Sacred Divorce OST Part.4 – Sunwoojunga

[Drama Shin Seong, Divorce OST PART.4 ‘Seonwoo Jung-ah’ – “Far]
As the fourth runner of the JTBC Saturday drama Shin Seong-divorce OST, ‘Seonwoo Jung-a’, an artist who perfectly digests various genres with deep sensibility and unrivaled tone, comes out.

It is a ballad song that depicts the heart of the main character who does not let go of life even in helplessness. Along with the weighty piano performance, the guitar and bass that add to the afterglow of the monologue, and the string that connects the emotional lines throughout the song, add a sense of depth.
In particular, “Seonwoojeonga” appeals to melodies like a diary mixed with sighs and lonely yet warm lyrics that sometimes make you feel like looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, such as “I wish I could just throw everything away and leave, like a person looking far away.” It is expected to deliver a message that comforts the empty heart in the city by unraveling it in its own tone.

On the other hand, JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama Shin Sung, Divorce is a delightful human drama featuring dizzyingly sensitive artist-turned-divorce lawyer Shin Sung’s divorce requests beyond imagination and the warm chemistry of three friends who are in vain, receiving a lot of love from viewers. are receiving

Executive Producer Lee Woo-hyun
Producer Jang Tae-woong
Co-Producer Kwon Young-min, Kim Eun-chong
Music Producer Hwang Chan-hee

Lyrics by Choi Min-ji (Chansline)
Composed by Minji Choi(Chansline), Siwon Kim(Chansline), Sungmin Kim(Chansline)
Arranged by Sungmin Kim(Chansline), Siwon Kim(Chansline)
All Programming by Sungmin Kim
Guitar Performed by Jaepil Jung
Piano Performed by Siwon Kim
Drum Performed by Sungmin Kim
Chorus Performed by Minji Choi
String Performed by Jung
String Arranged & Conducted by Joohyun Jeon
Recorded by Wooyoung Jang @ doobdoob studio, Seongkeun Oh @ T studio
Mixed by Eunjung Kwak @ Studio Kwak
Mastered by Namwoo Kwon @ 821 Sound Mastering
Album Cover Designed by Dongwook Seo