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Ravetok.com Review: Is Ravetok.com Legit or Scam (All You Need To Know)


2nd December 2023

Ravetok.com Review (Is Ravetok.com Legit, working, real, fake, crashed, paying, Genuine or Scam). Find out all you need to know about Ravetok.com in this Review.

Welcome Guys to Naijalanded review. I guess landed on this page while searching for the keyword “
Ravetok.com Review: and wanted to know if
is Legit or scam platform then, you are at the right place.

I believe that by the time you are done reading this review, you’ll be able to conclude if
is Legit or scam platform.

In today’s review, I’ll be looking at this Online earning platform known as “
” that claims to be an alternative income stream for its registered members.

In this Ravetok.com Review, the following sub-topics will be discussed; “Is Ravetok.com Legit, is Ravetok.com scam, Ravetok.com Registration/signup, Ravetok.com login/signin, how does Ravetok.com works, Ravetok.com Referral Commission, who is the Founder/CEO of Ravetok.com, is Ravetok.com paying, Ravetok.com investment, and many more about Ravetok.com will be discussed in this Ravetok.com Review.

Now, let’s get started.

What is Ravetok.com?

Ravetok Review:

Ravetok.com is a turnover system that cushions the impact and effects of a down turned economy. (A down turned economy is one where members of the economy expel a lot of Manpower but in exchange are paid peanuts).

According to the platform,
“Ravetok provides an alternative income stream for members of the system and gives one the freedom to earn at ease by taking part in the activities of the financial mechanism from the comfort of any location in the world while the user gets paid in Conventional currency or to crypto currency wallets in USDT $

Ravetok.com is a similar platform to Africgold and Bittalat. According to research, these platforms are owned by the same firm.

How Does Ravetok.com Works?

To Participating in the earning options Ravetok.com offers, you will have to be a registered member. To Register with Ravetok.com, you’ll be required to purchase a membership pin to subscribe to any of your preferred packages from any of their verified pin vendor, Register and start earning from the platform.

Earning of Ravetok.com solely depends on the package you subscribe to, which definitely means the higher the package you subscribe to, the higher your earning and commission will be.

You can also earn on Ravetok.com through their referral/affiliate program. Ravetok.com rewards you when you refer/invite anyone to join the platform using your referral link.

The amount you earn on the referral/affiliate program depends on the package you subscribe to.

Ravetok.com Registration/Signup

To Register on Ravetok.com follow the given steps below;

  1. Visit

  2. Contact a membership pin vendor/dispatcher to purchase your membership pin
  3. Click on “REGISTER”
  4. Input the required information and Purchased code
  5. Click on “SUBMIT NOW” to get started.

Ravetok.com Login/Signin

To signin/login to your Ravetok.com account, the following is required

  1. Enter your username and password
  2. Then click on “SUBMIT” to access your Ravetok.com account

Ravetok.com Investment Packages

The following packages are available on Ravetok.com which you can subscribe to any of your preferred package.

Pulse Package

  • Reg Fee ₦4,000
  • Referral earning — ₦1,800
  • Level 2 commission — ₦150
  • Mining earning: ₦120
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Airdrop earning: ₦400(The affliate airdrop earning is credited after you share your airdrop ads to your social media timeline) facebook

Switch Package

  • Reg Fee ₦6,000
  • Referral Earning — ₦2,800
  • Level 2 Commission — ₦300
  • Mining Earning: ₦220
  • Duration: 2hrs
  • Airdrop Earning: ₦700

Magnum Package

  • Reg Fee ₦12,000 (Twelve Thousand Naira).
  • Referral Earning — ₦5,950
  • Level 2 Commission — ₦500
  • Mining Earning: ₦2,800
  • Duration: 24hrs
  • Airdrop Earning: ₦1,000

Ravetok.com withdrawal

You are eligible to make withdrawal on Ravetok.com you’ve reached the minimum withdrawal threshold.

Is Ravetok.com paying?

Not yet, no proof of payment has been recorded yet on this platform at the time of publishing this article.

Who is the founder/CEO of Ravetok.com?

According to research, Ravetok, Africgold and Bittalat are owned by the same person.

Ravetok.com contact Details

According to the platform, they claim to have their office located at Ben Udo Street, Off Nwaniba Road, Uyo Akwa Ibom State.

Is Ravetok.com Legit?

Ravetok.com cannot be tagged a legit platform at the moment because, the platform was recently launched which no much activities have been carried on their platform and no proof of payment has been recorded yet on the platform.

Is Ravetok.com scam?

Determining if Ravetok.com is a scam at the moment can’t be ascertained but with time will we definitely get to know if Ravetok is a scam platform or not.

All I will advise anyone reading this article is please while investing on this platform, make sure you invest wisely.

Nevertheless, life is all about taking risk, you can take the risk by giving Ravetok.com a try. Make sure you invest what you can afford to lose incase of any misfortune.


Thank you for stopping by to read this
Ravetok.com Review: Is Ravetok.com Legit or Scam
. I hope by now you should have taken your decision on whether to join Ravetok.com or not.

If you think Ravetok.com is legit or Scam, you can also share your personal experience about Ravetok.com with us in the comment section below.

Hopefully you find this Article helpful ☺️🙂

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