[STORIES] Married By Force Episode 9

πŸ’– Married By Force πŸ’–

{Couple madness}
Episode 9

Naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’«

πŸ’˜ Jaylen πŸ’˜
No this isn’t right ! Kim loves me so much she can’t betray me.
I really don’t wanna believe all of this but her words kept playing in my head.
Jeremy was right all along and I failed to see it.
My eyes had become teary as I felt a stung in my heart.
I could hardly see where I was going , I changed gear and stepped on it.
Increasing the speed even though I wasn’t seeing clearly.
“No !!!” I yelled out loud and punch on the wheels.
I pushed everyone away because of her , I disrespected so many people because I wanted to please her.
She made me believe she actually loved me but she tricked me and I fell for it.
After everything have done for her . Gosh.
I was so lost in my thoughts and didn’t pay attention to my driving .
My eyes were blurry from the tears I could barely see anything.
And that was it .
I collided with a moving truck and that was all I remember.
I saw my car fell into the river under the bridge.
Something pierced my leg deep I could barely move.
The Injuries were too much as I was bleeding profusely.
I struggled to come outta the car but I was stuck .
The thing I could hear was sharp sounds making me feel more pain in my head.
I struggled one more time before I was able to free myself and got outta the car.
I crawled to the edge and fell to the ground as I watched my car sunk into the river.
I was bleeding all over my body. Slowly I lost consciousness
πŸ’‹ Skyler’s POV πŸ’‹
I was at the living room watching TV but somehow I felt uneasy .
I got this weird feeling like something bad is about to happen.
Gosh am so scared right now.
Why do I feel this way like someone close to me is in danger?.
I couldn’t watch movies anymore I stood up and paced around impatiently waiting for Jay .
I’m getting a weird feeling like something is definitely wrong.
Don’t get me wrong he’s my husband so I have every right to be worried about him .
I waited for hours but he didn’t show up .
I was getting more impatient suddenly my phone started ringing.
It was from an unknown number.
I hesitated before picking up.
H.. ello? ” I managed to say.
Is this doctor sky ?” The person asked , it was a man’s voice.
Yes who’s this ?”.
Am a good Samaritan, I’m calling from Central hospital , your husband had an accident
hours ago and was rushed her , please your attention is needed at the hospital bye” he said and hang up.
What ????
I was barely able to understand all he said .
How and where did he had an accident.
I didn’t bother getting dressed I rushed out to the parking lot clad in shorts and singlet.
I got into one of the cars there and drove off to the hospital.
I didn’t bother parking the car as I rushed out and ran into the hospital.
I bumped into the doctor at the lobby.
“Where’s he doctor” I rushed him with questions.
“Woa calm down doctor sky , he’s stable for the time being but right now he needs an urgent surgery” he said.
” Don’t worry about that mark , get the vehicle ready for transportation , I would like him to be transferred to my hospital am gonna do the surgery myself. ” I said with superiority.
” Okay right away ma’am , come with me so you can sign the necessary documents” he said and led the way to his office.
I had already placed a call to our families, they should be at the hospital now.
I went over to the ward that he was being kept.
OMG he’s badly injured , I could barely recognize him.
A oxygen mask was on his nose and his vitals are not normal which means we have to act fast or we gonna loose him.
“Hurry up doc he doesn’t have much time” I yelled at the doctor.
To be continued…….

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