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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 40

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 40



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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Chapter Forty.


Sally and the technician were inside the van, trying their best to track Ariel's location. They have been unsuccessful for the past few hours, and Sally was getting frustrated. She desperately wanted to find Ariel, she couldn't bear losing her as well, after losing Xander.

“I got it!” The technician screamed.

“What?” Sally asked.

“Ariel's location! She's in the woods and she's moving fast. I also got Miguel's location, he's close to her” the technician explained, pointing to the red and blue dots on the counter screen. Sally smiled widely and quickly picked up her phone.

“Hello? Miguel?” She called. She decided to forget the fact that Miguel killed Xander and help him find Ariel first. After that, she can continue seething.

“Yes Sally. Any news?” Miguel asked.

“Good news. She's in the woods, close to your location. Please find her soon because the signal is not strong here and we might lose her” Sally explained.

“Thank you Sally!” He said and hung up.

Sally decided to go to the woods as well with a bunch of Miguel's men.

Miguel ran as quickly as he could, into the woods, calling out Ariel's name. Ariel heard him calling and decided to hide inside one of the cave openings until he passed. She held Alina to her chest and pleaded with the baby not to cry but Alina had other plans.

“Ariel! Ariel!” Miguel called, standing in the middle of the woods with his hands sitting on his waist. Unknown to him, Ariel was right there, hiding.

“Ariel! If you can hear me, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me and come out. I know I messed up, all I'm asking for is a second chance! Please Ariel!” He yelled and remained quiet for a few minutes before he continued walking. Ariel was relieved when he left. She decided to stay there for sometime until she was sure that Miguel had gone far enough.

Her plan failed when Alina burst out crying all of a sudden.

“No, no, no.. shhh” she hushed her but that did not work.

“Alina?” Miguel turned as soon as he heard the cry. Ariel took off immediately, in another direction, for a woman that just gave birth, she was running pretty fast. Miguel saw her and quickly ran after her.

“Wait!” He yelled.

“Leave me alone!!” Ariel yelled back, not stopping. She came to a junction and took the left path, Miguel arrived at the same place but took the right path. Unknown to both of them, both paths actually led to the same place, just that the right path was longer.

Ariel stopped running when she didn't hear Miguel anymore. She looked around and sighed, happy that she had lost him. She sat on a rock and panted heavily. Looking up, she saw apples and realized she was under an apple tree.

“I'm hungry” she muttered and picked up stones to throw at the apples. She managed to stone down three apples and ate them all before breastfeeding Alina.

“I told you not to cry, but you did and we almost got caught” she scolded the baby who just smiled at her. She smiled back at the cute little girl.

“Where do we go now? We just have to keep going until we are far enough, then we'll start new lives” she said and shut her eyes to rest a little bit.

When she was done feeding Alina, she got up again and continued her journey. She kept on walking until she discovered that she was walking to an edge of a cliff.

“Dead end” she sighed, she had to go back. As soon as she turned, she saw Miguel standing in front of her. She gasped and clutched her baby.

“Don't hurt my baby” she said and he sighed.

“What makes you think I would hurt my own daughter?” Miguel asked.

“You killed Xander, didn't you? Who would have thought that you would kill your own best friend! Your brother! So how much more us?” Ariel asked, shedding tears already.

“I did not kill him.. I don't remember.. I know.. I did not kill him” he stuttered, still in doubt if he killed him in his drunk state.

“I don't want to hear it! You are a murderer! I will never be with you!” She yelled.

“Ariel.. I know I hurt you, I know if done horrible things that don't deserve forgiveness, but I can't live without you, even you can see that I have changed. I am madly in love with you Ariel, that is why I came all this way to find you, because I don't think I will survive if you leave me too. Xander is gone, I can't lose you too. The pain is too much” he was already shedding tears. Ariel did not believe that she would get to see him cry one day.

“I know I'm a horrible person, but please don't leave me. Don't I deserve a second chance? Why is everyone leaving me? I'm sorry Ariel” he continued to plead. Ariel watched him with tears pouring down her cheeks.

“Consider Alina, do you really want her to grow without her father?” He asked but she scoffed.

“I grew up with a father, but look at me, I am better off an orphan!” She screamed at him.

“I will do anything you want Ariel, please come to me” he said.

“Will you leave the mafia?” She asked and he gasped. Miguel couldn't leave the mafia even he wanted to, it was a complicated web, you can come in but you can't go out. If he dares to leave, other mafia bosses will make sure he is deprived of peace for the rest of his miserable life.

“I can't..” he muttered.

“Then stay away from me and my daughter. Leave us alone! I don't want anything to do with a murderer!” Ariel screamed, stepping backwards, closer to the cliff.

“Why are you causing me so much pain?” He sniffed. “Why is everyone leaving me?”

“Karma is a b*tch” Ariel replied.

“You deserve the pain, now you know how others feel, all those people that you've put through hell all these years, including me!! Now you know how we felt” she continued and he shed even more tears.

“Please Ariel..” he moved closer but she moved back.

“Don't come any closer, if you do, I'll jump down this cliff and end it all. I'm already tired of this world” she threatened.

“No.. please don't do that” he pleaded, stepping back.

“Good, now leave. Leave or I'll jump down!” She shouted and he agreed.

“I'll go, I'll leave you alone but please step away from the cliff, please” he pleaded. She wanted to argue with him again but she slipped and fell backwards, down the cliff, still holding her baby.

“ARIEL!!” Miguel's eyes widened in shock and he ran to the cliff. He found her hanging on to a branch that was sticking out of the cliff, with her other hand holding Alina.

“Ariel! Don't worry, I'm going to get you out of there!” He said but she shook her head.

“The branch is about to break! Just take my baby.. take care of her, please don't introduce her to your dark world, tell her about me” she cried, lifting Alina to Miguel.

“No.. no please” Miguel couldn't control his tears. He tried to reach for Ariel but the branch started to break.

“Take her!!” Ariel screamed. Miguel took the baby and dropped her safely on the floor, then he turned back to Ariel to pull her out.

“Please, take my hand” he said, stretching out his hand to her. She blinked at him with a faint smile. She had already given up.

“Take my hand Ariel.. don't do this to me!” He cried.

“Take care of my daughter” she whispered and immediately, the branch broke and she fell.

“Nooo!!! Ariel!!” He screamed. Alina was crying already, as if she knew what just happened.

“Ariel!! Ariel!!” He collapsed next to the baby who was crying loudly.

“Miguel.. what happened!” Sally arrived.

“She.. she fell. She left me” Miguel answered and closed his eyes.

Short Epilogue..

Sally sent the men to search for Ariel's body but it was nowhere to be found. She took Miguel to the hospital where he was resuscitated. Alina was left in her care and she chose to become a mother figure to her. Miguel never got over the deaths of Ariel and Xander, he became a shadow of himself after that day.


You probably hate Ariel for not forgiving Miguel, but you cannot blame the emotionally and mentally unstable 22 year old. I would have done the same..

Ariel's body was not found.. is she really dead?

Watch out for season 2 and find out what really happened.

❤️😈 THE


Coming soon!

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