Prime Vault Review 2021: Is Prime Vault Legit Or Scam?

Prime Vault Review 2021: Is Prime Vault Legit Or Scam?

Prime Vault Review 2021: Is Prime Vault Legit Or Scam?

Prime Vault Review 2021: Is Prime Vault Legit Or Scam?
Prime Vault Review 2021

Prime Vault review: If you are just hearing about how Prime Vault and you want to know more on how it works then you are at the right place, take a glass of water while you go through this Prime Vault review.

What is Prime Vault?

Prime Vault is a all about promotional services provider, offering services for YouTube views, YouTube Subscribers, and Instagram Followers.

Prime vault is also a task-oriented platform that rewards it registered users for performing the promotional tasks on the site. Registered users earn from tasks performed depending on their Sign-up package.

Is Prime Vault registered with cac

Yes, of course. PrimeVault Digitals is a registered business under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with the Business Number of 3262480

What is Prime Vault investment?

Like I said earlier Prime Vault is a promotional services provider for YouTube views, YouTube Subscribers, and Instagram Followers, Likes, and Views.

How do I get more views in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram followers,

Here is what you have to do, If you are a Youtuber or an Artiste who needs more views on your YouTube Videos or Music video, Prime Vault got you covered be rest assured you can get thousands of views in just one-time promotion.


As an Influencer who needs more Instagram Followers, or a Model partaking in an Instagram contest and you need Likes or Views to win, be rest assured prime vault got you.

Prime vault has proven itself when it comes to promotional service, they keep smashing records over and over again. Click here to send me a DM on WhatsApp to place a promotional advert on Prime Valut.

Prime Vault is it a Stream of Income

Primevault is also a stream of Income by allowing registered users to earn by performing the promotional advert on the site in a task-oriented way.

Registered users earn from tasks performed depending on their Sign-up package, all Prime Vault membership Packages are valid for 30days after which a member will need to resubscribe to continue earning.

These are the list of packages and how much you earn on from them

Package of Prime Vault

This are many packs of Prime Vault investment, it pay but the higher package you register the higher income you have to gain.

Registration fee: N3,000
Daily Login Bonus: N50
Task Earning: N183
Total Return 30days – N7,000
Referral bonus: N1,000

Registration fee: N5,000
Daily Login Bonus: N100
Task Earning: N266
Total Return 30days – N11,000
Referral bonus: N1,200

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Registration fee: N10,000
Daily Login Bonus: N200
Task Earning: N366
Total Return 30days – N17,000
Referral bonus: N2,000

Registration fee: N20,000
Daily Login Bonus: N400
Task Earning: N666
Total Return 30days – N32,000
Referral bonus: N3,000

Registration fee: N50,000
Daily Login Bonus: N500
Task Earning: N2,000
Total Return 30days – N75,000
Referral bonus: N5,000

Registration fee: N150,000
Daily Login Bonus: N3000
Task Earning: N8,000
Total Return 30days – N240,000
Referral bonus: N7,000

How to Withdraw Prime Vault?

To withdraw on Prime Vault, There is a 5k threshold for withdrawal, Your subscription ends in 30 days. After each subscription you renew your current package or go higher.

As an only task earner, I don’t recommend you withdraw when you get to the 5k threshold. Prime Vault only allows Task earners to withdraw once a month, so if a task earned withdraw part of his earnings he/she won’t be able to withdraw again until the next month and would have to resubscribe again to do that.

So my advice to those who just want to earn from the task orientation alone, please wait until the subscription expires before withdrawing.

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Those who leverage the referral aspect of it can withdraw anytime no limit of time to withdraw but they must reach the 5k threshold too.

How to Register for Prime Vault?

After understanding how Prime Vault works, choose your preferred package to signup for, then click hereΒ to DM me on WhatsApp to purchase your activation coupon code for your registration, it’s that simple.

Is Prime Vault A Legit?

As I have mentioned and you have read, Prime Vault is a registered business and 100% sustainable platform that runs on a real business, which is the promotional service they offer, Prime Vault pays registered users base on the task they perform on the site and for referring others to the site.

So YES Prime Vault is Legit 100%

Click here to DM on WhatsApp for your registration

If you need anything else from comments on the comments section so we can help you

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