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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode 15


(am in love with you)❤❤❤

Naijalanded writer ✍️💋

💭 Chris POV💭
Chris watched as he left she left his office,what is wrong with her,why is she even saying these things,he thought as he sat down on his seat.
why is she behaving this way,he had to talk to her, he went out of his office to meet her but she wasnt there anymore
“Lucy where is Regina”..
” I think she went out to get somethings”
“when she gets back tell her I want to see her” he said as he left the office
💭Regina pov.💭
“thank God you are back Regina, the boss wants to see you” Lucy said
“but I don’t want to and please I will be in the printing room all day, please don’t tell him that have return and that I am in the printing room”
“but why Regina”
“I will tell you later,not just now okay”
“okay I will help you” with that said Regina went straight to the Printing room and soon she began to work, at least if she worked it would distract her from her problems.
Regina worked until break hour, Lucy came to call her and together they both left for the cafeteria
“so tell me what’s going on between you and Chris”
“Chris is cheating on me”
” and its not just with anyone, its with Betty”
“Betty from the past”
“yes,it just so turn out that the second guy I like or better yet the guy I love is also having an affair with Betty” Regina said
“does he know that you know about it”
“he doesn’t but what would he say even if he knew, I saw them both kissing and I don’t want to have anything to do with him again”
“he will want to know why you’ve dumped him”.
” why would he?after all he doesn’t care about me as he said, he just wanted to toy with me and he did it well because I don’t think I can ever love anyone else”she said crying and Lucy held her hand
“but I won’t give in,I will tear him out of my heart,he doesn’t dearve my love, not one ounce of it” Regina said as she angrily wipe off her tears
💭Chris POV💭
Chris sat in his office thinking,he had asked her to come see him but she didn’t, why was she angry at him,he hadn’t done anything to her.
he was still thinking when Betty walked into his office
what the hell is she doing here,he didn’t want Regina seeing her,he didn’t want that
“what are you doing here” he asked angrily
“I came to see you of course and that’s not a way to talk to your fiancee”
“you don’t just give up right”
“my Darling Chris I will never give up on you okay and besides I came here to discuss something with you and i won’t leave until you listen to me”
he knew how she gets if he didn’t listen to her and he didn’t want her acting all crazy
“fine then talk”
“first of all I would like you to hire graceie again”
“that’s not possible, I fired her already”
“but I want her here,you know that I own this company as much as you do” she said, why won’t she own the company, when his greedy father made sure that both his company and Betty company were merge together,if he was the boss,she was also the boss
“fine then Gracie will be returned to her position”.
” and secondly,I have someone coming,he is good in accounts and I want him here to help me manage my things,its not that I don’t trust you babe but I want him managing the money part of the business for me”Betty said
“fine then he can also come too and why not invite the whole circus to the company” he retorted angrily and Betty could only laugh
💭Regina POV💭
“common lucy we’re going to be late back to work” Regina said to Lucy who was ordering more food
“this will take long Reggie why not go,I will be right behind you”Lucy said and Regina went off
she brought out her phone and was reading a message sent to her by Jennifer when someone walked into her making her phone fall and splitting up
” oh my God”Regina said as she bent to pick her phone
“am so sorry miss, I didn’t mean to walk into you” she knew that voice,it was the voice of the guy who changed her life,the one who betrayed her and marked her for good.
she looked up and starred at john,he was also starring back at her
“is this really you Reggie” he said smiling and before she could say Jack, he drew her to him and hug her tight
john is back ooo😊😊😢
what do you guys think✌✌✌do you think he is back to help Betty ruin Chris and Regina relationship or is he just back to work😎😎😎

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