[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode 17


(am in love with him)โคโคโค

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๐Ÿ’ญRegina POV๐Ÿ’ญ
“you know avoiding him won’t solve your issue” Lucy said as they both walk into the office
“I just don’t want to talk to him” Regina said
“hello girls” they both turned and found Gracie starring at them
“and what is this witch doing Here” Lucy said
“weren’t expecting me right, I also decided to surprise you both,you asked what I am doing here right?that’s because have been given my job back” Gracie said
Chris had fired her, why would he bring her back
“your wondering why he brought me back right,well I won’t tell you, I told you right,it won’t last,you thought I was just bluffing”
“don’t listen to anything this witch has to say,Chris will have a reasonable explanation for this” Lucy said
“well he will but you better believe me when I say this,I will be your worst night mare Regina,I promise you” she said and walk off
“she is such a witch” Lucy said after her
“let’s go back to our desk” Regina said they were about going when Chris pulled her
“we have to talk and am not taking no for an answer” and before she could resist he pulled her into his office making sure to close the door.
“tell me Regina,what’s wrong,whats the sudden change”
“I can’t believe that you can still ask me that” Regina said
“did I do something Regina,tell me and I will mend it”
“it can’t be mend cause what you did shattered me completely”
“then just tell me what I did” he said frustratedly
“I caught you okay,I saw you kissing her” Regina said,saying it again and just thinking about it made the tears she has been bottling up pour out.
“it’s not what you think Regina,I can explain”
“that’s what I don’t want to listen to,I saw you kissing her and you even pulled her into your house”
“that’s because I wanted to tell her that our relationship is off,I didn’t take her in to continue kissing her or to do something more”
“I don’t want to listen to you”she said about to leave but he pulled her back
” I can’t let you leave like this”
“but I don’t want to listen to you, you did the same thing john did, your not different from him,why Chris?why get involve with me when you had betty,why make me love you like crazy when your only agenda was to use me just like John did”
“I didn’t use you and I fell in love with you too and don’t you compare me to john,I am nothing like him” he said before kissing her
she tried pulling away but he held her still and kept on kissing her, she found herself kissing him too,she just can’t bring her self to hate him,she loved him deeply
“let me explain to you” Chris said
“I would have believed you if it were some other girl but it just had to be betty” she said gently
“do you know betty” he asked and just then they heard a knock
“Chris open this door,we need to talk,you can’t just fire John”they heard Betty saying
“I don’t want that john here,I don’t want him here” Chris yelled for her to hear.
Regina knew that it was because of her that Chris didn’t want john here
“I don’t want him near you” he whispered for her
“just as I don’t want Betty near you but you can’t send her away because she is your real girlfriend and am just….just someone you want to use”
“you are not Regina,why cant you just believe me”
“I have the fact with me I don’t have to listen to your lies anymore” she said and went to open the door only to stare at her betty
“so you’ve been inside with her right”she said walking in to meet Chris
” you don’t have to worry because am leaving already”
“no wait Regina” she heard him call but she want listening,she ran downstairs using the stairs rather than the lift
she got outside and was about to leave when john called her
“are you okay”
“I just want to leave” Regina said crying
“I will take you in my car”
“Regina!!!” she heard Chris calling after her
she quickly got into John car and it sped off

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