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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 29

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 29



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Take this!” Mo threw a dress at Ariel who was lying on her bed. She sat up and raised the dress, it was a uniform, black and white in colour.

“What is this?” She asked weakly.

“Are you blind? It's a uniform. Put it on and go downstairs to make yourself useful. Jerry wants you to join the maids to work” Mo answered harshly. Ariel couldn't believe her ears. She's a slave again, after everything she went through in Miguel's hands!

“Please.. can I have something to eat at least? Please? For my baby” Ariel pleaded, already shedding tears. Mo rolled her eyes and left the room. She came back minutes later with a bowl of pudding which she dropped on the bed for Ariel.

“Eat that fast and come down. If I come up here again, you'll be in trouble” Mo said and walked out. As soon as she left, Ariel pounced on the pudding and ate it like her life depended on it..which it did. She ate like a mad woman, being starved for days now. She cried as she ate, praying to God to protect her baby, that was all she cared about.

A few minutes later, she was done eating and rushed downstairs to meet Mo and the other maids. The maids were already lined up in a queue and she quickly joined them. Mo came out to issue orders to them all.

“You and you” she pointed at two of them and they stepped out.

“You'll be in charge of all the food Jerry is going to eat, you'll make sure that nothing unsafe is served to him” she said and they bowed. Then she called three others and their duty was to assist the main cooks.

“Ariel” she called and Ariel jerked, bowing her head.

“You'll be cleaning the entire master suite.. by yourself every morning and evening” Mo grinned. Ariel gasped.

The master's suite was a whole two storey building. Cleaning it could take more than four hours, and she's supposed to do it twice a day?? How? Tears rolled down her cheeks yet again, the other maids stared at her with sympathy, but there was nothing anyone could do to save her from this.

“Please.. it's too much. Can't I have some help?” She asked and Mo shot her a deadly glare.

“Do you prefer to die?” She asked and Ariel shook her head slowly, hiccupping in tears.

“Then do what you've been asked to do” Mo fired and turned back to the other maids.

Soon, the gathering was over and everyone returned to their duty posts. Ariel left for the master suite with a bucket and a mop. She started to mop all the hallways, she was almost done but fell due to weakness. She sat there on the floor shedding tears.

“My poor baby..” she sniffed, rubbing her belly in small circles.

“I just hope you survive this, I hope I don't lose you” she burst out crying.

“Don't worry, mummy is going to try and be strong for you. Mummy will do her best to make sure you survive. I pray you never suffer what I have had to suffer” she continued to speak as tears ran down her cheeks.

“Give that” she heard a tiny voice speak and raised her head to see a pretty, slim and red headed girl stretching out her hand to her. She wiped her tears to see properly.

“What?” She asked.

“The mop” the girl replied.


“To help you of course. I don't it's fair that they're doing this to you. And you're pregnant for crying out loud. Let me help you finish off, I'm done with my chores” the girl smiled broadly at her.

“I don't want you to get into any trouble because of me” Ariel said, struggling to get up. The girl helped her up.

“I won't if I do it quickly” she said and took the mop from Ariel. She immediately started mopping the place while Ariel watched in tears.

“Thank you so much..” Ariel sniffed.

“It's no problem. I'm Kayla by the way”

“It's nice to meet you Kayla, I'm Ariel” she said and Kayla giggled.

“I know who you are” she smiled. Of course, Ariel is popular there, everyone knew Jerry's new s3x toy and slave.

They were soon done cleaning and everyone retired to their rooms. Ariel was finally able to get some rest. She hugged her pillow and thought of the times she was with Miguel. He was the only thought that crossed her mind. He remembered the funny moments that they shared, the first time he apologized to her and how he used to hug her after making love to her.

All those thoughts made her cry even more. She wished she could see him one more time and hug him. But he's in a coma! What if he doesn't survive? Is this really the end for both of them?

“No..! God please help me. I can't live like this” she muttered before falling asleep with the tears in her eyes.

“This is the money. Call your men off the case immediately” Xander said to the commander. The middle aged man smiled and opened up the suitcase. His eyes widened when he saw the huge amount of money in the case. He closed it and nodded.

“You've got yourself a deal. I will withdraw from the case. Miguel will be let off the hook and everything will be returned to him. But if there's a second occurrence, I might not be able to help him” the commander said and Xander nodded, getting up from his seat. He shook hands with the commander before leaving his office.

Within the next hour, Miguel was acquitted of all charges and declared free. It came as a shock to many people but the police perfectly covered it up and made Miguel appear as the victim instead of the culprit.

Xander went straight to the hospital to see his best friend. He barged into the ward and met Miguel in the terrible condition that he was in. An oxygen mask over his nose and several other things attached to him.

“Miguel..” Xander was in shock.

“What the f*ck are you doing lying there!? I thought you were strong? When we were kids, you used to brag about being the strongest man alive so what happened now? Why are you lying here? Why aren't you waking up?” Xander asked as if Miguel could hear him.

“Please open your eyes soon, I'm getting weak” he added and sat there in silence for a while before leaving. He had to go and meet with the technician to continue the search for Ariel. He had missed her so much and had promised Miguel that he would find her.

“Any new information?” He asked the technician.

“Well, I made some research on what happened at the police station. You know, one of Jerry's men was caught and then killed by some woman who came to visit him in the prison. The killer was tagged Miguel. So I found out who the killer is and you won't believe it” the technician let out a chuckle.

“Who's the a$$hole?” Xander asked, already furious.

“I did a face recognition test. It's Laura” he answered and Xander was a bit shocked.


“That b*tch! How dare she? She framed Miguel! She's working for Jerry? I'm sure she also has a hand in Ariel's kidnapping!” Xander growled.

Laura had a lot of nerve to break the mafia number one rule. She will have to face the music as soon as things become stable.

“So did you find out where they took Ariel?”

“Yes, apparently they took her all the way to Switzerland. I found out by hacking the airport database and Jerry's private jet left the airport for Switzerland as recorded” the technician responded and Xander gasped again.

Switzerland??! How on earth is going to save Ariel?

“Oh God” he rubbed his forehead, sinking into the couch. He was tired and confused.

“What do we do now?” The technician asked.

“We're going to have to go to Switzerland then” Xander answered.

“How? We don't even have any men to fight” Sally showed up. She sat next to Xander after greeting the technician.

“I know it seems that way but since Miguel is now free from all the accusations, we have our men back. Afterall, they're still indebted to the mafia” Xander smiled.

“So we're going to Switzerland?” Sally beamed.

Xander chuckled and ruffled her hair.

“You're not.. I am” he said and sighed.


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