”πŸ€°

Written By; Amara Chy πŸ’‹

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Switzerland?” She mumbled in disbelief, tears gathering in her eyes. She was wondering how she got all the way to the other side of the world. Does that mean she would never see Miguel? Xander? Ever again? The thought of that left a dark empty feeling in her stomach. She immediately started shedding tears and Jerry smirked.

“Yes darling, take in the fact that you will no longer see your baby daddy again. You now belong to me, to do with as I please and I can decide to get rid of you immediately” he grinned wider. Ariel burst into tears, hugging herself tightly. She shut her eyes and desperately wished she was in a dream. This wasn’t at all what she planned, what will happen to her child? And her??

“! This can’t be happening” she said in a muffled tone, tears clouding her vision. Jerry scoffed and went over to her.

“Shedding tears is of no use now princess. The only thing left for you to do is to accept your fate” he lifted her chin with his finger but she still shut her eyes tightly. He scoffed and threw her face away forcefully. He left her there in her misery and she threw herself into the bed painfully, wailing and crying bitterly.

Why has her cruel fate decided to punish her so severely? Why do bad things keep happening to her?? First, her parents sold her to the devil in return for her brother and now she has been taken away to another country by some monster she doesn’t know. She wished for death instead, it would be much better than all this!


“Jerry..” Laura smirked, catwalking over to his office desk. Jerry licked his lips lustfully, watching her perfect body move. She sat in front of him and he seized the opportunity to touch her lap. Laura giggled and withdrew her leg.

“Oh c’mon, just let me have a taste of this beautiful body of yours Laura” he pleaded.

“Not now” she scoffed.

“You have bigger problems”

“What problems?” He rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you remember the shoot out? At the club back in Mexico? Well, the police has been digging their nose around it, trying to figure out who and what caused the shoot out. Fortunately for them and unfortunately for you, they found one of your men and took him with them for questioning” Laura explained. Jerry’s expression immediately became sour.

The worst thing that could happen to him would be the police or any other law agency finding out about his clan, the mafia would be in danger, he would be taken down and possibly given the capital punishment. He couldn’t let that happen.

“F*ck them!” He scoffed.

“You have to do something. They will torture your man and question him. He may spill your secrets and you know what that means, you’ll be declared a national enemy. Every police division around the world will be looking for you, including here in Switzerland” Laura explained further, telling him all the bad things that could happen to him. Jerry groaned angrily.

“What do I do?” He asked.

“It’s very easy, I already have a plan. I’ll take an expert with me. We’ll go to see the man in the police custody, once we get there, we’ll kill him and frame it on your enemy, Miguel” Laura said, grinning.

“How do you think that will work?” Jerry questioned.

“You’re really doubting me? Have you forgotten so soon that I was Miguel’s best executioner? Leave it to me, but you’ll have to pay for my services” she smirked, tickling the under of his chin with her index finger. Jerry chuckled and held her hand.

“I’ll give you anything you want, just make sure you do a neat job” he answered.

“Excellent. I’ll be taking your private jet. Just refer one of your experts to me as soon as possible, we need to leave immediately” she said and stood up. Jerry pulled her to himself, holding her waist tightly.

“When will you give me what I want?” He asked. She rolled her eyes.

“Let’s complete the mission first” she freed herself from his grip and walked away.

β˜…β˜…β˜… 2:30pm~Mexico City central police station β˜…β˜…β˜…

“Who did you say he is to you?” The detective asked, staring at Laura. She was wearing all black ensemble, looking hot as usual.

“He is my boyfriend, we are supposed to get engaged this weekend.. then I got..the news of his arrest, please let me..let me see him once” she faked crying, gaining the empathy of the detective.

“And him?” The detective pointed to the man behind her. That was the expert.

“He is my brother” she lied.

“And what did you say your name was?”

“Miriam” another lie.

“Come with me” the detective said and led them through a long hallway until the finally arrived the interrogation room. He opened the door for them and Laura ran to hug the prisoner, Jerry’s worker. She cried on his shoulder, the weak man recognized Laura but was confused about what was happening.

“Mi amor” Laura wailed.

“Play along” she whispered.

“I’m Miriam for now” she whispered again and broke the hug.

“Miriam my love, finally you’re here” the man said. The detective watched them for a while before shrugging.

“You have five minutes” he said and left them alone.

“Have you told them anything yet?” She asked.

“No I haven’t. I am bound by an oath” the prisoner replied, proud of himself. Laura rolled her eyes, she knew he was going to crack one day.

“So what’s the plan to get me out of here?” The man questioned. Laura ignored his question and turned to the expert. The expert nodded at her and she turned back to the prisoner.

“See you in hell” she smirked and immediately shoved a pocket knife into his heart. She stabbed him repeatedly until he dropped dead. She wiped the knife with her handkerchief and dropped it there for the detective to find, then she had the expert drop a piece of paper from Miguel’s company. It had his logo on it.

Her plan was for the police to find it and trace it to Miguel, then a fake conversation between Miguel and his clan member will be played for them at his office, that will surely implicate Miguel and have his empire taken down.

They left in a hurry and it wasn’t until five minutes later that an alarm sounded in the police station and a search for the killer began.

Miguel’s mansion was raided after the discovery made by the police. They took everyone they could find, including the maids, only Sally was left because she was fortunately in the market when the raid happened. The clan was closed down and armed men were placed there to supervise. Xander was not around during the raid but he got information about it and went into hiding. They had a safe house in the outskirts of town and Sally knew about it to, that was the first place she ran to, and met Xander there as well.

“Master, what do we do now? The mansion is heavily guarded. And what about the boss?” Sally asked, shedding tears. She watched Xander pace about in fear and confusion. She had never seen him so afraid before and it made her freak out.

“Master Xander! Please talk to me! I’m so scared, what if the police find us here as well?!” She yelled.

“I’m trying to think Sally! I’m more afraid for Miguel. He’s all alone in the hospital and I don’t even know if he’s okay or not. The worst part is, the police will apprehend him immediately he’s out of there” he groaned in defeat and passed his fingers through her hair.

“So what are we to do?” She asked again.

“You will stay here Sally please. I don’t want anything to happen to you. I’m going to try and see Miguel and find out how he’s doing” he stated and she shook her head, holding his arm tightly.

“But what if someone recognizes you? Yours and Miguel’s pictures are all over the place as wanted” she cried. He caressed her hair and sighed. He couldn’t just sit here and do nothing. He still had to look for Ariel, the love of his life.

“I’ll be in disguise” he assured and hugged her.

Xander wore a heavy coat and a fake moustache to the hospital. He went straight to the receptionist desk and asked about Miguel.

“Oh, the convict” the nurse giggled. Xander frowned at her and she stopped laughing.

“Who are you anyway?” She asked.

“I’m with the police” he answered and showed her a fake ID. The ID was already made a long time ago for occasions like this.

“Oh.. he’s in room six. Too bad, he went into coma this afternoon” the nurse announced and Xander froze.


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