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Pregnant For The Devil Episode 6

Pregnant For The Devil Episode 6



Written By; Amara Chy 💋

Genre; Dark Romance and Tragedy.

Tags: Brutal s3x, viol3nce, nud!ty, betrayal, tragedy, love.

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“Wow Laura. To what do I owe this sudden and unexpected visit?” The one eyed man grinned at Laura who walked over and sat on one of the benches. She crossed her legs and sighed.

“It's been a while” she flung her hair.

“It has, and I must say, you're more beautiful than I remember” the man continued to smirk, lusting over her body.

Laura had to find a way to get Miguel's full attention. She wanted to be the only woman who can control him, both his mind and his body. For that to happen, she needed some alone time with him.

“You haven't changed a bit” she chuckled.

“There must be a reason you're here” he stated and she nodded. She stood up and walked slowly over to him, caressing his arm, all the way up to his shoulder and then to his chest.

“I want you to do something for me, something that only you can do” she whispered.

“Which is?”

“Start a commotion, a fake one. I want Miguel to think that his business is in danger and he'll travel to solve it. I don't know how you're gonna do it but I just want it done. I want to get him away from this city for a couple of weeks maybe” Laura explained.

“I know how to get that done my beautiful seductress. But what do I get in return?” He asked, pulling her to himself. He caressed her butt and was about to place his lips on her exposed cleavage but she stopped him by placing a dagger under his chin.

“Don't overstep your boundaries sweetheart. You know I don't give a f*ck and can end you” she whispered and he let her go.

“How are you going to make it happen?” She asked, putting her dagger back in it's place.

“I have a friend in New York, he's a dealer as well. I can ask him to challenge Miguel. Before Miguel will get the chance to fight back, he will realize that he was played” he answered.

“What if he investigates?”

“He won't, when he discovers that it was a false alarm, I know how to handle these things”.

“Alright then. I'll meet you at your place for your reward once the job is done” she said, flashing her smooth thighs at him. She smirked and walked out of the place immediately.

Laura arrived and bumped into Xander on her way to her room. Xander was doing his early morning rounds and met her coming into the house in a hurry.

“Where are you coming from so early in the morning?” He asked.

“Nowhere, mind your business” Laura replied.

“You better speak or I'll tell Miguel that you've been sneaking around behind his back” Xander said but she smirked.

“Oh yeah? Then I'll tell him that I saw you sneaking out of his mistress's room!” Laura yelled out and Xander covered her mouth. He glared at her and she glared back.

“Shut up! You better not say that near Miguel!” He warned.

“And you better stay off my back” she replied rudely and walked away.

Xander was anxious, he knew he was wrong for talking to Ariel but he couldn't stop himself from doing that. He hoped that Laura wouldn't go and open her mouth and tell Miguel everything, then he'd be in trouble.

Ariel was looking out her small window, lost in thought about her life when her door opened. She couldn't lock it from inside, it was an order from Miguel.

She turned and saw Farouk, she became scared immediately, wondering if Miguel was going to inflict more pain on her again.

“Come with me” Farouk instructed.

“Have I done anything wrong?” She asked, walking over to him. Farouk left her question unanswered but instead took her outside where a bunch of maids were waiting.

“Master has ordered for you to make yourself useful while you're here so you're going to follow these maids to the field and harvest” Farouk explained and she nodded sadly.

So it wasn't enough that he tortured her sexually, now he has to make her do hard labour? He was indeed a devil.

They got to the field and started to harvest the plants. Miguel owned a potato chip product company and he made sure that he grew and harvested the potatoes by himself. Then sends it to the processing factory which he also owns.

Farouk was watching over the maids and labourers, from making sure they were working appropriately. Ariel could barely do anything, she was weak and exhausted. Miguel was just cruel for making her work in this manner.

An hour later, Xander came to the field to check on the progress of the work when he saw Ariel working there. He was shocked and wondered why she was there. He distracted Farouk before dragging Ariel away to talk in private, in a secluded place.

“Master, you shouldn't be here, talking to me. If anyone sees us, you and I will be in trouble” Ariel said, looking around to check if anyone was around.

“Calm down, no one is going to find us here. Meanwhile, you shouldn't be working under this scorching sun in your condition, your wounds have barely healed” Xander pointed out, feeling pity as he stared at her open and bleeding wounds.

“I don't have much choice do I? The master is making me do it. I guess my pain brings him joy” Ariel almost cried.

“It's sad” Xander shook his head.

“Sit down for a minute” he said.

“No, no I have to get back to work, if Farouk notices that I'm..” Ariel tried to protest.

“..just sit for a minute, please” Xander insisted, staring at Ariel with the cutest pair of eyes she'd ever seen. She smiled and sat down on a stone. Xander sat in front of her and stared at her wounds.

“Do they hurt a lot?” He asked.

“Yeah, pretty much” she nodded.

“You know, my mom was a nurse before she retired, whenever Miguel and his men were engaged in a shoot out, she used to heal their wounds with medical and unorthodox ways as well” Xander said, standing up.

Ariel watched him as he went deeper into the fields and he came out shortly with some leaves and herbs.

“What are those?” She asked.

“I've seen my mom use these before, I hope it works for you as well” he answered. He mashed the herbs in his palm and squeezed them until the juice came out, then he applied the paste on Ariel's open wounds. It was painful but she endured it until he was done.

“There you go, it'll heal in no time” he smiled.

“But what's the point? Master will still inflict more injuries on me” she sighed.

“I'm sorry that I can't stop that from happening but one thing I'm sure of is that I'll always be here to heal your wounds and comfort you” Xander answered. They were lost in each other's eyes for a moment, before Ariel sprang up.

“Thank you master Xander.. I should get going now” she said.

“Okay, be careful” he said and she ran off to join the others. Thankfully, Farouk didn't notice her absence…or so she thought.


Later that night, after Ariel had taken her bath and was getting ready to go to bed, she was summoned by Miguel again. She met Miguel smoking and he didn't look happy at all.

“You” he turned to her, his intimidating but sexy eyes piercing her soul.

Ariel wondered what she had done wrong.

“I sent you to the fields to go and work, but you went there to lazy around huh?” He asked and her heart skipped a beat.

How did he know?

So Farouk actually noticed her absence? She was beginning to sweat profusely.

“I'm.. I'm..” she struggled to speak.

“So you think you can do whatever you want!? Don't you know your stance here?! You're a mistress! A maid! A slave to use as I please!!” He yelled in her face angrily and she sniffed, already crying. His words hit her in the heart.

“I'm sorry” she muttered.

“Sorry? I don't understand that language” he puffed out smoke and landed her a slap across the cheek. Ariel shrieked and fell on the floor, whimpering.

Xander was standing outside the room, listening to everything. His heart was bleeding, everything was his fault! He was the one who caused this punishment for Ariel, he shouldn't have pulled her aside at the field. He wouldn't stop blaming himself.

Inside the room, Miguel pulled out his whip and began to flog her with so much anger. Ariel scrambled around on the floor, pleading and begging but Miguel didn't care, he loved her screams. He continued to whip her until her wounds broke open again.

Ariel cried in pain, her hatred for the man increasing. Xander who was outside didn't know when he started shedding tears as well.

“F*ck you! Don't disobey my orders ever again!!” Miguel spat at her. Ariel was hurt and angry. She looked up at the devil in front of her and hiccuped in tears.

“You're a monster” she muttered..

Miguel was stunned, he turned and glared at her.

“What did you just say?”


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