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[STORIES] One Night With A Stranger Episode Nine


(am in love with him)❤❤❤

💭Regina POV💭
“i made it quite clear to you that you must come for lunch” Chris said again
“am sorry sir but I can't,I still have a lot of work pending” she said pointing to her desk
“can't you just come back and do it” he asked
“I can't do that sir,Gracie said I should hurry with the documents” she said
“are you avoiding me Regina” he asked suddenly
“avoid you?why would I do that”Regina denied
” since you told me to forget the past,you would also try to avoid me”
“sir I think its best we don't talk about this here,its our workpl…..”
“damn it Regina,why are so adamant on keeping what we had in the past”
“because that's where it belongs,in the past,please sir I will ask you not to talk to me about it again” she said
“Regina!!! I feel like strangling you,fine then if what you want is for me to leave you alone,then I will” he said walking off angrily
Regina sat back on her chair,feeling sad,she hadn't expect that answer from him,after john and Betty had hurt her,she had always stayed away from the opposite sex,anyone she think that were thinking of her as a lover,she doesn't make friend with them,she was just so contented with those who aren't threatening to her was best this way between her and Chris,they could never be anything, anything…..
she was busy with her work when Lucy and the rest came back
“so how was lunch” Regina asked
“it was good” Lucy said
“wasn't it suppose to be great”
“it would if only the boss had showed up”
“didn't he go and meet you guys”
“he didnt,he just called Gracie and told her to put the bill in his name,I don't get it,he said he will be there with us and then he didnt show up,do you know why”
its because she had gotten him angry with her words
“I don't know why” Regina lied.
“fine then” Lucy said and they all continued with their work.
Regina kept on thinking about Chris,he hadn't come back to the office,where could he have gone?she kept on starring at his door,when would he come back,why was she even thinking about him.
soon it was time for everyone to go home and she still had a lot of work to do,everyone left leaving only her in the office,Regina was so busy that she didnt notice Chris walking back into the office and he had a bouquet of flowers with him.
it wasn't until he put the flowers on her desk that she noticed him
“before you ask the flowers are for you” he said starring at her
“b..bu…but why” she asked
“I can't do it regina, I just can't stay away from you” he said
“but you….”
“I know what you said Regina but I just can't do it” he said pulling her into his arms
“Chris you….”
“this is the first time am hearing my name on your lips and it sounds so perfect”
“let's not do this si…” she said trying to pull out of his arms
“I still want you Regina and I won't let you go,I just cant”he said and before she could stop him,he kissed her.
at first Regina tried to resist him but she stopped and let him have his way with her and she wouldn't deny that she really really liked kissing him……
Chris isn't willing to give up on Regina💕💕💕
what do you guys think about this episode✌✌✌
your likes and comments ooo

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