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(am in love with him)❀❀❀

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πŸ’­ Regina POVπŸ’­
“are you okay now” she heard john talking to her from a distance
“am fine thank you” she said wiping her tears away,she looked outside and saw that they weren’t going to her house
“john where are you taking me” she asked
“somewhere nice”
“am not in the mood to go anywhere john please just take me h…..”
“we are here already” he said she turned and saw an ice cream restaurant outside
“whenever you were sad or down you always enjoyed taking ice cream,do you still do” he asked
he hadn’t forgotten, she nodded
“then you wouldn’t really mind if we go in and take a bite right” he asked and she nodded again.
they got into the restaurant and was soon served their own ice cream,she couldn’t eat it because Chris is the only thing in her mind
“you must really love him a lot for not even taking a bite from your favourite ice cream” john said and she starred at him
“you never cried like this for me,not that am trying to resurrect the past or anything am just using it to make a point, Regina you are in love with this guy,don’t let him go easily” john said surprising her
“I don’t want to but am scared,scared that he will want Betty,scared that along the line he will leave me for her” she said, she would never have imagined herself talking to her ex in this way.
“Chris isn’t like me,from the little have seen about him today,I can tell that he is a man of his word,he truly loves you,I saw it his eyes when he saw us together this afternoon” john said
“Betty had come between us before,don’t let her do it again, fight for Chris,he truly loves you” he said holding her hand
could there still be a chance for her and Chris,should she forget about Betty role in his life and just keep on dating him,she really is confuse, she didn’t know what to think.
😞Chris POV😞
Chris sat on the stairs,watching and waiting for Regina to show up,when she had run off,she had forgotten her bag and he had decided to bring it with him only to find her house locked up,even Jennifer her sister wasn’t around.
where is she?is she still with john,thinking about that got him really mad.
“Chris” he looked up and found Jennifer starring at him
“what are you doing there”.
” waiting for Regina”
“then you should come in” she said
“no I want to wait here for her” he said and he heard her sigh
she sat down beside him on the stairs”have been asking her what is wrong but she won’t tell me but I manage to get all the info from Lucy,is it true?did you kiss Betty”Jennifer asked
“I swear to you Jennifer,I only did that so as not to cause gossip and to tell her to leave” Chris said
“did you tell Regina?”
“I did but she won’t believe me”
“you need to understand her,she is only scared, scared that once again,someone she loves will be taken by Betty”
“what do you mean by once again”
“Betty is the same girl that took john from her” Jennifer said
“you didn’t know’
” I didn’t,I only got involved with Betty a year after I met Regina”
“even that whore didn’t tell you ”
“she didnt, that’s why Regina is so mad at me,she thinks I will do the same thing john did”
“yes,she is scared that’s why she keeps pushing you away but don’t give up on her,don’t”
“I definitely won’t,now that john is around her and h…… ”
“john is back too?”
“yes he is and he is trying to get close to her”
“well you must not let that happen,you’ve got to fight for her”
“I sure will” Chris smiled at Jennifer said
Chris looked up and saw Regina coming out of a car,john car no doubt.
she had a smile on her face but on seeing him the smile disappeared
“well I will leave you now and a piece of advice,if she Still doesn’t agree, take her and lock yourself and her up in a room and throw the key away,you know the rest” Jennifer said smiling and he smiled back
he walked towards Regina “we need to talk and I won’t take no f….”
“I also want to talk” she said surprising him
“am not in any relationship with betty,ever since I came back you’ve been the one in my mind always,I broke it off with betty long ago and I don’t plan on resurrecting anything back cause its you that I love now,I only have eyes for you regina,you’ve stolen my heart completely” he said smiling at her
“swear to me that you will never betray me,please swear”.
” I don’t have to swear Reggie, you know already that I belong to you and no one else, your in my mind and heart always,I love you “he said as he wipe off her tears
” I also love you too”she said hugged him,he held her tightly to himself
this is what he has,been longing to hear so much.she loves him,she really do loves him❀❀❀❀❀❀
where is that stupid betty?come and scatter them again😜😜😜😜
you guys are just blaming Regina but you shouldn’t have, she is only scared that’s why she reacted that way 😞😞😞
what do you guys think about john in this episode✌✌✌✌
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love you all✌✌✌

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