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[STORIES] One Night With A Stanger Episode Seven


(am in love with him)❤❤❤
💭Regina POV💭

“wh…..what are you saying sir” Regina said as she moved back
“don't play with me Regina,you knew who I was already,tell me why did you run away,why did you leave like a thief”
“it wasn't right, I didn't think it was right,it should never have happened” she said finally admitting the truth
“I also had a say in it,you didn't give me the chance to say anything, you just ran off”
“try to understand,i t was suppose to be my wedding and I had made love to a total stranger,I felt bad about it,I regretted all of it” Regina said,she had hated herself for behaving that way with him, she had tried to get back at John and Betty but it had backfired on her,she hadn't been fair to Chris,she had used him to forget John and what had happened on her wedding and he didn't deserve it.
“so you regret what we both did” he said looking at her angrily
“yes, I wasn't in the Right frame of mind then and you practically forced me to….”
“I didn't force you to do anything,it was both mutual,you wanted me and I wanted you and I can see that you still want me” he said starring at her
“I don't want you” Regina said
“you do want Me” he said walking towards her
“no I don't and am begging you to leave” she said moving back
“but I don't want to” he said moving to her until he was standing in front of her
“you really are beautiful” he said touching her cheek
“Reggie!!! Reggie!!!! Regina!!!” Jennifer called her from upstairs
on hearing her name being called,she quickly walked away from him,if Jennifer hadn't call,he would have kiss her and she didn't want that.
“please leave,the past is in the past,your my boss and am your employee,that is if you still want me working in your company thank you for bringing me home,goodnight sir” she said as she ran up the stairs to meet Jennifer.
they were better off being employer and employee,she didn't want to rekindle their past,she didn't want it…..
😠Chris POV😠
“the past is in the past” he kept on remembering her words and it made him angry,for the past two years he had been searching for her,ever since their one night together, he hadn't been able to forget her,as soon as he woke up the next day,he had searched for her and when he didn't see her he had went back to the hotel where he had picked her up,but they weren't resourceful,he had hired detectives so he could find her but the results was still the same.
he had thought all hope was lost but everything changed when he found out that she was working in the company he wanted to buy,at first he had wanted to send one of his workers to come take over the company but when he found out that she was working there,he decided to come himself.
he took two years looking for her only to be told to forget everything and to forget her,well she was in for a surprise because he wasn't going to leave,he intends to continue their relationship whether she likes it or not….
Regina is in for a surprise💃💃💃
Chris won't leave her alone oooo😍😍😍
your likes and comments👍👍👍
love you all💕💕💕

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