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SmartPays Review: is SmartPays Legit or Scam, How to Earn? (Find out All Now)


2nd December 2023

SmartPays Review: is SmartPays Legit or Scam.

Welcome, we will be looking at SmartPays Review: if Legit or Scam, SmartPays is a new website that is currently trending and people have been checking to see if it legit or scam .

So we will be reviewing SmartPays to see if SmartPays is Legit or Scam, if SmartPays is safe to transact with.

We will also see how SmartPays works, how to earn on SmartPays, how to withdraw and a lot.

Note that all things written here are based on interview replies from people who are into this platform.

So we will be writing this SmartPays review base on real life experience, to determine if SmartPays is Legit or Scam.

Note that SmartPays is NOT a free platform; you have to pay N1500 as registration fee.

SmartPays pays you money for reading, commenting, sharing of Sponsored post, etc, you can say, it’s a read-and-get paid earning platform.

SmartPays Review: is SmartPays Legit or Scam

SmartPays Review

SmartPays is a platform that pays you reward for completing some task on their website like reading new posts, commenting, sharing sponsored post, visiting, etc.

SmartPays website is designed to pay members some amount of money daily depending on how many activities that user can cover.

Smartpays URL was formerly https://smartpays.com.ng but was later changed to https://smartpayscash.com

SmartPays is not a subscription platform meaning you pay a one-time registration fee of N1500.

After the payment, you will be eligible to earn with the platform forever.

Apparently, SmartPays generate profit through selling of membership fee and through some Ad Networks.

With two sources of income at their disposal, they will be able to stay longer in the income industry.

Is SmartPays Legit or Scam?

For now, SmartPays is legit, we will be keeping a close eye on this platform.

Although SmartPays is not scam or fake for now, we hope they still keep working.

SmartPays is legit and the earlier you grab this opportunity, the better. Registration fee is just N1500.

SmartPays Review

Below is how SmartPays works


How Does SmartPays Works

SmartPays pays you according to your earning; your earning potential depends on the activities carried out on the website.

Which includes reading new posts, commenting, sharing sponsored post, visiting, etc.

View Breakdown of How SmartPays works

How to earn on Smartpays

  • You get N1000 as welcome bonus immediately after registration.
  • You get N150 as daily login.
  • You get Sp150 for sharing daily sponsored post.
  • You get Sp10 for reading daily post.
  • You get Sp20 for commenting on daily post.
  • You earn N1000 for referring friends to join smartpays.
  • Registration Fee is NGN1500

Minimum Withdrawal for Referrals is NGN3000 and withdrawal is made Every Wednesdays and Fridays

Minimum Withdrawal for Non Referals Sp10000 = NGN4,000 is And Withdrawal is made every 30th of every month

How to earn on SmartPays

They are different ways to earn on SmartPays which reading new posts, commenting, sharing sponsored post, Daily Login, etc.

When you refer a friend and he successfully signup with your link, you get paid a referral commission of N1000

How to Withdrawal from SmartPays

Apparently, once you attain the withdrawal threshold, you can place withdrawal and receive payment in next 48 hours.

How to Register on SmartPays

Below are the guides to register for SmartPays, but before anything, note that you must purchase a coupon code from their vendors.

  • Click on this link to navigate to the registration page
  • Input your details, like email, password, etc
  • Create a password
  • And input the coupon code you just purchased from a vendor
  • Finally click register

Who is the owner of SmartPays

This detail has not been revealed to the public yet.

SmartPays Review Pros

  • SmartPays pay high rate referral commission (That’s about 67%)
  • SmartPays registration is very low which will bring in more affiliate

SmartPays Review cons

  • Their URL is different from their name https://smartpayscash.com  (which is not something of concern anyway)

Conclusion on SmartPays Review If Legit or Scam

Thanks so much for reading this article till the end, that’s all for the SmartPays review if Legit or Scam, if there is more you want to add to this review, feel free to comment down below.

Disclaimer: This review is written in good faith and we are in no way defaming this platform or in any partnership with them for promotions, for transparency purpose, we may have included some affiliate links in it. This article is written for information purpose only and base on conclusion drawn by Naijalanded researcher(s) (which we may not be right), and which is subject to change in the future whether we conclude it legit now or scam, so we won’t be held liable for any damages. [We in this paragraph mean Naijalanded in its entirety including its Administrators and Editors and other staffs].

Hopefully you find this Article helpful ☺️☺️

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