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[STORIES] Bad Girl, Big Bully Episode 12

Bad Girl, Big Bully


Episode 12 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️😍😍✌

πŸ’œJane πŸ’œ

I woke up at the edge of the pool surrendered by my classmates

“she’s awake ” a student said and I sat up

” are you ok? ” Justin asked and I nod

Why was it Kennedy that saved me of all people

He is making me feel bad for all what I’ve done to him

I saw him sitting on a chair at the end of the class

” why did you save me?” I asked and he arched his brow

“what? Well, I just did what I needed to do, no one was willing to save you, not even your friends ” he said and stood up

” your attitude determines the way people react to you when you are in danger” he said and walked away

“Jane, are you ok? I was so worried about you ” Eliza said as she and Bianca hugged me but I pushed them away

” you were worried? So why didn’t you jump in the swimming pool and save me ” I yelled at them

πŸ’ž KennedyπŸ’ž

” I’m sorry moreen ” I apologize again

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Moreen saw me when I saved jane and ever since then she has been mad at me

” but why? Why did you do that after all she did to you ” she said folding her arms

” no one was willing to save her, I have no choice ” I said

” you should have just let her drown, she’s so annoying ” moreen said and I squat beside her

” I said I’m sorry “I said again and she looked at me

” you are so kind, next time just let her drown ” she said and I smiled

” don’t worry, you are the only lady i will protect from now on ” I said and hug her

πŸ’œ Kennedy πŸ’œ

After school, Kennedy and I were going home holding each other hands

” Kennedy, want to watch a movie with me? ” I asked and he shook his head

” no, I have to go to the hospital, I also have to work” he said and I smiled then his phone started ringing

“hello? My mom? What happened to her? I will be there ” he hanged up

” Moreen, I have to go, see you tomorrow ” he said and started to run be4 I could even say anything

I sighed as i sat in the bus stop

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” hi, moreen ”
I looked up and saw Justin

” Justin? What are you doing here? ” I asked and he sat beside me

” I’m going home too, let’s go together ” he said and I nod

After some minutes silence between us, he spoke up

” Moreen, I have something to tell you ” he said and I looked at him

” I like you ” he said and I smiled

” I’m sorry Justin but I have a boyfriend ” I said and stood up

” if I may ask, who is your boyfriend?” he asked

“Kennedy ” I said and he scoffed
” Kennedy? This is crazy ” he said and stood up too

” trust me, I will steal you from Kennedy ”
” do whatever you want, I won’t stop you ” I said and walked away from him

😘 Jane😘
I walked out of the doctor’s office and leaned on the wall

He just prescribe some drugs for me

I saw Kennedy and a doctor coming and I hid my face

” Kennedy, your mom needs an operation ” the doctor said

His mother needs operation

I didn’t hear anything again so I thought they were gone

Not until……
” you scared me ” I yelled

He was standing be4 me with his arms folded

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” are you happy now ” he asked and I arched my brow

” what do you mean? ”

” this is all your fault ” he said and pinned me to the wall

” what are you doing? ”

” if anything happens to my mom, I won’t forgive you ” he said with a glare

” I never ask of your forgiveness ” I said and tried to release myself from his grip

” I’m sure that a day will come when you will cry and beg for my forgiveness “he said

” Kennedy ” moreen called and he released me

He walked away without even replying moreen

” what did you do to Kennedy? ” she asked but I ignored her
” Jane, you are crying ” she said then I noticed tears dripping from my eyes


why do you think the almighty jane is crying?

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