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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode Five


(am in love with him )❤❤❤

this can't be,why did he have to be her boss,why was life playing this cruel joke on her.
“is this everyone” she heard her boss Freddie asking
“someone is missing” she heard Lucy saying
that missing person was her,she didn't want to see him now, not now,she wasn't ready,quickly she looked for a spot where she could hide, she gently hid under the printing table,if Lucy didn't see her,the introduction will be done and they won't even notice her.
she heard Lucy calling for her but she didn't show her face and when Lucy saw no one she went back to them.
Regina waited under the table until she was sure they were through,she went to the door and peeped and luckily everyone was back at their post,she got out and went to give Peter the document and went back to her post.
“where were you Regina,boss Freddie has introduced us to the new Boss,you were the only one missing” Lucy said
“oh really,I will just have to see him later then” Regina said
“there won't be any later because boss Freddie wants you to go and introduce yourself to him and as soon as possible” Lucy said
why was this happening to her,she thought that by hiding in the printing room she could escape seeing him but now she was being asked to go and see him personally.
“gosh,you should have seen him,he is so so handsome,how I wish I was not an intern, do you know that, he is..”
“Lucy I don't want to know anything about him” Regina said suddenly and she got up”I will go and meet the new boss now “Regina said as she walked off.
Regina could feel her heart beating fast, what should she do?what should she say?
an idea popped into her head,she will act like they were meeting for the first time,its been two years,he wouldn't still remember her
she got to his office and knocked the door,” come in “he said from inside.
hearing his voice again made her feel shivers.
she got into the office and saw him standing in front of the window.
” go…g…good morning Sir”she said and gently he turned towards her.
he had changed, he really was handsome,Lucy was right when she said that he was handsome, she had also fell for his charm two years ago
“and who are you” he asked as he went back to his seat, this was not the reaction she was expecting from him,he didn't remember her.
“am Regina Davies,the other intern that was missing during the introduction, I was told by my colleague to come introduce myself to you” she said
“fine you've done that now you can leave” he said
Regina turned about to leave when suddenly he stopped her”you are forgetting something”
did he remember her now, she turned back to him”what sir?”
“you didn't ask for my name”
“oh that…I forgot Sir, so what is your name”
“Chris,Chris ford” he said giving her a devilish smile
“okay sir” she said and quickly ran out of the room before he called her back.
through the rest of the day Regina faced her job,making sure that she avoid chris, she still couldn't believe that he was her new boss.
he came out of his office some few times to talk to Gracie,Gracie was their account manager and she was as proud as a peacock.
Regina and her had never got along and she doubt they would ever do that.
during their lunch hour, while they were at the canteen eating,she heard some girls talking about him, they were complimenting his abs,and body built, some were Even wishing that he noticed them.
“its closing time, aren't you going to leave” Lucy said as she pack her stuff
“I still need to complete this report sheet for peter and mark”
“arent they just leeching off you” Lucy said angrily
“it doesn't matter, I am payed to work and that's what I will do” Regina said
“hey Reggie,I have to go home but I haven't distributed this sheets to the others,can you help me put it on their desks” Luisa also a colleague of theirs said
“just put it down and I will do it when am through”Regina said
” oh thanks”Luisa said leaving
“you see that,they are taking advantage of you, you aren't suppose to do all this”
“just let it be ,weren't you leaving”
“would you like me to stay and help”
“don't worry I will be through soon” she said and Lucy went home.
she finished preparing the report and took it to their desk,then she helped Luisa put the sheets on every one desks, unknown to her Chris was watching her.
it was almost seven in the evening when she finished her work,she began to pack up her stuffs when she realized that her wallet was not in her bag, where was it,all her money was in it,she then remembered that the content in her bag had poured and maybe while packing she lost her wallet.
she went back to the entrance of the gate looking around for her wallet,how will she get home now
she was still thinking about it when a car pulled up in front of her
it wasn't until the glass pulled down that she saw the person in it
“get in,I will take you home” Chris said and she stood starring at him.
what do you all think?
does Chris still remember her ✌✌✌
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