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Smiles of the Heart – Episode 1

💖💓Smiles of the heart ( Obianuju 2) 💖💓


Written by Princess Juliet

Episode 1

The beginning

A sharp pain in my head disrupted my sound sleep.
What the heck! I groaned out of sleep and began to sit up when my bleary eyes landed on the huge clock on the wall.
Oh my God! 7:40 am! I was already running late for class.
Swiftly, I jumped out of the bed and marched into the bathroom not minding the stupid headache, I felt so angry with myself for waking up late.
I pulled my nighty over my head, removed it, brushed my teeth, and stepped into the bathtub, taking a quick bath.
When done, I wrapped my towel around my body and returned to the room just in time to hear my phone ring.
“Demilade”. I rushed to the bed and reached for the phone, but was disappointed.
It wasn’t Demilade, it was my annoying bestie and roommate —Shakirat.
Is she already in school? I wondered, receiving the call.
“Good morning”. she greeted first . “how was your night?”
I scoffed silently. Is she really asking me that?
“It was fine”. I replied. “And yours? I trust your Usman made it splendid”. I drawled.
“Han Han Juliet”. She laughed. “Don’t tell me you are Jealous?”
“And why would I be?” I retorted, trying so hard to sound nonchalant.
“Because I spent the night at my boyfriend’s”. She replied with the same annoying voice that always makes me want to pull her mouth.
So she knows. She knows she gives her boyfriend the most attention.
I bit at my upper lips. If only Demi was still in this school, if only he had my time, if only ………
“Juliet”. Shakirat interrupted my thoughts.
“erm ..yes .. I am here”. I quickly composed myself. “what were you saying?”
“tsk tsk tsk”. she clicked her tongue. “Don’t tell me I was talking to myself. Anyways, I wanted to know if you were already in school”
“No, still getting prepared”
“Same with me”. She giggled. “Usman didn’t give me a break last night”
I rolled my eyes. There we go again!
“Alright now”. I cut her off. “We will see in school”.
“Oh, Okay”. She agreed. “You coming in your car right?”
“Good, we will return home together”
I smiled outwardly and inwardly at her words
“I have heard”. I merely said and ended the phone call; then I scrolled down to Demi’s number, dialing it.
As usual, it rang until his voice mail picked up.
“Arrgh”. I sighed in frustration and tossed the phone on the bed
When will he learn?
Frowning, I ambled to the wardrobe, opened it, and took out a black ironed gown with undies. I hurriedly changed into it, put on a black shoe, and combed out the long hair on my head; then I grabbed my handbag, reached for my phone and car key, and ran out the room, locking the door.
“Good morning”. A voice greeted behind me
“Morning”. I responded and scurried through the passage without looking back.
I was in no mood for chit chats as  I was already late for my morning class, all thanks to Shakirat.
Gosh! why am I even blaming her?

The sun was all out, its rays casting a rosy hue across the morning sky, making my three years old car look more faded and cracked.
Oh, dear! I really need a new car!
Gingerly, I opened the door and slid into the driver seat, attempting to start it, but it refused to power up.
“F**k!” I hit the steering wheel in anger.
What am I going to do now? I racked my brain for an answer.
Since taking it for repair wasn’t an option, I had no other choice but to make use of the public bus.
Stepping out of the car, I banged the door shut and ran all the way to the bus station.

By the time I arrived, I was covered with sweat. And to make it all worst, there was no bus.
Students were pacing up and down restlessly as if in a carnival party, waiting, waiting, and waiting.
Chai! my Thursday is sure ruined!
Right at the moment, my phone beeped signifying a text message and I reached into my bag to check out the sender and noticed it was Demilade
At last! I sighed in relief and clicked on it
“Good morning babe, how was your night? I am sorry for not picking up your call earlier, will call you later”
My eyes widened in disbelief and I clenched my fist to stop myself from screaming out my anger.
Like seriously! Just this, he didn’t even state his reasons. I mean I know he is busy, but shouldn’t he at least have explained to me.
All of a sudden, the whole place became noisy as the name ” Landon” filled the air.
Wait a minute! Landon. A popular singer who just got transferred to OOU, my school.
I quickly turned in the direction and saw a red Camry driving slowly towards the sidewalk, a black jeep following behind it.
I wiped my face as I stared hard at the car’s customized plate number.
Landon! he is the one! It is not a dream!
The car skidded to a halt and a hand full of girls rushed toward it.
“Landon, Landon”. Their screams could be heard from miles away.
Jeez! all this craziness because of a celebrity who is not even cute.
“You sure about that?” My subconscious asked.
Well. I shrugged . he is cute, but not as cute as my………
“Sister”. A voice beside me interrupted my thoughts.
I slowly turned in the direction and saw a beautiful fat girl.
“What”. I mouthed at her
“Landon”. She nudged me to look forward and when I did, I met the gaze of the “Almighty Landon”
Chissos! Chissos! Chissos! has he been staring at me for long?
I tore my gaze away from him, looking around me to see all eyes on me.
A wave of embarrassment rushed through me and I was forced to look down at my gown.
What is wrong? Did I defecate on my body?no now, I am neat.
I shifted my gaze back to him and found him still staring, but this time around he smiled and gestured me to come closer.
“Me”. I touched my chest to be sure I was the one he was talking to.
“Yes”. he nodded slowly.
I felt, for a moment that time has stopped as I walked up to him, trying to ignore all the whisperings.
Landon is staring at me, he is staring at me, he is f**king staring at me.
I swallowed hard nervously, but why?
“Hello pretty”. he greeted in a thick voice, an unerring smile was plastered on his face.
“Hi”. I managed to respond as I was so nervous
What exactly does he want to say to me?
He continued. “You on your way to school?”
I nodded slowly, wondering why he asked an obvious question.
“Alright”. his smile widened. “Hop into the car”
“What”. I wanted him to repeat whatever he just said.
A slight smirk crept over his face, for the briefest of a fleeting moment
“Let me drive you to school”
“Okay”. I gulped down hard, making a noise as I opened the car’s rear door.
What is wrong with me? I knew I was supposed to decline his offer or at least ask more questions, but who am I kidding? I am talking to a celebrity, one of the country’s best singers.
I heaved a deep sigh and climbed into the seat, sitting down beside him.
“Thanks”. I muttered
“It is nothing”. he brushed it aside and motioned his driver to move.

The atmosphere in the car became tense in an instant and I leaned in the seat, looking out of the window.
I was trying so hard to avoid his gaze.
“So”. he finally spoke, clearing his throat. “My name is Landon, and you are ?”
I turned my face to him and smiled lightly
Staring at him from a close distance, made him seem kind of familiar.
Have we met before? I don’t think so.
“Obianuju”. I replied in my tiniest voice
“Obianuju”. he repeated, seizing me up and down.
“You a law student?”
I nodded. “A 400l law student”
“Wow”. his eyes widened somewhat in surprise and then he Chuckled.
” well, I am a …….
“200level student majoring in political science”. I completed, then gasped as I realized what I had done.
Chai! It is time to close my big mouth!
The faintest shadow of a smile played on his lips, and his eyes held a glint of humour
“It seems you know me too well”
“erm .. yes… I mean … no”. I stuttered, looking down at my hand, his stare was making me uncomfortable.
Oh right! I bet he thinks of me as a stalker
“That is only what I know”. I quickly added, blushing and feeling more foolish.
He chuckled lightly. “I am glad you know”
I smiled then, looking up at him
“Here”. he reached into his breast pocket and handed me two——-
Tickets! Oh God! the ticket to his concert
“That is the ticket to my concert, I want you to be……
“I will be there”. I cut in and  he laughed
“Good! The concert is gonna hold tomorrow night, invite a friend”
“Tomorrow night! Friday night”, I muttered, suddenly remembering I had another plan, but we are talking about  Landon concert here, the other plan can wait ……..


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