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2nd December 2023

πŸ’– Married by Force πŸ’–

{Couple madness}
Episode 13

Naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’«

πŸ’˜ Jaylen πŸ’˜
I watched her not knowing what to say as she did her job.
Kim words kept playing in my head
β€œTry moving your leg Abit” her voice broke into my thoughts.
I tried but I felt pain.
β€œIt's okay that's enough now try to relax while I call the family” she said with a smile and tried walking away but I held her hand.
” why are you being nice to me?” I mumbled.
β€œAm not being nice am just doing my job as a doctor helping her patient ” she said casually.
I nodded and let go of her hand.
She walked out afterwards.
I closed my eyes trying to relax as she said but each time I close my eyes I kept seeing Kim and how my car fell off the cliff.
β€œHello brother” I heard a familiar voice.
I opened my eyes to meet with that of Jeremih.
β€œWhen did you get here?”
β€œHow are You feeling now? β€œ, He ignores my question.
” I feel like my head is gonna blow. How's Mom? ”
” She's on her way here soon am sure she's gonna be happy to see you're fine” he said and moved closer.
” Hmm how long have I been here ? ” I asked.
” Approximately three days now ,you probably would be dead by now if not for your lovely wife ” he smirked.
” Oh please don't start”I rolled my eyes in pain.
” I don't know what to say to you right now brother , can't you read the handwriting on the wall? ”
” Forget about that Kim of a girl” he said angrily.
At the mention of Kim's name my head began to hurt.
β€œDon't mention that evil name here” I said in between clenched teeth.
” Ahhh did you just say that?” He asked unable to believe his ears.
πŸ’‹ Skyler's POV πŸ’‹
I walked quietly to his ward only to meet Jeremih laughing so hard. I wonder what's funny.
” Oh sky thank goodness you're here.” Hw said amidst laughter.
Jaylen rolled his eyes dramatically.
β€œOkay what's going on?” I raised my eyebrow.
β€œIt seems jaylen had some serious head damage .” He said trying to suppress his laughter.
” No I'm 100% sure his brain levels are normal.” I pointed out.
” Nah you have to check again.” He urge me.
I glanced at Jay ,he had this expressionless face and was looking at me all through.
I moved over to his bed side.
β€œYou might wanna lay back.” I whisper audibly and he did.
I did another check up and it was still the same result.
β€œHe's perfectly okay. Why did you say that?” I furrowed my brows.
” Well he actually said that he…..
β€œShut it Jeremih, just go away wanna rest.” Jaylen said in between clenched teeth.
” Oh my goodness jay are okay?” Mrs Cortez said as she rushed him with hug.
” Ouch! Mom am suffocating.” He murmured.
β€œOops sorry dear am just over excited that you're okay. Thanks dear.” His Cortez said with loving eyes and pulled me into a hug.
β€œOh come on it's nothing ma'am afterall he's my husband too.”. I stated and glance at him.
We share an eye lock for a brief moment.
Before I looked away.
β€œYes dear what you did back there was quite impressive.” Mom said as she kept some flowers by his bedside.
” Get well soon honey.” Mom smiled.
β€œThanks ma'am.” He mumbled.
β€œErm Jay be a strong man and get outta this bed. We gonna have some beer tonight . What do you say man?” His dad said teasingly as he did a high five with my Dad.
This people are not serious.
He chuckled softly.
β€œCan you guys give us a minute, wanna have a word with my wife.” He said in between clenched teeth as everyone left his ward leaving us to ourselves.
To be continued…….


Artist Name; Married By Force, Romantic stories

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