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Dinner by Vanessa.🔞🔞🔞🔞🔞
A One-Time Read.
A dirty s3x story😋😋
Rated 18+🔞 🔞 🔞
Ever since my marriage fell apart, and my bitch of an ex-wife left me for some hunky personal trainer, I’ve been a little short-tempered.
You see, we had built a home together and raised a beautiful daughter, Jess, who I love more than anything else in the world. We had a gorgeous house in the suburbs, complete with a swimming pool and a large garden with a playground for Jess to entertain herself.
I couldn’t have asked for a better home to start a family.
So when the aforementioned whore decided to destroy our family, my spirits were crushed and I started to lash out on everyone around me.
My secretary at the office was the first to feel my wrath, as I blamed her for every little thing that went wrong, whether it was her fault or not. She was forgiving, though, and ignored my raging temper.
Then, I started to shout at people while I was driving, frequently cursing other motorists and swerving erratically so I could make obscene hand gestures at them. I never lashed out at my daughter, I should add.
No, she was the one thing that gave me joy in those dark times.
A few months after the divorce proceedings, my wife’s ridiculous relationship with her new boyfriend imploded on itself and she came crawling back. I was having none of it, and made sure she stayed away.
Of course, with the bitch out of the picture I needed some help to look after Jess whenever I worked late or had to attend meetings at weekends.
Luckily, I managed to find a perfect babysitter whose situation suited all of my needs.
She was free to work practically every evening and was able to pick up Jess from school, take her home, feed her and put her to bed before I even got back.
It was an ideal arrangement, not just because of her seemingly constant availability, but because she was absolutely smoking hot.
When I interviewed her for the position, I had to keep pulling my eyes away from her chest. Her juicy, round br-e-@sts were pressed up against the fabric of her shirt, and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t wearing a bra as I could see two prominent bumps at nip**le height.
Her name was Sophie, and her cute smile and flowing dark hair instantly made the blood rush to my c*ck. I hired her on the spot, and ever since that day I revelled in the sight of her perky ass whenever I returned home.
I could hardly believe my luck – she was stunning, she also got on very well with Jess and seemed to be totally professional in her duties.
However, my opinion of her changed somewhat when I discovered a truth about her that sent me into rage.
It all happened one day when I was supposed to be working late. I had arranged for her to pick up Jess as usual and I was set to return home around 10pm that night.
Sophie was totally obliging and supportive, and so the evening seemed to be set. As it turned out I finished work an hour earlier than I’d expected as the person I was supposed to be having a video conference call with didn’t show up.
So, I headed home in a somewhat disgruntled and annoyed state. I pulled up at the front of the house, got out of the car and walked up to the door.
My bedroom light seemed to be turned on, which was strange as I always made sure to turn lights off whenever I left a room – my OCD-like behaviour was one of the things my ex-wife hated the most about me. I thought nothing of it and continued up the garden path to the front door.
As I walked inside I looked in to the living room and then the kitchen. There was no sign of Sophie or Jess, so I assumed that she was busy putting my daughter to bed.
I walked around on my tip-toes for a while, removing my jacket while I got a drink of water from the tap. Finally I decided to go up and get changed, so I snuck up the stairs. Jess’s bedroom door was slightly ajar, but her light was turned off.
I thought maybe the lamp should have been on if Sophie was in there. I looked at my bedroom door and again saw the light was turned on. I made my way to the door and pushed it open gently as the suspicion flooded my mind.
I peered inside and saw Sophie’s ass wiggling around at me as she bent underneath the bed.
She was rooting around for something, and when I saw her bag next to her with a small candle-stick holder poking out, I realised she was stealing things from my room.
I was horrified that I had let such a criminal into my house and left her alone with my precious daughter.
However, the sight of her ass moving around turned my anger into something else. Within a matter of seconds I could feel my c*ck getting harder.
She hadn’t noticed I was back yet, as her head was well and truly under the bed as she searched for items to plunder. I watched for a few seconds as the rage built inside me, and then stepped inside, closing the door shut as quietly as I could.
I crouched behind her and watched for a moment, contemplating the best course of action. The blood was rushing out of my brain to my c*ck, though, so there was only really one thing on my mind. I knew exactly how to punish her.
”What the f**k do you think you’re doing?”
I said in a stern voice. She froze and then shuddered as she realised she had been caught. It must have been a massive shock to her system, as she didn’t say a word for what seemed like an eternity.
I repeated myself, and then grabbed her feet and dragged her out from under the bed. She tried to claw the carpet to stop me but I was far too strong.
As her head appeared from under the bed, she looked up at me with pleading eyes, no doubt presuming she could buy her way out of the situation with a suggestive wink and a squeeze of her bre-@sts.
Such leniency was most definitely not on the table, though. I grabbed her arms and pulled her up to her feet, and then turned her around and forced her up against the bed.
“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!“ she kept repeating, but I wasn’t listening.
“You think you can steal from me?” I scowled, pushing her back down on to the bed as she tried to stand up again. Her ass stuck out as she bent over the side of the bed and I continued “I’ll teach you not to steal from me!”
“What are you going to do with me?” she pleaded, but as she looked back she already knew what I had in mind for her.
I kept her chest firmly pressed down on the duvet and raised my hand up above her a*s, striking it down with a loud crash.
She yelped in horror as I spanked her a*s, but I kept going, slapping each cheek over and over again. She tried to push herself up, but I just pushed her back down.
She kept resisting, so I grabbed her wrists and yanked them behind her back, holding them in place with one hand while I continued to spank the naughty bitch.
She winced and groaned with every hit that thrashed across her a*s, but I didn’t feel like she had nearly learned her lesson.
“Are you sorry?” I growled, finding myself getting more and more turned on by her whimpering. Her screams to be let go almost sounded s3-xual in nature, as if the spanking was turning her on more than it was hurting her.
“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she cried, repeating it after every strike that landed over her a*s. My c*ck was rock hard and almost bulging from my trousers.
Then I had a much better thought of how to punish her more effectively. I pulled her back up and stood her at the side of the bed, letting go of her arms as I wrapped mine around her chest, constraining her movement completely.
She wiggled her body to loosen herself from my grasp, but my arms were far too strong. I ran my hands over her stomach, feeling the material of her vest top as I moved higher and higher towards her bre@-sts.
Once again she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her ni**les were poking out firmly through her top. I groped at them and squeezed the warm, fleshy lumps in my fingers as she squirmed around in my arms.
No doubt she could feel my massive, hard c*ck rubbing against her a*s cheeks as I held her breathlessly close. I could smell the shampoo she had used to wash her hair that day, as the warmth of her body rose up from the top of her head.
I was so turned on, I started to pinch her pert nipples and slap the sides of her tits. She cried out loudly, so I placed the palm of my hand over her mouth to silence her, and then moved it down to her neck and squeezed firmly and menacingly at her windpipe.
“Ssshhh!” I whispered as I continued to fondle her tits, digging my fingers into her skin as I enjoyed the feel of her supple mounds.
She could feel my breath on her neck as I leaned in and stared down her cleavage, watching her delicious breasts wobbling around in my fingers.
They truly felt fantastic, and I would have happily stayed there for hours playing with them, had it not been for her constant struggling.
“I’m not done with you yet!” I said as she tried to bolt for the door. I pulled her back, grasping at her waist as I pushed her back down on to the bed.
She squealed for mercy as I climbed on top of her back, and then started to peel her top up over her head. I pulled her arms up and held them above her head while I pulled the vest up and discarded it on the floor.
She lay on the bed with her arms wrapped under her chest, preserving her modesty. I wanted to see those juicy tits, though, so I rolled her on to her back and pulled her arms open to expose them.
They were even more beautiful in the flesh than I had imagined – perfectly round and just enough to fit in my hands. I
held her down and started to fondle them some more, rolling my thumbs around her nipples and pinching them sharply as I pulled them away from her body.
Then I began to slap them from side to side, and as I watched them repeatedly jiggling back into position, my c0ck became almost painfully hard.
She spat in my face, with a small blob of saliva landing on the side of my cheek. I wiped it away carefully and stared gruffly in to her eyes, and then slapped her across the face. She recoiled in horror, turning her head away for a moment before looking back at me.
A tear formed in her eye, but she was clearly excited on a sexual level. She was fighting the urge to shoot me a wry, dirty smile.
I slapped her again, firmer and faster that time and across the other cheek. I slapped her a few more times, making her cheeks red from the impact of my hands. Saliva spilled out over her face, and I let go of her body for a moment while I undid my tie.
She watched me remove it, trembling on the bed and glancing at the door to plan her escape route. She wasn’t going anywhere, though, and I rolled her on to her back again and forced her wrists together.
I wrapped the tie around them, binding her arms securely so I could have some fun. I slowly removed my shirt as I watched her ass shuffling off the edge of the bed, and pressed my foot on to it to keep her from moving any further.
Her ears pricked up when she heard the jangle of my belt buckle as I unfastened it, removing my trousers and boxer shorts to free the enormous, throbbing c*ck within.
With all of my clothes nestled in a small heap on the carpet, I crouched behind her and started to feel her ass through her tight jeans, smelling the crack and running my fingers in between her legs as she moaned lightly.
I couldn’t wait to see her bare ass, so I reached underneath her waist and unzipped the denim flaps, before yanking the jeans down her legs to reveal her s3xy little thong.
I pulled the jeans away, turning them inside out as they gripped to her legs. She remained huddled over the bed, and I leaned in and felt the warm skin as I pressed my lips up to her ass cheeks.
I gripped the sides of her thong and peeled it down her legs, allowing it to rest around her knees while I moved back up to play with her ass some more.
She was still making the occasional move to get away, and each time she bolted I lashed a fresh smack over her now bare @ss cheeks. Red hand marks started to form on the soft, delicate skin as I peeled them apart; exposing her tight little an*s and her dripping wet labia below.
There was no doubt in my mind that she was gagging for it. I buried my face between her legs and began to lick passionately around her p*ssy, lapping up her juices as she groaned with pleasure.
I continued to spank her, and every time I cracked my hands over her a*s, she let out a fresh painful shriek.
As I ate her out, I moved my hand up and started to massage her cl*toris with my fingers, rubbing her flowing juices all over it as I flicked my tongue over her pulsating vulva.
I moved up and began to lick at her a*s hole, prodding my tense tongue around the incredibly soft puckering rim.
I lapped up and down her crack, pulling her cheeks as far apart as they would stretch and causing her anus to open up slightly. I spanked her again, even harder and she whimpered pathetically.
Then I had a fantastic idea.
I untangled my belt from the waist of my trousers and looped it around.
She looked back and gulped, bracing herself for what she knew was to come. I pressed her firmly down on to the bed, pushing her arms even tighter against her back, and then I thrashed her ass with the belt.
A thunderous crack sounded out and echoed off the walls as she squealed in agony. I didn’t wait for the pain to subside, and immediately lashed her again and again.
Her ass was red raw and started to turn purple as faint blotches of bruising appeared. I moved down and smacked it over the backs of her thighs, each impact sending a fresh set of ripples rolling over her flesh.
“Are you sorry? I don’t believe you!” I kept stating, not letting her answer. She could barely speak through her agonised groans, but her pu**y was wetter than ever.
I dropped the belt on the floor and positioned myself behind her a*s. As the pain subsided, she started to sigh with relief.
I pushed the head of my c*ck up to her pu**y lips, rolling it up and down between them before plunging my rigid girth deep inside her. She gasped and strained her neck out in front of her as she let out a loud, ecstatic m*an.
I started to thrust it in and out of her pu**y, slowly at first as I coated it in her pu**y juices, and then faster and harder as I became better lubricated. Her labia stretched around it nicely, contorting sideways as my p*nis passed through them.
As I fvcked her I continued to spank her a*s, causing her to yelp in between her breathless panting. The sight of her arms bound behind her back had transformed me in to a wanton s£-x beast, and I didn’t care about anything other than fvcking her as hard as I could.
Every single other thought and consideration in my life was second to brutalising her and obliterating her pu**y right there and then.
I pounded her as hard as I could, still bending her over the side of the bed. Her head rocked back and forth on the duvet helplessly under the force of my powerful thrusts, and she had given up trying to get away.
She had become completely obedient and was accepting her punishment gracefully. I quickly tired of fvcking her from behind though, and I desperately wanted to play with those glorious t*ts some more, so I flipped her over on to her back again.
She grimaced as her weight shifted, trapping her arms underneath her body. There wasn’t time to untie her, though.
She would just have to get used it. I grabbed her throat and squeezed, choking her for a moment as I kissed her lips, stroking her tongue with mine and smelling her sweet candy breath.
My c0ck was throbbing like crazy, so I pushed it back inside her pv**y once again and instantly began to f*ck her vigorously as she bounced up and down on the spring mattress.
The springs in the bed were creaking like crazy under the weight of our bodies. I grabbed her legs and placed them flat against my chest with her ankles behind my ears, and watched my c0ck sliding deep inside her over and over again while her amazing sweet tits bounced around atop her chest.
I pressed her legs forward and reached down to slap her br€asts again, and she screwed up her face with every strike that landed across her soft skin.
The sound of my skin slapping against hers was almost as loud as the spanking I had given her earlier. We were both sweating and writhing together as I pushed her further onto the bed with each thrust.
My c0ck was buried entirely within her pu**y, penetrating her all the way down to my balls as she groaned in uncontrollable pleasure. I doubt she had ever received such a strenuous fvcking, but she was loving every second of it.
I spread her legs wide open and leaned down to kiss her neck passionately, smelling the hair under her ears as my moist lips pressed up to her skin.
The sound of her panting in to my ear just turned me on even more, and after a minute or so I could hear the unmistakeable noise of an impending orgasm. She wheezed and cried out in ecstasy as her hips began to tremble, and then all of a sudden the extreme pleasure took hold of her and her eyes rolled into the back of her skull.
I continued to pound her even harder, relentlessly f*cking her wet pv**y as she squirmed with gratification on the bed. It was only when she came down from her breathless climax that I remembered I was supposed to be punishing her.
She went limp on the duvet and tried to catch her breath while I pressed her thighs up to her chest, exposing her insanely tight little a*s hole.
I didn’t want to have to keep struggling with her, so I took the belt and quickly wrapped around her legs, fastening it just under her knees and binding them up to her chest. She hadn’t even noticed what I was doing as she was still coping with the aftershocks of her intense climax.
I crouched in front of her @ss again and pushed her cheeks slightly further open – they were already well parted by the position of her legs.
Her v@–gi–nal muscles were still contracting and causing her labia to pucker up as I leaned in. I stretched out my tongue and licked over her an*s once again, tasting the pu**y juices as they flowed from her vulva and down through her a*s crack.
Her cheeks were still red raw and burning with pain, but I continued to lightly spank them as I licked around her a** hole, prodding my tongue against her rim for a little while.
I ran my finger around her pu**y lips, lubricating it in her juices before pushing it through her sphincter. She tensed up as she finally realised what I was doing, and started to grimace and moan anxiously. I slid my finger inside her a-s hole and pulled it out repeatedly, watching as her hole enclosed around it.
I stood up between her legs and rubbed the head of my c*ck around her quivering, wet vulva for a moment, coating it in a mixture of spit and her juices as I had done with my finger. I pushed my d**k up to her a** hole and started to nudge it gently through the small opening.
Her rim stretched around my c0-ck as I pushed it through, expanding the soft ripples of her an*s to a smooth, gaping hole. The juices and saliva squelched out around the sides of my c*ck under the intense pressure of her tight an*s as I started to thrust it in to her rectum, tunnelling my way deeper and deeper inside.
With each insertion I was able to gain an extra quarter of an inch and after a minute or so of gruelling ass f**king I was burying my c0–ck balls-deep in her colon.
She started to scream loudly with each thrust that I slammed in to her ass, so I slapped her ass again. She continued to groan noisily despite my defiant slapping, giving me no option but to silence her.
I reached down to the floor and picked up her thong, rolling it in to a tight ball as I jammed it between her jaws. She tried to clamp them together, but I squeezed firmly at her cheeks to pry them open and wedged the screwed up knickers between her teeth, holding my hand over her mouth and pressing her head back down to the bed as I continued to destroy her ass hole.
I heard her trying to squeal in pain as my c**k slid in and out of her an*s, but the sound was nicely muffled by my makeshift gag.
I knew the ultra-tight young ass hole was going to make me cum soon, so I f**ked her even harder and a few moments later I felt a great swell inside my balls.
I moaned and stretched my neck, and she could see the veins protruding from the skin on my neck as I started to pump my hot, milky semen deep in to her a*s hole.
The org@sm seemed to last for hours and the cum shot out of my c*ck endlessly, oozing out between the sides of my shaft and the walls of her rectum.
I removed my p*nis from her a** and watched the thick, white fluid seeping out of her a**hole. It was too hot of a moment not to get at least a souvenir, so I picked up my phone and took a few pictures of her hot, naked body and her obliterated pu**y and as*s hole.
“So, have you learned your lesson?” I asked, leaning over her exhausted body as I unstrapped the belt and freed her arms from behind her back.
Her skin was marked with red lines from the various spankings and the force of being tied up so tightly. She laughed and said “I’ll have to steal from you again as i enjoyed the punishment”
“Good. So, same time tomorrow?” I said, helping her to stand up from the bed. Her legs were like jelly and barely supported her weight as she rose to her feet.
“Yes sir.” she said in a subdued but slightly naughty fashion. She tried to hide her smile as she reached for her clothes, but I caught it regardless.
I was worried that I had lost a great babysitter, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.
Not only did I retain her as a babysitter, I gained her as a slave and that first encounter was just the tip of the iceberg.
It’s dirty and kinky and even made you cringe a few things🤗🤗but you enjoyed it😋
Admit it🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️
More dinners on the way for other nights to come🔥🔥🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

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