[STORIES] Married By Force Episode 16

💖 Married By Force 💖

{Couples Madness}
Episode 16

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️💫

💋 Skyler 💋
Being a smart girl I know something smell fishy,
I took the documents and went straight to the police station After explaining to the cops.
I was advised to make out the fake of it (the documents) I did as advised.
I checked my phone for any text from him And right he did text me some location.
I informed the cops and they backing me up.
They left but didn’t keep me in darkness this time, I turn around and I looked around the room, It was some abandoned store room filled with different stuffs including sharp object.
Then I spotted a knife right before me but it’s pretty far away from me
those fools, I shifted the chair forward struggling I picked up the knife,
Just then I heard foot steps I dropped the knife and use my leg to slide it under my chair
Then the foot steps stop abruptly and everything went silent again
💋 Skyler 💋
I was able to reach the location on time with the cops in hiding.
I dialled the same number jayden called me with
He didn’t pick up but some man came telling me that jayden told him to get the documents from me.
Right away I suspected him I look up to one cops in hiding.
💘 Jayden 💘
I took up the knife cutting off the ropes i was tied with
Just then i heard gunshots My body shook in fear What’s gonna happen to me
I had always been a strong man but this situation got my weak point, I have to stay alive for sky I promised to be a good husband.
I quickly hide in between two containers, my fear increased as I heard foot steps
💘 Jayden 💘
I picked up the knife cutting off the ropes
Just then I heard gunshots
I quickly hide in between two containers
I was a strong man but this situation got my weak point, I need to stay alive for sky I promised to be a good husband
Then I heard foot steps, my fears increased
Then suddenly it stopped abruptly
It was Kim
She was about going back when my leg kicks a container
She turns back at instant walking directly to where I was hiding
She eventually caught me pointing a gun at me
“Ohh Mr smart, you think you are smart right” she said laughing hysterically
“I wondered how good it would be seeing you in pain, soon the papers will be with me and boom I have no choice than to kill you” she said as she pulls the trigger
I closed my eyes waiting for my death when I heard her scream instead
Then I saw the cops and sky
Wait she just saved my life again
How did she
“Jay are you OK” she said hugging me
*thanks” I whispered
“Am not gonna take this” he said as he grabbed a gun from a cops
He points the gun at me then shoot it
At same time sky pushed me away and took in the bullet for me
“Skkky” I screamed in pain as I caught her from falling
“No this can’t happen to me, skkky noooo don’t go don’t leave me alone” I screamed again
💘 Jayden 💘
I carried her into her crush, laying her down at the back site
I opened the door angrily and drove straight t her hospital while many thoughts keep flooding through my mind
I can’t believe she saved me twice and I have forsaken her for that useless girl
Inspite this marriage has been what she has no support for and I have been a bad person to her
She still save my life
Soon I got the hospital
Rush her in
She was admitted
While i stay out as surgery is being performed on her t take out the gun bullet
Then I went to police station to take care of those bastards case
“Sir may I know who these people are to you”
“That’s my fake girlfriend and my ex friend, you can’t believe these bastard try to drain my properties away from me” I said angrily
“I don’t steal properties, you gave it to me long ago” mack said
“Do you know what you are saying, are you stupid” i shouted
“N am not, you should ask yourself who’s more stupid” he said
I got angry and tried to slapped him but the cops calm me down
“You can imagine how stupid he is, trying t slap me huh” he said while I clenched my teeths in anger
“I love you jay please don’t do this to me, don’t let them take me away” kim cried out to me in tears
“Sorry you say what?, you love me?, ohh really you love me and pointed a gun at me! Sorry am not in for this”
“Can please get them outta my sight, I hate their faces”
“Interesting, I love it when people hate my face” he said sarcasically
“Are you crazy, you shoot my wife and you still have the effrontery to talk to me like that, like have you gone insane” I shouted
Then the cops led them out while I continue my discussion with their boss concerning the case
I went out minutes later to inform sky parent about what happened
I called her father
hello this is jayden sir
hey jay where have you these days
its somewhat a long a story that cannot be discussed here but I kindly want you to check on daughter, She’s being admitted
what!!!, what happened to her
Did she got into an accident
no sir she just got a bullet in her arm
ok thanks for informing me, I will report to the hospital soon he said as he hanged up
I called my family telling them
They shouldn’t worry about me that am all good
Then i proceed to a nearby mall to get her some beverages
Since I couldn’t go home to cook at these moments of time.
To be continued……..

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