[STORIES] Boys in love Episode 5

πŸ“πŸ“BOYS IN LOVE πŸ“πŸ“

EPISODE 5 πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ˜Š

Written by divine purpose 🌈🌈🌈🌈

(He’s a girlπŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ™€ )

Soon, the interview started and her mum started asking her uncomfortable questions

Ivy legs were shivering as she felt nervous and stupid at the same time

Her mother looked at her and gave her a evil grin

“Jason Aldean, what do you have to say as a new member of Skyes? ” Her mother asked

“well, a new member ,i feel incredibly happy and….. At first I couldn’t believe i was a member but. … i feel comfortable around them ” ivy replied as sweat dripped from her face

“What’s wrong with the new member? ” The camera man asked

“So I have some questions to ask you Jason, What would you do if you see a girl disguised as a boy? ” her mother asked and everyone looked at her including Ivy

“What sort of question is that? This isn’t part of the questions she was given to ask the new guy, so why. ..?” the director said

“Well…..i haven’t come across……a girl disguising lik…… Like….a boy ” ivy stammered and faked a smile

Skip skip skip skip

Ivy walked back to the dorm and collapsed on the bed

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She grabbed the pillow and burst into tears

“Why does it have to be you….Mom ” she said with tears

Her phone started to ring and she blew her nose before answering the call

“Hello? ” she said after picking up

“Come outside ” her mom said and hanged up

She walked outside the dorm and saw her mom standing with that evil smirk on her face

“What? Are you here to mock me again? ” she asked and her mom scoffed

“Are you crazy? I really can’t believe you, when everyone said there was a new member in skyes and your pictures were posted on social medias, I didnt want to believe it u were the one, why did you do it? ” her mom asked and ivy shrugged

“It happened that way ” she replied

“Rose told me you joined the group because you were madly in love with Chris but I can’t believe that, you won’t do something so cheap, would you? ” her mom asked and she stared at the ground

“I know you ivy, you probably didnt join the group because of chris, you…… Joined because of something else, right?” her mom asked again but ivy stood dumbfounded


“Mom……i have to leave, the other members are probably waiting for me right now ” She said and left without waiting for her mom’s next word

She entered the dorm and saw the four members watching the interview that just ended

They kept on laughing, Well, all except Kai

He wasn’t interested in anything they were doing, his gaze was fixed on his phone

“Jason, what the hell is wrong with you? You were shivering during the interview and there are so many funny and bad comments, were you that nervous? ” Chris asked and she covered her face with embarrassment

“Why are you guys watching that? It’s so embarrassing ” she said

“we have to head to the studio right now, I think we have a lot to do this mouth ” Kai said as he stood up and walked to his room

“Why do we have a lot to do this month?” Ivy asked Chris

“Well…. According to our director, we have about Five songs to release this month, Three will be having Music videos and the remaining two will be Audios ” Chris explained and she nod


“if that is the case, I should just dress up and follow you guys ” She said and walked upstairs

She opened the room door and saw Kai with her phone

“What are you doing with my phone ” She half yelled and wanted to collect it but Kai held it tight

“What do you think you are doing right now? This is my phone, give it to me ” She said dragging it from Kai but Kai pushed her away and she fell down

“You…… Why are you so defensive about your phone? ” Kai said and smirked

“What are you doing right now ” She said and glared back at him

“What are you trying to hide? Is it the fact that you are a GIRL ” He said and Ivy’s house widened with shock


I’m really sorry about the late post, My phone was faulty so I had to repair it

I hope you understand

I promise to be posting early from now on

Next episode will also be longer

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