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2nd December 2023


(am in love with him)❤❤❤

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️💫

💭Regina POV💭
“you look happy sister,my guess you made up with Chris last night” Jennifer said as she came down from the stairs.
“yes I did,I was such a fool, I almost lost Chris due to my insecurities but that won't happen again” Regina said
“I don't want to ruin your good mood Reggie but what about Betty”
“Chris assured me that Betty won't be a problem and I agree, Chris isn't like john who got swayed by Betty and I trust Chris,he would never do something that will hurt me” Regina said
“well that's good, so aren't you going to work” Jennifer asked
“Chris is coming to pick me up” Regina said
“you two lover birds,Chris can't get enough of you right” Jennifer said jokingly
“he can't and I can't also” Regina said smiling and just then she heard a car arrive.
“he is here sis,see you later” Regina said as she packed her stuff and left .
she saw him walking towards her looking so handsome
“good morning angel” he said giving her a kiss
“good morning”she said kissing him back
” missed me?”he asked
“like crazy”
“that's good cause I also missed you” he said and then he took her to the car and then they drove off.
they got to the office and as soon as she got down he was at her side taking her hand in his
“I want everyone to know that you are mine now” he said and they both walked into the office
😠Betty POV😠
“so you will be working alongside Gracie, she will tell you all have to know okay” she said starring at John
“sure all you have to do is to tell me when to begin” john said
“begin now then” she said.
she turned and saw both Chris and Regina walking in hand in hand,how is that even possible, she knew they were having a fight, so how come they are both together now.
she watched Chris give her a kiss before he went to his office and her to her desk.
“don't they look good together” john said smiling,how could the idiot be smiling,how could he be happy for them
“no they dont and I didn't call you here to tell me how good they are together,you are meant to help me split them apart” Betty said
“and I told you no right, look Regina is happy,Chris too is happy,why not just leave them in peace”
“I can't do that,I told you that I love Chris too”
“you aren't in love with Chris, you only want him because Regina loves him,that was the same thing you did with me right?”.
” that's a lie”
“its not a lie Betty,you've got to wake up,Chris doesn't love you,don't waste the rest of your life hoping that he might do,your beautiful Betty, you will find a guy that will love you for you” john said and somehow his words got to her.
was she really in love with Chris,was Chris worth all she is doing,she suddenly felt confuse
“Betty are you okay”
“leave me alone” she said and he went out of the office.
she found herself crying,something she rarely do and why she is crying,she doesn't even know
💭 Chris pov💭
he smiled as he remembered regina, thank God she is back with him,just then his phone rang “hello dad”
“what rubbish am I hearing” he already what his dad was talking about
“dad please not now”
“why are you daring Regina when you have Betty as your fiancée”.
” Betty is not my fiancee and I love Regina that's why am dating her”Chris said
“you have to call it off, your go…”
“I won't do that dad,all my life have always do as you told me, even though your decision sadden me but not anymore,I won't leave the one I love just because you say so,if you don't have anything to say,I will hang up now” he said angrily cutting off the call
💭 Regina pov💭
“oh this is so yummy” Lucy said as she ate her food
“easy or you will choke” Regina said laughing
“I won't I can assure you of that” Lucy said just then she got a text from Chris
“honey am leaving,need to attend to something but I will be back to pick you up” she smiled and texted back
“sure hon”
“from Chris right,you lover bird” Lucy said
“just eat” Regina said
“bitch,you man stealer” someone said angrily behind them they turned to find Gracie starring at them.
“like seriously don't you get fed up Gracie” Lucy said angrily
“just shut your trap you pig,I am only talking to this thief here so don't meddle” Gracie said
“who are you calling a pig” Lucy said wanting to hit her but Regina stopped her
“how dare you Regina,how dare you take my cousin boyfrien,you really are a tram….” before she could say anymore Regina punched her in the face making her fall in the process
“you've broken my teeth,you maniac” Gracie said
“one more word from you and I would hit you again, I should have done this long ago,don't you ever call me a man stealer again,the one you should be calling that should be your cousin” Regina said angrily “if you ever touch me or insult me or Lucy you will be taking another one of this from me” Regina said as sheshowed her fist.
“serves you right witch” Lucy said as she followed Regina who is already leaving the restaurant
“YOU WERE REALLY COOL!!!” Lucy said to her
“I know right” Regina said and they both laugh
its closing time already and everyone had gone to their house,Chris had promised to come pick her,she went to the restroom and was about applying make up to her face when she suddenly felt a sharp pain, she looked at her waist cause that's where the pain is coming from, she saw a scissor stick right into her,she turned and saw the person that stab her.
she tried to move but the person kept on stabbing her until she fell on the floor.
she saw the person leave,she felt breathless and the pain hurt,all she wanted to do was just to sleep,she felt herself losing consciousness and the last thing she did before passing out was whispering Chris name
Regina has been stabbed oooo😱😱😱😱
question time???✌✌✌
who do you guys think stab her👌👌👌👌
FINALE EPISODE will be posted tomorrow ✌✌✌
make sure you don't miss😜😜😜😜


Artist Name; One Night With A Stranger

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