Rude Mr Popular Episode 16

Rude Mr Popular ( I fell for him).
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 16
Beautiful moment
Shayne POV
I watched my beautiful wife laughing with her friend.
I was really speechless when I saw her climbed down the stairs and I just stared at her
She was the only one on my mind when I collected most of the award and I happily dedicated two of the awards to her
I caught lot of men staring at her without her even noticing and I glared at them
She is my wife, no one had the right to stare..
We soon moved to the reception and I smiled as I watched her eat the food with excitement
“She really loves food a lot”. I chuckled
Most of the celebrities came over to the table to greet me ..
And I was really surprised when the bitch came over, I lost my control and screamed at her
I felt Sofia eyes on me and I know i owe her an explanation
I went over with my manager to say hello to the sponsors of the award night
” who was that lady”. My manager suddenly asked
” someone I screwed before”. I replied
He gave me a weird look
” Good evening”. I greeted one of the sponsors
” Good evening Shayne “. He replied , you really did very well, the whole country is proud of you
I nodded
We were soon done with the greetings and headed back to the table when I saw two men trying to flirt with Sophia
I walked over to them in rage
” What are you doing over here”. I yelled at them
” we are just trying to to talk to her”. One of them stammered
“You were trying to talk to me wife”. I said glaring at him as was about slapping him when my manager caught my hands
” don’t create a scene here”. He said
I growled at the men and they scampered away in fear…
I looked at Sofia and scoffed……

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I ignored everyone including Sofia on our way home
” how could she be flirting with those men”. I thought
I asked my manager to drop Tina at her place while Clara and her sister came with their car
Sofia tried talking to me but I gave her the silent treatment…..
We soon got home and I headed straight to the room with Sofia trailing behind me
“Shayne , she called immediately she was inside the room ”
I ignored her
” Shayne”. She called again
I looked at her and I saw tears rolling down her eyes
Damn!, I made her cry again
” Sofia”. I called
I am sorry, I was just mad at you because you were laughing with those men
She looked at me with a surprise look
” I was not doing anything with them Shayne , you have got to trust me when I say I love you”. I stared at her and wiped the tears rolling down her eyes
“She just told me she loved me and I felt happy, I believed her
” Shayne”. She called
“Yes”. I replied
” who was the lady you embarrassed today”. She asked
I remained quiet
” Shayne”. She called again
” she is no one of importance”. I said as I leaned over to kiss her
She kissed me back , I soon started kissing her neck giving her hickey
She gave out a loud moan
I suddenly break from the kiss and apologised
” I am sorry for rushing you , I am ready to wait till you are ready”. I said and was about leaving when she caught my hand
” I am ready”. She said grunting and kissed me
I kissed her back and starting Kissing all over her beautiful body
I had waited for her for long and she is ready to give her whole self to me
I unzip her gown and helped her remove it, she was left with only her bra and panties
I unhook her bra and pulled it out, I took one of her breast and suckle on it pinching the nipples of the other one..
She got big boobs and big ass, I removed my clothes I was soon stark naked
She widened her eyes as she saw the full length of my dick, I continued sucking her boobs
I removed her pants and went down on her, she screamed in pleasure
” I want you inside me”. She said morning
I stroke my dick on her opening and soon started penetrating
” Damn , she was still tight, she wriggled her body in pleasure and pain as I started going in and out of her”
I Increased the pace and she soon heard her first organsm ,
I continued banging her faster till I cum and we both collapse on the bed.
“Shayne”. She called weakly, you are horse
I looked at her and chuckled as I took her in my arms and hug her
I stared at the angel i was holding and I knew I could not lie to myself any longer
I was in love with Sofia , I loved her so much
I love you Sofia. I said looking at her, she was already fast asleep

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