[STORIES] Married By Force Episode 18 &19

πŸ’– Married By Force πŸ’–

{Couple Madness}
Episode 18-19

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πŸ’˜ Jaylen πŸ’˜
I feel so ashamed of myself right now. I cursed her innocence so many times that I failed to realize how God had sent an angel in human form to me.
“What are you thinking about Jay?” She asked.
“Its both sky am just worried about you.” I said Calmly as her parents watched us lovingly.
” Oh come on it’s just a scratch nothing much besides I’ll be discharged tomorrow. ” She explained.
” Looks like everything is fine here. I’ll be on my way now . ” Jeremy announced and stood up .
” Hey Jeremy thanks to caring man . ” We did our brotherly handshake before he left.
The rest of the day was spent catching up on everything.
Two weeks. later.
“How can you be so careless with something as important as this huh?” I barked at my assistant who lost an important files.
” Am sorry sir.” She pleaded trying to look for it.
But we still couldn’t find the contract papers.
“I give you 24hours to get the contract papers back or be prepared to loose your job. Now leave my office.” I growled as she flinched back in fear.
She scrawled away from my office.
I sunk into my chair faustratedly as I massage my temple.
My phone rang disrupting my thoughts.
It was sky.
Hello wifey, miss me much.” I smirked.
Talking to her alone takes all my anger away.
Oh shut up I only called you because I wanted to tell you something.” She said sweetly.
That sweet voice I love listening to.
Okay tell me dear.”
Okay fine I kinda miss you staying at home and you also come back late, can you do me a favor come early today.” She said sadly.
She’s right . This past two weeks have been busy as hell.
i need to make it up to my barbie doll.
Am sorry wifey and I promise to come early today.” I promise.
Her face beamed hapily.
Really?? OMG am so happy thanks dear. See ya.” She giggled and dropped the call.
I smiled at nothing in particular.
πŸ’‹ SKYLER πŸ’‹
I smiled to myself as I hung up the phone. The past two weeks haven’t been very enjoyable since Jay has been so busy with work but now that he’s promised to come early, my joy knows no bounds.
Come to think of it, who would have thought that I’ actually enjoy being married to the player? If you had told me such a few months back, I would have laughed out loud but here I am, anxiously awaiting his arrival .
Because I wanted to make my night with Jaylen extra special, I took my time taking my bath, spending two hours in the bathtub …
Once out, I took my applying all my creams and lotions so my bo
πŸ’– Forced Marriage πŸ’–
{ Crazy Couples }
Episode 19
πŸ’˜ JAYLEN πŸ’˜
I searched the entire house, called her parents and even mine but she was still nowhere to be found.
On impulse, I decided to pay a visit to the police station to see if you know who had perhaps made plans to kidnap Skyler.
“Where’s Mack? ” I asked upon stepping into the police station.
“Uh he’s about to be released on bail. ” The officer on duty replied.
I rushed to the cell just as they were opening the door.
“You! What have you done with Skyler? ” I yelled holding him against the wall.
“Well well well… Look who is it? Jaylen obviously doesn’t know how to keep his property, does he? ”
“I swear if you’ve done anything to Sky….. ”
“Whatever has happened to your Skyler has nothing to do with me… Though I commend the perpetrator. It’s fun watching you rattled the way you are. ” He said before bursting into laughter.
“Keep him! ” I said letting go of him and throwing him back in the cell.
“But sir… ” The cadet protested but a glare from me silenced him and he immediately locked the door.
Mack might be a lot of things but I doubt he took Skyler….this time .
Gosh where are you Sky
πŸ’‹ SKYLER πŸ’‹
I jerked awake to the realisation of my hands being tied behind my back. I was sitting in a dark room which had only one light bulb placed directly above me.
My head hurt from being hit and I kept getting a headache as I tried to remember what happened…
I was waiting up for Jay. I heard a knock at the door. I opened it and….
That was where it all went blank .
“Hello! Can someone hear me? ” I screamed without a reply.
“Don’t stress your pretty voice my darling. You’ll need it. ” A familiar voice said stepping into the light.
I gasped as my eyes met his and the events flooded back.
“Jeremy? What am I doing here? Why are you doing this? ”
“Oh it’s really quite simple… I want you Skyler Gray. ”
“What do you mean ‘ Want ‘? I’m married to your brother Jerry. ”
“Not for long, my sweet . In fact, you won’t be seeing Jay anytime soon where we’re going… You’ll be mine. ” He said placing his face in front of mine.
He tried stealing a kiss but I spit in his face instead.
“You bastard! Let me go! ” I yelled struggling.
“Struggle all you want! You’re mine! Not Jay’s and I’m going to make sure of that. ” He said angrily before disappearing into the shadows.
I was aghast .
Jay, please be fast!
πŸ’˜ JAYLEN πŸ’˜
I was practically going crazy by the time I pulled up in my parent’s parking lot. Skyler still hadn’t been found so my parents suggested I come over so they could provide support and all that…
“Hey honey. How you holding up? ” My mom asked immediately I stepped in.
“Not well Mum. ‘ I replied with a sigh.
” Where’s Jeremy? “I asked settling in a chair, trying my best to stay sane. It’d been ten hours since Sky went missing.
” Uh I don’t know. Can someone check on Jeremy? ”
One of the servants nodded and headed to Jeremy’s room. A few minutes later, he came back and announced that Jeremy wasn’t in his room.
“No one has seen Master Jeremy for a while. ” He said.
That got me surprised. I cared about Jeremy a lot. We were very close and for him to be missing just like Sky made me scared.
Just as I was about calling on one of his friends to see if he was with them, my phone rang.
It was a video call and I immediately picked it.
Once I picked it, I saw Skyler, her mouth gagged with her hands tied behind her back. She was seated on a chair.
Hello there brother. ” Jeremy said, popping out of the shadows.
Yes it’s me brother and I have your pretty wife with me. ” He said touching Skyler’s cheek with his index finger
What are you doing Jer? I growled into the phone.
Oh nothing much. Just teaching you a little lesson in payback.
Payback? What do… What are you talking about? Let go of Skyler, Jerry. ”
No! No! I am not letting Skyler go! Never! I’m going to take her away from you the same way you took away Evelyn and every other girl I’ve ever loved.
But I…
No buts brother. Take a good look at this face Jay because it’s last you’ll ever see her again.
And with that, he cut the call. I collapsed to my knees trying to take in what had just happened.
“What’s wrong Jay? I heard you mention Jeremy. Was he also kidnapped with Sky? ”
“No Mum… He is the kidnapper. ” I replied sadly.
“What… What do you mean? ”
“I mean Jeremy kidnapped Skyler. ”
“No! No! It can’t be. ” Mom lamented.
“I’m sorry Mum. I really am. ” I replied taking her in my arms.
“You’re not going…. You know… Report to the police are you? ”
“Mum, I have to save Skyler. ”
“But Jay… ”
“Mum, I’m sorry. ”
She didn’t say anything. She just looked at me sadly with tears in her eyes and walked out of the room.
I stared at her receding figure sadly before staring back at my phone.
It’s time to make a choice…
Skyler or my family?
To be continued……

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