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Racksterli online platform Review: WARNING! Before Register a Racksterli account

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Racksterli investment is a company that claim to paid users to perform a certain task in there platform

From their official website racksterli about page in Facebook “The program is one which rewards users for delivering on certain tasks the company allots.”




 1,185 total views,  13 views today

Hello guys, Las las Naijalanded official website will be making Racksterli income General review; Is Racsterli investment legit or a scam..

This is a completely detailed all review about racksterli online investment platform with some payment PROOF and proper procedure of Racksterli income

well before we proceed racksterli is completely different from racsterly. Racksterly operates last year while racksterli is the one going on now however, people are using it interchangeably. We will answer both the previously frequently asked questions and this current one.

We will like to address some questions and likely asked questions people do ask and full detailed answers:

We Believe that all this below questions are the one we are going to explain.

Racksterly investment;
is racksterli registered with cac ;
when did racksterli start ;
how does racksterly works ;
racksterli payment proof
racksterli plans or packages ;
racksterli referral bonus ;
how to get coupon code for racksterli ;
coupon code for racksterli ;
racksterli sign up ;
racksterli office in nigeria ;
racksterli ceo ;
who owns racksterli ;
owner of racksterli ;
racksterli website ;
Racksterli login ;
racksterli review ;
racksterli app ;
how to withdraw on racksterli ;

Davido Talk About Racksterli ;
is racksterli legit ;

Let start from now

What is Racksterli investment Is All About

Racksterli investment is a company that claim to paid users to perform a certain task in there platform

From their official website racksterli about page in Facebook “The program is one which rewards users for delivering on certain tasks the company allots.”


You can also watch the video on the list of racksterli packages

Below are the list of all racksterli packages and activity earnings which you can choose from.

  • 1. Standard package – 14000 to earn 21,660 in 30 days
  • 2. Premium package – 28000 to earn 44,460 in 30 days
  • 3. Platinum package – 56000 to earn 88,920 in 30 days
  • 4. Gold package – 112000 to earn 177,840 in 30 days
  • 5. Diamond package – 280000 to earn 444,600 in 30 days
  • 6. Ruby package – 560,000 to earn 848,388 in 30 days
  • 7. Emerald package – 1,120,000 to earn 1,690,000 in 30 days.
  • 8. Pearl package – 2,800,000 to earn 4,177,340 in 30 days.
  • 9. Jasper package – 5,000,000 to earn 7,379,600 in 30 days.

But basically, we can say racksterli is a crowdsourcing investment company and share certain profits made from their investment to their subscribed users base on their packages.

Is racksterli registered with cac

Racksterli operate under the umbrella of BLACKGOLD FITNESS by Michael Oti Chidiebere


Kindly confirm the screenshot below

racksterli register with cac blackgold

When Did Racksterli Start?


That is when the domain racksterli was created

Dtae racksterli started

Let quickly talk about how racksterli works before i show you some awesome payment proofs

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How Does Racksterly Work

Racksterli is a very simple way everybody can easily make money online

Requirement To Join Racksterli

You just need an android phone, internet access, and your Facebook account

Am sure most Facebook account and you are using to read this review right now is okay for you

For you to be reading this that means you have access to the internet

That simply means you are good to go

This is how it works

Register for a plan, Am going to take you through the registration process soon in this articles, or just contact UsefulTunde here MoneyMakingCrew official to help you with that

After registration then start sharing one post per day then you keep earning money base on your plan

Then at the end of 30 days, you withdraw your money including your gain

It’s that simple

Letter this review we will detailed how it works and the plans …

Only if you wish to refer then you also earn per person you refer…

Simple step,

lot and lot of people have earn thousand and millions with that simple 3 steps ..

Let me show you the payment proof from racksterli (CEO BlackGOLD ‘Michael Oti Chidiebere )


Racksterli Payment Proof

Racksterli has paid thousand of its users thousand and millions of naira since when it started and still pay till date

racksterli payment proof

Now let talk about racksterli packages or plans then we go through the registration procedure

Racksterli Plans Or Packages

Racksterli started with7 packages/plans showed below but presently they added 2 more plans making 9 plans

racksterli packages

Racksterli Plans/Packages

  • STANDARD PACKAGE: You registered with 14,000 naira and earn 722 naira daily ($1.9) and you earn 21,600 at the end of the 30days
  • PREMIUM PACKAGE: You registered with 28,000 and earn 1,482 daily ($3.9) which gives you 44,460 at the end of 30 days
  • PLATINUM PACKAGE: You will register with 56,000 , you earn 2,964 daily ($7.8) and at the end of 30days you get 88,920 naira
  • GOLD PACKAGE: You will register with 112,000 naira and earn 5,928 daily ($15.6) which will give you 177,840 at the end of 30 days
  • DIAMOND PACKAGE: You will register with 280,000 naira, earn 14,820 daily ($39) then withdraw 444,600 in 30 days
  • RYBY PLAN: You will register with 560,000 naira and earn 28,279 daily ($74.42) and earn 848,370 at the end of 30 days
  • EMERALD PACKAGE: You will register with 1,120,000 naira and earn 56,335 daily ($148.25) and in 30 days you earn 1,690,050

Then additional 2 plans called Pearl package, you will register with 2.8Million and also the last one presently called the Jasper package which the registration fee is 5Million

You can start with any plan it’s worth it.

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Racksterli Referral Bonus

Racksterli referral bonus is optional

You don’t need to refer people to withdraw or earn on racksterli , you can just earn more by referring others

Base on the package you subscribe for you will earn a referral bonus per person you refer has narrated below

  • Standard Plan: $3 referral commission.
  • Premium Plan: t $8 referral commission.
  • Gold plan: $11.85 referral commission.
  • Diamond Plan: $13.16 referral commission.
  • Ruby Plan: $15.7 referral commission.
  • Emerald Plan: $18.4 referral commission.

Racksterli Extra Bonuses

There are still some extra bonuses you earn apart from the above referral bonuses when you refer people…

When you refer ;

  • 10 people, you get an extra $25.
  • 25 people, you get an extra $100.
  • 100 people, you get an extra $400.
  • 200 people, you get an extra $1000 (on the diamond package).

Note 1: When you refer 50 people on the premium plan and above you get a free premium subscription for the next month

Note 2: When you referrals 100 people within a month on the Ruby package you will get an extra $450 added to his activity earnings.

Note 3: When you referrals 100 within a month on the Emerald package, you get an extra $500 added to your activity earnings.

Final Notice on racksterli Extra bonuses: All those bonuses are only available to premium members and above through those bonuses won’t stop you from getting the regular referral bonuses.

Now we are getting there, how to get racksterli coupon code for registration…

How To Get Coupon Code For Racksterli

Racksterli did not use any payment gateway for registration

If you have gotten your coupon you can jump to how to sign up to racksterli here

Or just click this link and click sign up to sign up

This will prevent to have an issue with payments not going or money hang

For you to register to racksterli you need to buy a coupon code base on the plan ou want to subscribe for

You can contact our official ‘UsefulTunde’ on WhatsApp below(Note read everything about racksterli here and once you are ready to register just contact her on WhatsApp here )

She can get the coupon for you and do all registration for you but its very simple to register just follow the step below get the coupon code and register yourself

or just contact this top 6 racksterli coupon vendor from racksterli official website

Kindly note that you need to register with moneymakingcrew referral link so as to get help on any issue you encounter in the long run

use this link to register after getting the coupon code register on racksterli here

Racksterli Coupon code seller

After getting your coupon now let register …

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Racksterli Sign Up ( How To Register )

There are 5 simple steps to register on racksterli

You need to get a coupon code first before signing up Read How To get coupon code here but if you have gotten you can proceed

Or You can contact our official ‘UsefulTunde’ on whatsapp below(Note read everything about racksterli here and once you are ready to register just contact her on WhatsApp here )

She can get the coupon for you and do all registration for you but its very simple to register just follow the step below you can register yourself

Step 1: Click this link to register to racsterli official website

Then click register as shown below and stroll down

racksterli sign up

Step 2: Fill in the First Name, Last Name, Username, Password, Email, Phone number, Choose a package, input coupon code, and make sure the referred is Usefultunde then check the box.

Make sure all info is correctly filled

and also make sure you register through the link so as to see referred by usefultunde there

Check how the page will look like below

racksterli registration

Step3 :

Add your bank details correctly

Then the final step share the post of the day and earn

This is how the racksterli dashboard looks like shown below

racksterli dashboard

Racksterli is currently reliable and should in case you have any issue you can contact our team if you registered with our referral link or check their contact page on the official website…

But do they have an office in Nigeria?

Racksterli office in Nigeria

Racksterli is owned by BLACKGOLD and BlackGold Fitness is a registered company registered under CAC

You can find the address bellow

From official racksterli website ‘Contact Us Page’ Showned below

racksterlioffice in Nigeria

But if you need to visit racksterli one on one you can go to 30, Alexandra Drive Silver Point Estate Ajah Lagos-27 which is the BLACKGOLD FITNESS ADDRESS

Racksterli CEO

Racksterli ceo is BlacklGold , Michael Oti Chidiebere deals with ;


racksterli ceo

Racksterli Login , Official Website

RacksterliOfficialwebsite is

And you can easily login after register here

Racksterli App

For now, racksterli app only available google play store Download here

How To Withdraw On Racksterli

Its very simple to withdraw from Racksterli

After 30days of registration, you can easily withdraw your money with profit

Since you would have added your bank account while registering

Just click withdraw in the dashboard you will receive your earnings in less than 24hrs

Is Racksterli Legit

Racksterli is legit and paying as at this write-up

Check out Video Davido advertising racksterli below

Davido Racksterli

They are various payment proof so racksterli is legit and paying right now

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