[STORIES] One Night With A Stanger Episode Six


(am inlove with him)❀❀❀

πŸ’­Regina POVπŸ’­
“just get in,I will take you home” he said to her
“errr no need sir,am just waiting for my taxi here” she lied,her wallet was gone and she had no way to go back home,if she called Jennifer to come pick her up,it will take a while but she couldn’t accept his offer
“just get in, I will take you home” he said again and she got into the car and soon it sped off.
being in a car with a guy you had sex with was just so awkward, thank God he didn’t remember her.
“so tell me where is your home”
“uh saint Thomas street” she said
“that place is quite famous,do you live there with your husband” he asked
“husband?no I don’t,I only live there With my sister”
“are you sure?no boyfriend or lovers” he asked again, why the sudden interest in her life
“no boyfriends or lovers Sir” she said and once again there was silence
“you can just drop me off here,I will manage on my own” she said
“is this your house”
“my house is a little further down the road but I can wal..”
“I will take you to your house,its not safe for me to drop you here” he said.
they got to her house and inside it they was party going on and it could only be Jennifer doing.
“seems like there is a party going on” he said
“that’s my sister doing,well thank you for the ride Sir” she said quickly getting out of the car
“should I accompany you in, to see if everything is alright”
“no sir,you don’t have t….”
“oh Reggie!!!!!!!!!!your finally back” Jennifer said as she walked towards her
“what’s going on jenny”
“its a party Reggie and I prepared it all for you so you can finally find someone suitable for yourselves and let me tell you that they are gorgeous men inside”
“have told you severally that I do…..”
“and who is that hunk” Jennifer said as she walked to where Chris was
“he is my boss jenny,sir meet my sister Jennifer”
“well hello,do you want me to call you hottie cause you really look like one or do you want me to call you sir just as Reggie has done”
“just call me Chris and I will call you Jennifer” he said giving jenny a smile.
Regina didn’t want all this, she just wanted him gone
“would you care to join the party” Jennifer invited
“that’s not possible jenny,he need’s to go back……..”
“I will love to Jennifer” he suddenly said cutting Regina off.
and with that decided jenny pulled him in and Regina followed behind,while in the house it was all full with people,some she knew and some she didn’t, she saw Jennifer and Chris at the far end of the room chatting.
she then went upstairs to change,hope jenny wouldn’t say anything to him,she got back downstairs and was waylayed by a guy who wanted a dance with her,she went with him and soon the dance began, she looked around the room and found Jennifer talking to some people and she was not with Chris,she looked around the room and found him sitting on one of the chairs starring at her.
“you really look beautiful” her partner said to her and she gave him a smile in response.
“excuse me but do you mind if I dance with her” she turned on hearing Chris voice
“sure but am coming back to claim another dance” he said and walked off.
Chris pulled her into his arms and began to sway her through the music,she felt giddy and also felt excited and she didn’t know why.
“hope Jennifer didn’t say much,you see anytime she talks,she just won’t stop”
“are you trying to ask if she told me something about you,well she did but no worries your secrets are safe with me” he said to her and that kind of felt scary,she released herself from his hold
“I better go and look for Jennifer” she said and they both went to search for her sis and they found her on one of the chairs,dead drunk.
“let me help you carry her to her room” Chris offered and together they both took her to her room and she went back downstairs to tell the guest that party was off and they all began to leave.
“thanks for everything sir” Regina said to him when all the guest had left.
“don’t mention and besides there is no need acting so formal with me,after all we both have once made love”he said suddenly, did he remember Regina thought as her heart beat fast
” what are you saying si. ”
“did you think I will forget you my pretty damsel in distress” he said and she knew then and there that he knew who she was
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