[STORIES] Married By Force Episode 8

πŸ’– Married By Force πŸ’–

{couple Madness}
Episode 8

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πŸ’‹ Skyler’s POV πŸ’‹
Finally the stupid honeymoon was over .
We drove back to his house.
I stepped outta the car without waiting for him .
“Hey you can’t just walk into my house without my permission” my so called house said but I ignored and went upstairs with my things.
I found a nice looking room and settled in.
I pulled off my dress and went to the bathroom for a shower.
After bathing I wore something simple and walked downstairs.
I wanted entering the kitchen but he blocked the entrance door.
“Get outta my way mister ” I said menacingly.
“And where do you think you going Missy ”
” To the kitchen ofcourse now step aside” I tried pushing him off ..
” This is my house wifey and you only get to touch anything when I say so ” he rolled his eyes at me.
” Should I also tell you am hungry? Mister get outta the way or you gonna regret it ”
” You can’t do anything Missy ” he scoffs.
” I’m warning you Mr husband” I said in between clenched teeth as I was getting infuriated .
He refused to Leave the way.
I stuck my fingers into his nose and punch him in the forbidden zone.
He groaned and fell to the ground , I walked pass him and went into the kitchen.
“You’ll pay for that ” he mumbled.
I’m not gonna give him the comfort of messing with me.
It’s gonna be an eye for an eye.
I started cooking and trust me there’s no way am cooking for him tonight.
That’s gonna be his punishment.
Stupid fellow.
πŸ’˜ Jaylen πŸ’˜
I seriously can’t stand this b*tch …
Is either she poison me or I kill her first because this city ain’t big enough for the two of us.
She made some egg sandwich and chips .
Guess what she didn’t reserve any for me.
Had to order for pizza and wings.
I went to bed that night thinking about Kim.
I know she’s mad at me for everything.
Am just gonna see her tomorrow morning and clear things up with her.
The next morning.
It was a beautiful Tuesday morning .
I woke up Abit early today.
Did few push ups before heading towards the bathroom. Took a long shower , whenever I stayed more than 30 minutes in the bathroom just know I’m smoking .
After I was done with my usual morning routine I got dressed up in the bad boy style and left my room at the same time .
What’s. That her name again? Oh oh sky she came outta her room and glared at me before walking down the lobby .
I paid less attention to her and walked away.
I got to my car and got in before driving straight to Kim’s house.
The drive to Kim’s house was a 45minutes ride. I bought some rose flowers on my way tho.
I parked my car just before her house and stepped out , planning on suprising her .
I took the flowers with me and walked towards her apartment.
I wanted twisting the knob when I heard her speaking with someone whose voice was also familiar.
Something in me wanted listening in on them.
And I did , I placed my ear on the door and listen to their conversation.
“That wasn’t the plan boss you asked me to make him fall in love with me then get him to will all his property to me but right now we have a problem ” she said.
” Forget about his wife , do something make him believe you actually love him or even tell him you gonna kill yourself if he doesn’t divorce her ” the guy said .
Wait !? That sounds like mack .
No I don’t believe this .
Mack has been my friend for years now.
” Jaylen us very smart and Sturborn too how do I get him to sign the documents huh ? I need to do that asap the walls are closing up on me. It seems like his brothers are suspecting me ” she said .
I’m still trying to adapt to the fact that Kimberly lied to me.
No this is not true .
God no I refuse to believe this .
My heart beat increased as I rushed to my car and got in .
I drove off in high speed.
To be continued….
Sorry for not posting all this while πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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