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2nd December 2023

💖 Married By Force 💖

{Couple Madness}
Episode 5

Naijalanded writer ✍️🥵

Skyler’s POV
I was walked down the aisle by my mom and handed me over to the devil .
He was looking dangerously handsome too bad he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
The priest read the sermon other things followed it was time to exchange vows.
“Do you jaylen Cortez Take miss Skyler gray to be your lawfully wedded wife in sickness and in wealth?”
“I do” he looked at me with so much hatred and I didn’t fail to return the favor.
“And you Skyler gray take this gentleman to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in wealth? ”
I inhaled deeply and hesitated for awhile.
I glanced over the crowd then back to this devil.
My family and friends were busy whispering yes for me.
This is Skyler do not ruin your parents reputation for this .
“Yes I do” I said as my eyes became teary but I quickly hid it .
” You now be pronounced man and wife, you may kiss the bride”
The priest concluded.
There’s no way am kissing this idiot.
He pulled me closer like he was gonna kiss me.
Swears if he does that am gonna bit him hard on the lips.
He brought his lips to my ear lobe teasingly and whisper something.
“Welcome to hell my darling wife” he whispered and pecked my cheek making folks believe he actually kissed me before withdrawing from me.
“Congratulations dearies may you bear beautiful kids just like you ” his mom said and gave us a group hug.
My mom used a tissue and wiped her tears before hugging us too.
“Be a good boy jay and look after my child okay? ” Mom pulled his ear.
Ttch !! He’s a bad boy I don’t understand why this people can’t see this .
“You have my word Ma’am” he looked at me and stepped on my feet.
” Awww!! ” I wince in pain .
That hurts .
” Omg sorry wifey” he pretended as both family looked at us adorably.
“Your honeymoon is gonna be in the United Emirates . ” His dad said Smiling sheepishly.
Honeymoon? More like prison moon!! I rolled my eyes and smiled weakly.
“Jay why don’t you take your wife to the car it seems she can’t walk” mom said as she observed my leg.
” With pleasure , come on darling we have to go. I can’t wait. ” He faked it again gush he’s so good in fooling people but not me.
He dare not touch me or am gonna kill him.
“Bye mom and dad I love you” I peeked dad on his bald hair and peeked mom in the cheek.
To my surprise he lifted me up from the floor and carried me in bridal style .
“Drop me this instance you bastard” I said in between clenched teeth as soon as we got to the car park.
” As you wish sweetie” he grinned and let go of me.
I hit my butt hard on the floor .
“Ouch , what did you do that for” I glared at him.
“You asked me to put you down and I did “he shrugged and got into the car.
I groaned and got in too….
To be continued……

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