[STORIES] Bad Girl, Big Bully Episodes 8

Bad Girl, Big Bully


Episode 8 πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ
Written by naijalanded writer ✍️😍😍

πŸ’œ KennedyπŸ’œ
I held back my tears as i walked out of the teachers room and headed to the class

I was given a three weeks suspension

I knew it was jane’s handiwork
Cos when I got to class she was looking at me with that smirk on her face

I took my backpack and took all my books and gym cloth that was in my locker

“Kennedy ” moreen ran to me
” I heard you were given three weeks suspension? ” she asked and I nod

” I’m ok, it’s only three weeks suspension ” I said trying to hold back my tears

Actually I’m not okay

I wish I could just strangle that girl called Jane
” let me apologize to the teachers, they may listen to me ” Moreen said

” no, I’m really ok, apologizing on my behalf may lead to another problem ” I said as i put my gym cloth in my bag

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” Kennedy, you can’t…… ” her voice trailed away as she blinked back her tears

” I will be ok ”

πŸ’ž MoreenπŸ’ž
I walked up to jane angrily in the class

” are you behind it? ” I asked and she arched her brow

” behind what? ” she said innocently
” you told the principal to suspend Kennedy, didn’t you? ” I said and she and her friends burst into laughter as they gave each other high five

” yes, I did, so what? ” she smiled

” is this fun to you” I yelled and everyone turned their attentions to us

“yep, it’s very fun, seeing tears roll down people’s eyes is my hobby ” she scoffed

” I bet, a day is coming when you will shed a lot of tears ” I said angrily

” I’m going to expose everything ” I said and she smirked

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” follow me ” she stood up and walk out of the class and I followed her
She took a mop and hit it on my head

” you want to reveal it to the school that my father works for your dad? Go on” she moved her mouth to my ear

“and I will tell everyone your mom is a concubine ” when she said that, I became dumbfounded

She’s right
My mom is a concubine and that is a secret I’ve been longing to keep

She smirked and glared at me
“I guess you are willing to expose your secret because of a lowly born named Kennedy” she said and sashayed away


I can’t believe a bitch almost revealed my secret

Well if she do, it can’t be more embarrassing than her own secret

“Jane, let’s go to the club after school ” Eliza said and I nod

I looked through the window and saw Kennedy going home

He looks so pitiable

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Well next time, he won’t mess with me

After school, we went to the club and had so much fun

We smoked and drank
” Jane, it’s 1:57 Am already, your dad will be worried ” Eliza said and I checked my wristwatch

I took a cab and it dropped me in a place far from home

Suddenly, I saw two men following me

The faster i walk, the faster they walk too

Suddenly, they blocked my way
” who are you guys ” I asked and they smirked
They started to drag me inside a car
” help” I screamed but no one came to my rescue

I looked sideway and saw Kennedy from afar
He stood without doing anything

“you jerk, I’m being kidnapped ” I yelled but he just stood still


OK, you guys should assume you are Kennedy
What will you do?

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