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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 3

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 3



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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Ariel gasped when the door to her room burst open. She moved back on the bed, gulping. Farouk entered the room, his face was as stern as ever. His eyes fell on Ariel's small figure on the bed and he moved speedily over to her.

“Get up and follow me” he commanded. Ariel dare not ask any questions. She simply stood up and walked behind the huge man, out of the room.

They walked down the dark hallway until they arrived at a large wooden door which Ariel thought to be the boss's chamber.

“Go in” Farouk ordered and opened the door. Ariel took a deep breath before stepping into the dark room. It seemed to her like Miguel loved the darkness. Everything about his mansion screamed darkness, even all his clothes were black. The room was ten times bigger than Ariel's.

It had three couches by the right corner and a glass table in between. It had a huge bed with dark sheets and a hot tub was visible through the glass binders that separated the room from the veranda.

She met Miguel in his robe, with a glass of whiskey in his hand. He looked up at her and stared lustfully.

Farouk shut the door and left while Miguel took slow, short but frightening steps towards Ariel. She shivered at every step he took towards her, she had her eyes fixed to the floor because fear won't allow her look him in the eye.

“You're a fine piece of cake” Miguel smirked. He went around and stood behind her. He looked down at her backside and nodded. Ariel was loaded everywhere, just the way he liked it.

“Get on the bed sweetheart” he ordered. He said ‘sweetheart' but his tone gave out another meaning. Ariel walked shakily to the bed and climbed on.

“Take off everything. I want to see you bare” he said, glaring dangerously at her. Ariel had to look away immediately their eyes met. His dark eyes looked like that of a demon, she couldn't look at it.

She immediately took off her clothes, leaving her unclad in front of the h0rny devil.

“F*ck” Miguel mumbled as his eyes landed on her perfect, pointed b0obs. He imagined his tongue all over it and imagined them bouncing as he f*cked the hell out of her.

He went over to Ariel who was still trembling on the bed. He gently made her lie on the bed and spread her legs apart. Ariel was already shedding tears.

“That's a nice p*$$y you got there” he smirked, and caressed her clit with his thumb. Ariel whimpered, that would be the first time any man had touched her there, at such a sensitive part of her body.

Miguel got off the bed and went straight to his drawer. Ariel watched him pull out four handcuffs and a long whip. Her heart sank into her stomach as she watched.

“There's something about me Ariel, and that's the way I love to f*ck. I love to hear my lady scream, not just in pleasure but out of pain as well” he paused and approached her with the handcuffs. He handcuffed her hands and legs to the four corners of the bed while she cried.

“Are you in objection to this?” He asked.

Ariel knew that there was no way she could escape the hot devil, she belonged to him, she was sold to him in exchange for her brother and this has become her life. She couldn't object.

“No” she whispered, tears flowing down the sides of her eyes. Miguel smirked, her tears had no effect on him, he loved watching and hearing her cry infact, it was music to his ears.

“Good, make sure you scream for me” he said and took off his robe. His giant manhood sprang up, already erect and dripping. He slapped her b0obs and she winced. He slapped them several more times until they were red in color. Then he started to bite her n!pples. He bit them until her skin started to bleed.

“Ahhhhh!! Ahhhhh!!” Ariel groaned and cried. He loved it.

He touched the entrance of her p*$$y gently before thrusting in with his manhood, as hard as he could, just so that he could hurt her. Ariel screamed at the top of her voice and felt a warm liquid run down her thighs.

She thought that this monster would stop when she screamed but her scream seemed to turn him on even more. Miguel didn't even care that she was bleeding, he dove in more deeply, hitting her p*ssy with all his energy.

Ariel struggled to free her hands and legs to get away from the pain but she couldn't. When she thought that the worst was over, he unlocked her cuffs and made her get on all fours. He still bound her hands again.

Then he took his whip and started flogging her. Ariel screamed and begged for mercy but Miguel loved it, he loved the pain he was causing her.

“Yes! Scream! Scream for your master!!” He said.

“Pleeeeeeaasee!” Ariel cried.

He resumed f*cking and whipping her at the same time. Ariel almost passed out in the process, she even lost her voice screaming. Miguel stopped and got off her, and unlocked her.

“That was f*cking amazing” he breathed out loudly. He dragged her hair and pulled her down. He made her kneel in front of him and then inserted his d*ck into her mouth forcefully. Ariel had already lost all get strength, she was barely conscious.

Miguel grabbed her head and mouth f*cked her until he was satisfied and c*mmed all over her face. He let go of her and she collapsed on the floor.

Ariel opened her eyes slowly, feeling severe headache and pain all over her body. She found herself lying n@ked in her room, she had no idea how she came back into the room but tears filled her eyes when she remembered what happened. She wished for death, it would be better than going through this.

The door to her room opened again and she got scared.

‘Not again' she thought.

A young lady, about her age walked in. She was wearing a maid uniform and had a tray with her, containing a dress and shoes.

“You're awake. That's nice. Here are your clothes, take your bath,put them on and come to the kitchen” she said hurriedly. The girl was pretty and slim, but had a dark birthmark on the right side of her nose.

“Kitchen?” Ariel managed to talk but her voice wasn't audible because she had screamed it away.

“Aren't you hungry? I'm sure you are after what you just went through” the girl answered. She wasn't even looking at Ariel.

“Okay” Ariel nodded. She wasn't even in the mood of making any friends here. She just wanted to die and that's all.

“The kitchen is on the ground floor, you'll see it once you come down the stairs, I'm sure you won't miss it” the girl answered. Her name was Sally, one of the high ranking maids in the mansion.

She left Ariel who took the clothes and stared at them. It was a blue gown, it didn't look like Sally's uniform. It was specifically for her.

Ariel went into the bathroom and took her bath, then she wore the clothes and put on the flat shoe before leaving her room. She followed the directions Sally gave her and arrived at the kitchen.

It wasn't an ordinary kitchen, it looked like an entirely new world in there. Five different dining tables, each with their own cabinets and gas stands. Some maids saw Ariel coming in and they started whispering.

“There she is, the new mistress” one said.

“Oh she's so pretty, I hope she does not die miserable like the previous one” another one said.

“She's already getting there. Didn't you hear her screams a few hours ago? Master isn't going easy on her” the third maid said.

“I wish I'm her” the first one said and the other two glared at her.

“Why?” They asked.

“I would give anything to be f*cked by master” she answered dreamily.

“You're sick in the head” one of them said to her and they continued their duties.

“Ariel” Sally waved at her and she went over to meet her.

“Here's your food, please help yourself. Once you're done eating, get back to your room, master must not see you outside. I'm just following orders from the second master” Sally explained.

“Who's that?” Ariel asked, already munching on the chicken wings and sauce. She would eat macaroni immediately after.

“Master Xander” Sally answered with a smile. She had a crush on Xander and would do anything for him. The only problem was, Xander never looked at her the way she wanted him to. He only saw her as a nice girl.

“Thank you” Ariel answered and continued eating.

Once she was done, she wiped her mouth and started going back to her room immediately. On her way up the stairs, she bumped into someone and they both staggered backwards.

Ariel looked up to see the person that she had bumped into but before she could say a word, a resounding slap landed on her face.

“Are you blind!? You miserable slave!!” Laura lashed out with her fiery eyes almost piercing Ariel's skin. Ariel held her cheek in pain.

“I'm sorry” she muttered.

“You're a fool! A good for nothing and I'll make sure you get punished for this!” Laura continued to scream at her. Ariel fell at her feet and begged her not to report to the master but Laura was not going to listen to her pleas.

“At my feet, that's where a slave like you belong” Laura smirked and kicked her stomach. Ariel fell down whimpering.


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